Can you provide me with a parts list or BOM?

No, we do not provide these services and generally don’t offer this type of assistance.

Apart from not wanting to give away all of our methods and means, repairing or overhauling electronic equipment properly involves far more than just swapping out parts. If you need a BOM or a list of parts, this indicates that you probably aren’t approaching things the right way.

There are no magic kits or BOMs that will fix broken hi-fi gear. With electronics, each repair is unique. Each piece needs to be assessed on its own merits and repaired as required. Each piece will need a unique set of parts and the really critical part – highly skilled labour. A kit or parts list doesn’t help much with that..!

A shotgun approach where people replace everything is a fundamentally flawed way to approach work like this. It dramatically increases the risk of errors and faults and often results in rare and irreplaceable parts being lost or thrown away and irreparable damage to other parts .

Liquid Audio is focused on keeping your equipment running well. Where necessary, that means diagnosing what’s wrong and fixing it, with the right parts for the job.