What sorts of things bother you in terms of running Liquid Audio?

Annoyances make up a tiny fraction of an otherwise overwhelmingly positive experience, but since you asked:

  • People who chew up time, energy and goodwill without giving anything back

This is undoubtedly the most annoying thing I deal with. The ‘brain-drain’ is constant and some take whatever they can get, without ever giving anything back. Others soak up the help, only to take their promised business to someone else who didn’t spend a moment with them or help in any way. All one can do is learn from these experiences and move on.

  • People who try to ‘steal’ our assistance

Circumventing processes we have in place for rendering advice and assistance is always going to put me offside. I’m not just repairing things as others are. I’m writing articles and providing assistance to people from around the world, helping the hi-fi community. Paying fairly for someone’s time is a fundamental concept as old as time. Why some think they should be exempt is beyond me, but I’m guessing they don’t work for free…

  • Copycats

Various businesses copy mine, which is flattering, yet also irritating. Every word, every image, and every technical detail you see here comes from my brain. So when I see or read things I’ve written or notice work of the same style, images shot in the same way on other people’s sites, there’s only one way that could have happened!

  • People who hassle me to book their equipment and then repeatedly ask if I’ve looked at it

I understand everyone wants their equipment fixed quickly, but if I’ve told you I’m full and that I’m squeezing your equipment in as a favour, please don’t keep calling me and asking if it’s ready!

  • People who are rude, ungrateful or disrespectful

Who wants to help someone who is rude or ungrateful? We keep a list of people we will not assist and this helps both myself and other Perth repairers.