I read the forums and everyone seems to have a different opinion. Where can I get good advice?

Like all of us, you want to speak with experts and specialists when you have specialised questions. The trick is knowing where to find them.

You’ll occasionally find experts lurking in forums but honestly, most real experts are too busy fixing, servicing, repairing, running businesses and so on to be able to spend hours in discussions with people online.

With forums, you also have to filter out subjective, conflicting, technically incorrect misinformation and even nonsense. Visitors may not have the knowledge or experience to filter what they read, myths are perpetuated, and on it goes.

In my opinion, it’s worth unplugging or at least taking time out from forums to seek out other folks who specialise in say turntables for example. Find someone immersed in doing – setting them up, fixing them, actually working on them, rather than debating them.

These experts, often with huge amounts of experience, will have really useful advice to offer. You can have a conversation and begin to get to the truth, rather than just read about the rumours.