FAQ Group: Liquid Audio

Frequently asked questions about Liquid Audio, how we operate and our key points of difference compared to other electronics repairers.

Why do you have these FAQs?

The FAQs are about saving time – for everyone! Over more than a decade of doing this work, there are questions I’ve probably been asked hundreds of times now. If I answered these same questions over and over, I’d seriously never get any work done! By developing these categorised FAQs, everyone can pick up a …

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Why didn’t you repair my equipment?!

Despite our focus on complex, malfunctioning, sometimes ‘unrepairable’ hi-fi equipment, we fix almost all of it. This is significant, because: Much of it is complex, older equipment requiring highly technical remedial work Many pieces have visited other repairers before us who could not effect repair Equipment like this generally requires a technical, component-level repair approach …

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Why are you sometimes closed?

You may not be aware that I do everything here, from writing the articles to website design and admin, helping the general public, managing inventory, sales and every single service and repair! Many of these jobs are highly technical and quite mentally taxing, such that one can easily get burned out. Breaks, where I can …

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