How much will my service or repair cost?

Generally just as much as necessary to complete the work you’ve asked us to do, and no more.

A Liquid Audio service, repair or restoration always delivers exceptional attention to detail, technical excellence and value. I’ve outlined our pricing structure, and some more important considerations, below. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.


Job TypeCost/Rate
Small jobs, 30 minutes or less$95
Standard jobs, 30 – 60 minutes$120
Standard jobs, 60 minutes plus$120/hr
1/2 day blocks$480

Our economy rate of just $95 (plus parts) is perfect for small jobs of up to 30 minutes duration.

Our standard minimum of $120 (plus parts) covers work up to 60 minutes in duration, including assessment, testing, diagnosis, cost estimation, service and repair work.

Work of 1 – 3 hours duration is charged at our standard rate of $120 per hour. This usually proceeds automatically, expediting the completion of routine maintenance on equipment we care for.

Work exceeding 3 hours is charged at our standard rate and we’ll let you know beforehand or contact you with an estimate once we have it.


We offer advice and learning, pre and post-purchase equipment inspections, service and repair work, overhaul and ground-up restorations to suit most requirements and budgets. We also offer stackable 4-hour/half-day workshop blocks, perfect when working with fixed budgets or equipment and systems with an unknown number of issues.

Best Practice

  • We inspect equipment to eliminate guesswork about its condition, faults and repair cost estimates
  • We advise where equipment is damaged or not viable to repair, to save everyone time and money
  • We offer a fixed workshop rate, whether you own Akai or Accuphase, Kenwood or Krell
  • We specialise in component-level repair and keep thousands of premium parts in stock
  • We follow factory service procedures and have excellent relationships with manufacturers and distributors
  • We operate conservatively, ethically and with the intent of preserving and cherishing classic hi-fi gear
  • Our Hall of Shame puts Australia’s worst repairers on blast. One of them just lost a large court case (March 2024).


If you care about the results, seeking the best people rather than the lowest rates or estimates is sensible. Sight-unseen ‘quotes’, corner-cutting and poor workmanship are commonplace where low rates are the focus, and inevitably lead to poor results and greater long-term costs.

Liquid Audio is focused on attention to detail, technical excellence and delivering the best service, results AND value for customers who care about quality.

This respected and imitated approach is why we’re always busy. If it makes sense to you too, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Find out more with these repair-related FAQs:

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