Everyone has a different opinion, where can I get really good advice?

Find people who understand the science and can advise from experience, rather than based on what they’ve read or heard.

Everyone has an opinion but thankfully in audio and most other areas, there are facts, derived from science and there is expert advice, based on first-hand experience and on understanding that science.

Customers often tell me: “I read in a forum that I should buy XYZ…”. There are some great, well-moderated forums out there but, even in the better forums, you’ll experience plenty of subjective, conflicting, technically incorrect misinformation and speculation. This is often then parroted by more people with no real experience or technical understanding, and so it goes. Readers often lack the knowledge necessary to filter out genuinely useful information, creating what can be a ‘rabbit hole’ of wasted time,  energy and money.

In most cases there are real answers, you just need to find folks who can give them to you! You should be skeptical of so-called experts who spend hours every day in forums. From experience, most real experts won’t be found in places like this.