What annoys you the most in running your business?

There are a few things, most of them hinge around courtesy and respect.

It’s worth noting that the annoyances below make up less than 10% of total interactions with people and are a small fraction of an otherwise overwhelmingly positive experience.

  • People who bypass my process for obtaining advice and assistance

Circumventing processes I’ve put in place which allow me to advise and assist these people in a way that works for me is always going to put me offside. It is my business, so it does need to work for me!

  • Copycat businesses

Various people have copied me. There’s even a guy who uses a turntable in his logo, has copied the type of work I do, has borrowed heavily from my website design and aesthetic, takes the same sorts of photos and has even copied bits of my text and web content to promote his own business! It’s flattering but what about copyright? How about some originality?

  • People who hassle me to book their equipment, promise they understand that I’m full, that they are happy to wait and then call every couple of weeks asking if I’ve looked at their equipment.

This one is annoying, especially having thoroughly explained the situation. I understand everyone wants their equipment fixed quickly but PLEASE – don’t agree to my terms if you don’t agree with my terms!

  • People who are rude, ungrateful, disrespectful

Who wants to help someone who is rude, aggressive or ungrateful? I had a guy who was super-rude ask me if I wanted to look at his equipment again. You’ve gotta be joking! Thankfully this one is very rare.