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Is your amplifier crackling, turntable humming or CD player mistracking? Don’t worry, Liquid Audio can help.

Liquid Audio is a Perth-based specialist electronics repairer, devoted to delivering precision, professional, affordable service & repair for hi-fi electronics & turntables and keeping classic hi-fi gear alive and well.

What We Do

Liquid Audio’s mission is to deliver industry best-practice care for Japanese, American and European hi-fi stereo equipment sold from 1970 onwards. We offer:

How We’re Different

The littlest things make all the difference with precision electronics. Many repairers take shortcuts, use cheap parts and do sloppy work. At Liquid Audio, everything matters, from tools and test equipment to torquing fasteners and cleaning circuit boards correctly.

Liquid Audio takes on challenging jobs that others won’t because they are technically difficult or require a lot of work. Not all service & repair jobs are easy and we’re not afraid of the harder ones.

Part of the suite of premium, CALIBRATED laboratory-grade test and measurement instruments @ Liquid Audio.

Specialist Vinyl & Turntable Services

Turntables need periodic, expert maintenance to maximise their performance and operational life. Unfortunately, few technicians understand the technical considerations and many do more harm than good.

Liquid Audio has decades of experience with vinyl. We have the test records, equipment, parts and experience to properly set-up and service your turntable and optimise your vinyl playback system. We work with major brands and recommend, supply and install belts, styli, cartridges, parts and accessories.

Overhauled Dual 1219 idler drive turntable
Precision Kenwood wow & flutter meter helps extract every last drop of performance from a turntable.


Expert service of hi-fi equipment extends its life, enhances performance and minimises downtime. Liquid Audio offers precision service for hi-fi equipment, using premium parts, consumables, the best tools and lab-grade test & measurement equipment.

Mid-way through servicing a Denon direct drive deck.


Your cherished (but malfunctioning) hi-fi gear is in safe hands at Liquid Audio. We diagnose and repair faults in CD players, amplifiers, preamplifiers, tuners, DACs and turntables. With hundreds of models and thousands of units successfully repaired, get in touch to discuss your hi-fi equipment problem.

Repairing a damaged board from a Krell KAV-150a integrated amplifier. This timely repair, necessitated by leaking capacitor electrolyte, saved the unit from the scrapheap.


Liquid Audio restorations dramatically improve hi-fi equipment performance. People around the world follow our restorations because of their attention to detail and great results. We tailor restorations to work with your budget, equipment and requirements.

A gorgeous fully restored Accuphase E-202 integrated amplifier.


If you are about to purchase hi-fi equipment, an inspection can save you from making an expensive mistake or taking on hidden service and repair costs. Equipment purchased online may sustain shipping damage and need an inspection to effect a claim. Maybe you’d like your stylus examined to determine its condition. In these and other cases, Liquid Audio can help.

I took this high-resolution image of an Ortofon MC-A90 stylus and boron cantilever, here for a pre-purchase inspection. You couldn’t even see the diamond prior to cleaning, but this is a good diamond with the crud removed.


Liquid Audio upgrades are based on science and real-world tests on a range of equipment. Extensive stocks of premium new and NOS audio parts helps us extract maximum performance from your equipment.

Upgrading the power supply of a Quad 405-2 amplifier.


Sometimes an in-home visit is the only way to get to the bottom of sonic issues. My ears are fine-tuned from 40 years listening to hi-fi equipment, playing music and musical instruments. I offer suggestions about cables, equipment, positioning, room treatments, equipment supports and more, saving you time, money and boosting performance.

An on-site installation I was a part of. The bit you can’t see is the part I was responsible for – setting up the Luxman PD-171A turntable and Ortofon Cadenza Black moving coil cartridge.

TLC For Hi-Fi Equipment

If you’ve made it this far, you probably appreciate quality work, sensible prices and that extra little bit of care in the service and repair of your hi-fi equipment.

Don’t be disappointed by poor quality work, to ask a question or make a booking, visit our contact page and don’t forget to check out our comprehensive FAQs.

Cherishing Classic Hi-Fi Electronics & Turntables

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