Liquid Audio

Frequently asked questions about Liquid Audio, how we operate and our key points of difference compared to other electronics repairers.

Why do you have these FAQs?

The FAQs save everyone time, by addressing questions I’m most commonly asked. Honestly, there are questions I’ve probably been asked hundreds of times now over the last 10+ years. Answering commonly asked questions like these takes a chunk of time and, without a good alternative, I’d almost never get any work done! I write each …

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What motorcycles have you owned?

Finally, a non-electronics/hi-fi question! Several of my customers ride motorcycles and this question always comes up amongst motorcyclists. Here they are, in chronological order: Motobecane 50cc moped, circa 1984 Yamaha RZ250, circa 1988 Yamaha RD250, circa 1989 Yamaha RD400, circa 1989 Kawasaki KH400 Suzuki GSX1100ESD Suzuki GSX400 Four, circa 1990 Suzuki GSX550 Four, circa 1990 …

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What irritates you?!

There aren’t many things that irritate me in my line of work, but since you asked… People who drain time, energy and goodwill. For me, the one-way ‘brain drain’ is constant, but a special few will take whatever they can get without ever giving anything back and expect you to always be there to answer …

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