Has your hi-fi equipment lost its sparkle? Perhaps your turntable isn’t making music like you remember it did? If this sounds familiar, your audio gear needs some Liquid Audio TLC.

My philosophy is simple: provide proper TLC + specialist service for your hi-fi gear. I work with precision, attend to the details that others miss and don’t cut corners. In other words, I do the job  properly. Sadly, most repairers get this wrong.  Check out some of my customer feedback to see how happy people are with the work I’ve done for them.

Turntable Set-Up

Liquid Audio is a turntable specialist, so I set-up, service and repair a large number of turntables each year. I approach turntable setup in a unique way, looking at vinyl replay from end to end.

Beginning with the stylus, I work my way to the output cable and examine everything in-between. It’s perhaps no surprise that my customers tell me their turntables have never sounded better after coming to Liquid Audio for a some TLC.


The bulk of my work is servicing hi-fi equipment. I service equipment to manufacturer’s specifications, using factory-spec parts, or better. I also use premium mineral and synthetic oils, lab-grade test and measurement equipment and tools.

Importantly, I afford every job the utmost care and attention to the detail, no matter how small. Your satisfaction and your equipment’s wellbeing are my ultimate goals!

Read some of my amazing feedback to see how happy customers are with my work!


Repairs keep me very busy here at Liquid Audio. Typically these might be turntables that aren’t working quite right, crackly amplifiers, and CD players that are no longer loading or reading discs correctly. I carefully inspect each piece of equipment first. this allows me to cost the work and plan repairs in logical steps.

I discuss repair options with my customers and provide options wherever possible. Again, I approach every repair with the same care and attention to detail.

Restorations & Renovations

Restorations and renovations involve much more work, but the results are also the most dramatic. In fact, I’ve become known for the restorations I’ve showcased here on my site. I’m often approached now by potential customers in the eastern states, Asia, Europe and the USA.

A Liquid Audio restoration or renovation will dramatically improve the performance of your treasured hi-fi equipment. This is because I work on every part of your unit, refreshing and revitalising every circuit board and control in your amplifier, receiver or preamplifier.

Upgrades and Modifications

The last category of services I offer is upgrades and modifications. I’ve developed a specific range of upgrades and modifications for certain models, each of which, I have tested and evaluated and can implement in your equipment.

Typically I upgrade DACs and CD players, with resulting improvements in air, sparkle, authority and sound-staging. I can happily tailor my upgrades to suit your equipment and budget.

TLC for Hi-Fi Gear

The bottom line is that there are not many of us doing this sort of work properly, professionally, maybe only two or three in Perth. As a specialist in this field, I’m very well-placed to assist you with your audio gear servicing, repairs and restoration.

Get in touch via my contact form to discuss your requirements and book some Liquid Audio TLC for your audio gear!

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