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Pioneer PL-530 Direct-Drive Turntable Service & Repair

I recently completed a comprehensive overhaul of a lovely old Pioneer PL-530 direct-drive turntable. This model is not especially common, but it has a great vintage look and some great features that I think make it one to keep an eye out for.

Pioneer made some great belt-drive and direct-drive decks and many of them have a highly sought after ‘vintage look’ – like the PL-530.… Read more

Dual 1228 Turntable Service & Headshell Problems

The Dual 1228 idler-drive turntable is a great entry-level deck that is just a little cooler than many others around. You do however need to be aware of a few of the problems that can occur with this and other Dual turntables from this era. 

A customer recently delivered his newly acquired Dual 1228 idler-drive turntable for service.… Read more

Servicing a Gorgeous Apple Mac Pro 8-Core Beast!

My good buddy Paul ran a successful gallery and photo-art production facility for many years here in Perth. Paul owns several powerful Apple Macintosh desktop machines he’s used over the years in his studio and, because of their upstairs location, Perth’s notoriously hot weather and the near 12 hours a day operation in this hot environment, all three machines had suffered a real beating.Read more

Fidelity Research XF-1 Moving Coil Step-up Transformer Review

This is a review of the phenomenal Fidelity Research XF-1 moving coil step-up transformer. The short story – if you ever see one of these, grab it!

Fidelity Research is one of the most iconic and revered names in vinyl. No other brand has quite the same status and FR cartridges and step-up transformers have become legendary in audio circles, for many good reasons.… Read more

Yamaha GT-2000 Direct Drive Turntable – Tweaking the Beast!

My buddy recently had a little mishap with his beautiful Yamaha GT-2000 direct drive turntable. Naturally, I helped him sort it out and of course we had a good listen to her over a couple of beverages whilst dialling in the cartridge alignment and ride height.

The mishap occurred when my mate was cleaning his beloved GT-2000.… Read more

Kenwood KD-600 Turntable Motor & Bearing Service

Given the great interest in turntables now, especially quality decks like the Kenwood KD-600/650, I thought I would share some images I took whilst servicing the motor and bearing of my own KD-600.

The Kenwood KD-600 / 650 is a classic direct drive turntable from the late ’70s. The KD-600 is a superb deck technically, for a number of technical reasons: 20 pole, 30 slot brushless motor, synthetic concrete-composite chassis, 3 kg platter, massive main bearing assembly and so on.… Read more