How much will my service or repair cost?

Generally just as much as necessary to complete the work you’ve asked us to do, and no more!

At Liquid Audio, your service, repair or restoration will consistently deliver exceptional attention to detail and value for money, but let’s look at our pricing structure in a bit more detail.


We have a minimum billable period of one hour and a flat rate of $120/hr. This allows us to assess and test equipment, identify and diagnose faults and their causes, estimate costs and commence the work required to resolve the issue/s. An hour is enough to complete smaller jobs and to develop an understanding of more complex ones that require greater disassembly, testing and diagnosis.

Work falling within a 1 – 3 hour window ($120 – $360 labour, plus parts) usually proceeds automatically, expediting the completion of routine maintenance and the rectification of commonly occurring faults. If the work needed will exceed 3 hours, we’ll let you know when you book your equipment or contact you with an estimate and options once we have them.


Where applicable, we offer options ranging from repair to improvement, overhaul and complete restoration. We also offer 4-hour/half-day workshop blocks, groupable in any number you like. This upfront approach can be helpful for customers working to a budget or in larger jobs with an unknown number of issues, where a defined end-point is preferred.

We inspect equipment before offering repair cost estimates to avoid unhelpful guesswork and ensure accurate assessment and fault diagnosis. We also offer pre and post-purchase equipment inspections to assist buyers. Note that our workshop rate is fixed, regardless of whether we’re working on Accuphase or Akai, Krell or Kenwood.


We do things differently here at Liquid Audio and this attention to detail, level of care and success rate are well known. Our rates are even better value when this totality of service and technical excellence are considered. Rest assured, we won’t damage, devalue or destroy your equipment either. We have no hidden administrative or assessment charges, we’re focused on delivering the best service, results and advice to our customers.

Note: We may decline to work on equipment that has been damaged by others or is no longer viable to repair. This saves everyone time and money. The last thing we want to do is generate a large bill for equipment that isn’t worth saving.

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Further information can be found in our terms and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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