How much will my service or repair cost?

Generally just as much as necessary to complete the work you’ve asked us to do, and no more.

A Liquid Audio service, repair or restoration always delivers exceptional attention to detail, technical excellence and value. Below, I’ve outlined our pricing structure and other (more) important considerations. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Job TypeCost/Rate
Small jobs, 30 minutes or less$95
Standard jobs, over 30 minutes$150/hr
1/2 day blocks$600

Our economy rate of just $95 suits small jobs of up to 30 minutes duration. Our standard workshop rate of $150 per hour covers work over 30 minutes in duration, including assessment, testing, diagnosis, cost estimation, service and repair.

Work up to 3 hours duration proceeds automatically, expediting the completion of service and common repairs. Work likely to exceed 3 hours is discussed and accompanied by an estimate once we have it.

Everything is upfront and transparent, and we don’t pretend to know things we cannot know, like how much a repair will cost before we’ve examined a piece of equipment.


We offer consults , pre and post-purchase equipment inspections, regular service and repair work, overhauls and even ground-up restorations to suit most requirements and budgets. We also offer stackable 4-hour/half-day workshop blocks, perfect for those working with fixed budgets or equipment and systems with an unknown number of issues that cannot be known without deeper investigation/remediation.

Best Practice

  • We adopt the medical mantra of “Do no harm”
  • We champion industry best practices across all aspects of our work
  • We carefully inspect equipment to eliminate guesswork regarding its condition, faults and repairability
  • We advise where equipment is damaged or not viable to repair, saving everyone time and money
  • We offer fixed workshop rates, no matter how hard the job, Akai or Accuphase, Kenwood or Krell
  • We specialise in component-level repair with thousands of premium new and NOS parts in stock
  • We maintain excellent relationships with manufacturers, distributors and customers
  • We operate ethically, responsibly to preserve and cherish classic hi-fi gear
  • We’re not involved in forums or discussion groups, we operate 100% independently
  • We troubleshoot and repair faults rather than shotgun replace parts
  • We advocate for improved industry standards and the closure of bad and unethical businesses
  • Most importantly, we love, live and breathe classic hi-fi equipment!


If you prioritize exceptional results, selecting the right professionals is paramount. Shortcuts and subpar workmanship generally accompany blind “quotes” and rock-bottom rates, resulting in unsatisfactory results and increased long-term expenses. Such practices are not aligned with our ethos. They’re also a big problem within this industry.

Mike … you, of course, are a gem. We are so lucky to have someone as passionate, intelligent, ethical and hardworking in little ol’ Perth.

David H

At Liquid Audio, we’re focused on delivering meticulous attention to detail, technical best practice, and exceptional service, outcomes, and value for discerning customers. This commitment to excellence, often emulated, is the driving force behind our consistently busy schedule. If this approach resonates with you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Find out more with these repair-related FAQs:

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