Articles where the main focus is the repair of broken or faulty hi-fi stereo equipment.

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Sansui BA-5000 Power Amplifier Sneak ‘Peak’!

You all know how excited I get about hi-fi equipment, especially the rarer stuff… Well, my multiple Sansui-owning customer and legend Rob finally got his hands on this peak-of-the-golden-age, uber-rare – strike that – almost unobtainable Sansui BA-5000 power amplifier and matching Sansui CA-3000 preamplifier, in almost perfect original condition. That’s right, tinkerers and recappers …

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Musical Fidelity AMS35i Class-A Amplifier Repair

Come with me this time as I repair and review a beautiful Musical Fidelity AMS35i class-A integrated amplifier. Welcome back, everyone. I know this will make quite a few people happy – another article about many people’s favourite brand, Musical Fidelity. I’ll go one better, with the baby amplifier from arguably Musical Fidelity’s greatest product …

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Hi-Fi Bargains & New Acquisitions

Happy New Year everyone, I trust that the year has started well for you. I thought I’d briefly share a few of the more affordable pieces of hi-fi equipment I’ve serviced, repaired and overhauled so far in 2023, as well as look at a couple of recent acquisitions of my own. Welcome to 2023! Quad …

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2022 Recap, Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday!

Merry Christmas and a huge thank you to our customers, subscribers, friends and family. Yes, friends, it’s that time of the year again, welcome to my 2022 recap where we look at a few numbers and enjoy a gallery of wonderful vintage hi-fi equipment! Many thanks to all who’ve helped make 2022 another fantastic year …

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