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If you love classic hi-fi gear, you’ll love the equipment in our Hall of Fame!

Welcome to my brand new Hall of Fame, a page dedicated to showcasing the very best hi-fi equipment in terms of design, construction, and sonic performance. This page is my newest and actively under construction, so just keep this in mind.

Quad 405-2 Power Amplifier

The legend, the bargain, the miniature, the deco – the Quad 405 and 405-2 power amplifiers are, without doubt, legends of their time. I still have mine and won’t sell it. The Quad 405-2 absolutely deserves its place in the Hall of Fame.

Quad 405-2, hall of fame

Perreaux PMF-5150B Power Amplifier

The sublime and stealthy Perreaux PMF-5150B has been the heart of my reference system for 5 years now, until only recently, after a tip-off from my friend Jason who has four of the bloody things! These 500-watt-per-channel MOSFET power amplifiers are absolutely beautiful, if a bit big and hot running, as you would expect of an amplifier that draws a continuous 300 Watts!

Accuphase DP-90 Precision Compact Disc Player

Sweet baby Jesus, I’ve never seen a CD player this well-built or heard a CD player this good, and I’ve seen and heard a few. I’m so glad I added this Accuphase DP-90 to my system. Now I need an Accuphase DC-91.

Accuphase C-280V Precision Class-A Preamplifier

If you love gear that features stratospheric build quality and sound, you just cannot go past the Accuphase C-280V precision preamplifier, the very top-of-the-range for this prestigious Japanese engineering-first hi-fi company, back in 1990.

This is good for a couple of reasons. Top of the range meant nearly 1,000,000Y and the current top-of-the-range Accuphase replacement is $50,000 AUD. It also means you get a seriously good phono preamp that smacks around $5000 separate phono preamps built right in. The separate Accuphase phono pre you’d need to add to the line level only current top preamp costs another $20,000.

This is outrageously good gear by any measure and I’m happy I bit the bullet and bought one.

Accuphase P-360 Power Amplifier

A lesser-known gem from Accuphase, the P-360 is a 200 Watt per-channel beast in a svelte and very attractive 30kg package. This amplifier hails from the golden era of Accuphase which for me is around 1982 – 1995. Superbly well-built and with amazing sonics, I am so glad to own this beauty.

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