Kenwood KD-600 Direct-Drive Turntable Service & Set-up

In this video, I explain some considerations when correctly setting up a turntable like the Kenwood KD-600.

This particular deck came to me very poorly set-up. The deck’s owner received some very bad advice from, of all people, Ortofon! I’m a big fan of Ortofon gear, but clearly not everyone there knows what they are talking about.

Anyway, I managed to get this deck set-up very nicely with a brand new Ortofon LH-4000 headshell and Ortofon Quinet Bronze MC cartridge.

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Video below!

3 thoughts on “Kenwood KD-600 Direct-Drive Turntable Service & Set-up”

  1. Very informative clip! I’ve had similar issues trying to use vintage ADC Integra carts on my KD 2055 & KD 600. Once I actually got one that still had the auxiliary weights it was all good. As you were the impetus for my purchase of a KD 600 Mike, I must tell you that not a day goes by while I’m spinning records that I don’t think about your recommendation & how it enhanced my audio experiences more than any other single factor of which I’m able to recall! Thanks so much sir, I really appreciate it!!

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