Everyone has a different opinion, where can I get really good advice?

Your best bet is finding people with the expertise to really help you, people with knowledge rather than just opinions.

Everyone has an opinion, but in audio, there are many correct answers, derived from engineering, science and first-hand experience. Forums are generally filled with subjective, conflicting, technically incorrect misinformation, speculation, hearsay and opinion, written by people who often have no idea what they are talking about.

I’ve barely enough time to attend to customer work, let alone to be able to spend hours each day hanging out in forums. You should be sceptical of any so-called experts who do have this much time on their hands. For readers, the issue is often a lack of knowledge necessary to effectively filter the useful stuff from the noise.

Most of the real experts you want to talk to won’t be found arguing with people online or even part of popular groups and forums. They are worth seeking out though, precisely because of this.