Advisory Service Testimonials

The testimonials below were submitted specifically by customers who’ve utilised our advisory service, either via an advice block or consult.

Advice about purchasing equipment from Japan


Thanks to you, I have aquired several new pieces of equipment from Japan that I never thought I would find or own.

You are a legend!

Kris T

Advice about system improvement and purchasing Accuphase equipment

Hi Mike

You were right the A-60 and C-2800 crushed the E-303 like Mr T.

I’m as happy as a pig in s— and my wife is also appreciating the

Steve M

Mike … you, of course, are a gem. We are so lucky to have someone as passionate, intelligent, ethical and hardworking in little ol’ Perth.
Bravo to you…

David H

I have to say you provide a unique and quite brilliant service to so many of us.  Especially for those who don’t have anywhere near your depth of knowledge and experience.  Congratulations and thank you on such an informative, entertaining and honest site.

Brian R

Honestly, considering the amount of repair and restoration work you must manage, I admire how you find the time and enthusiasm to provide such an amount of interesting and reliable information.

Graeme G

Hi Mike, I really enjoyed our conversation yesterday. Your insights are very helpful.

Don F, USA

Tremendously beneficial, an invaluable session. Mike’s deep knowledge, insights and perspectives … assisted immeasurably in rethinking my own long-standing assumptions and plans in constructing a home listening setup. Recommend reaching out to Mike early in your journey … to gain from his independent perspective and expertise.

Vijay M

I didn’t know that this level of enjoyable noise could come out of this system… WOW! Thanks for your input Mike, you could charge for this advice!

Chuck H, USA

Thank you, Mike … brilliant answer … has made up my mind. My only regret is you are so full of service bookings, I can’t get you to service it when it arrives…

Jon S

Hi Mike, really appreciate the email … more detailed than I was expecting. I have made a further donation … you have provided outstanding service..!

Tony O

You, Mr Mike, are a breath of fresh air in a world where getting to the “core of any issue or decision” regards serious Hi-Fi is becoming increasingly difficult.

Rod P

One of the most helpful guys I have ever spoken to about hi-fi, Mike always has time to give very good advice.


Get the best advice you can find from Mike, and please, stop quoting forum posts as authorities. Only the guys who actually work, live and breathe this stuff really know what they are doing. Trust them, not random strangers, shills and very biased (sometimes blind) owners. Else you can end up with some very expensive mistakes that … Mike can save you from.

Jon S

Your videos and articles are a terrific resource for people who love hi-fi, but don’t know what is good and what is over-hyped and over-priced. I encourage people to support Mike and his business with a small donation. He is truly independent and calls it as he sees it, which is difficult to find these days. Hi-fi magazines are full of glowing reviews, from brands that also advertise with the magazine…

Tony O

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