Just a quick post to recognise our modest two million views milestone today!

A huge thanks to all who’ve helped make this happen. There are no views without content AND readers and no business without customers who appreciate what we do and why! Many thanks to all who’ve supported Liquid Audio and cherished classic audio with me over the years.

Thank You PNG

My first post on this website was in June 2012 and it took nine years to achieve the first million views. The second million happened in three years so we’re heading in the right direction. That’s all organic growth too with no advertising, Google promotion or buying views. There are another couple of million views on my YouTube channel, so check that out if you get a moment.

two million views
Technically I’ve had more than 2 million views because my Jetpack stats got messed up early on and I lost the first couple of years of data. Note also the nearly 1 million visitors to the site. My total post count is also closer to 500 when you include the FAQs. The best views in a day – 5,840 – came largely from my post about rehabilitating a Technics SL-120.

Two Million Views – My Thoughts

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the two-million-view journey. Along the way, Liquid Audio has become a place people trust for accurate information and one of the most respected businesses of its type and I’m incredibly proud of that. I never knew how things would pan out, but I’ve always held the belief that if you do something well and with conviction, people will come and thankfully they have.

Factors contributing to this probably include:

  • Originality – I’ve always striven to create unique and interesting content, and deliver factual information, without reference to other sites or creators. I work this way so readers get the purest expression of me and my take on things as possible. It helps maintain the uniqueness of the site and content.
  • Quality & Best Practice – My focus has always been on doing things properly, with the greatest attention to detail and technical focus reasonably possible. Devising innovative procedures to keep classic hi-fi alive and well is part of that, as is crafting quality content for readers.
  • Authenticity – You’ll always get the real me, whether here or in person, with no punches pulled. Popularity has never been an important goal for me but I’ve always hoped that discerning visitors would view the site as a source of truth and factual information they can trust and many people do, for which I’m thankful.
  • Passion – My energy for classic hi-fi, music and helping people improve their hi-fi hopefully comes across loud and clear. Nothing makes me happier than helping good people and hearing how much they are enjoying their hi-fi gear.

These are just my thoughts, let me know if there are any other things you consider important and that we do well.


Generating two million views brings a few challenges and managing bookings and workload is the biggest one for me. My modest little workshop in Carine continues to serve as my base and I carefully manage things to allow me to continue to do this work from my workshop and stay healthy/sane!

Creating the content that brings people here is my other big challenge. In the three years since my one million view milestone, I’ve been slowed by some health stuff, but I’m pleased to say that I’ve generally been feeling much better in 2024. I love writing articles but working on this stuff full-time means that writing about it is often the last thing I feel like doing at the end of a busy day or week. Writing more inevitably means less time on the bench, so like all things, there’s a balance.

The Future

I have lots of exciting things planned for the site and many articles in the pipeline including some that I’ve sat on for years. I’d love it if you, the reader, could help me. Take a look at the equipment/potential articles below and let me know in the comments which you’d most like to read about, or any others that you have a particular interest in. Do you have a particular interest in amplifiers? Turntables? CD players..? Cheap or high-end gear? Japanese, European or North American?

Krell KSA-100
two million views
Krell KSA-100 class A power amplifier restoration
Accuphase P-360
two million views
Accuphase P-360 power amplifier restoration
Sony ES system
Full Sony ES system repair and service including CDP-X7ESD and TA-N77ES!
Kenwood L-1000
Or how about this full and equally stunning Kenwood L-1000 system service and repair? How lucky is this owner?!
Pioneer PL-70
two million views
Pioneer PL-70 direct-drive turntable service
Krell KSA-200S
two million views
Krell KSA-200S repair and restoration
Yamaha GT-2000L
Yamaha GT-2000L direct-drive turntable service and set-up
Luxman M-10II
Luxman M-10II end-game power amplifier service.
Sansui AU-X1
Sansui AU-X1 end-game integrated amplifier repair and restoration
Technics SL-1000
The sublime Technics SL-1000/SP-10/FR64
Technics SE-A100
Technics SE-A100 power amplifier repair and restoration after all other repairers gave up on it.
Accuphase C-280V
Accuphase C-280V end-game preamplifier service
Kenwood L-07D
My precious, the Kenwood L-07D direct-drive turntable
Marantz 2325
How about this gorgeous Marantz 2325 receiver, one of a few of this model that I’ve worked on in recent years?
Accuphase P-800
Accuphase P-800 statement power amplifier service
Luxman PD-350
My Luxman PD-350/Koestu SA-1100/Supex SDX-1100D
Yamaha B-2
Yamaha B-2 VFET power amplifier repair and restoration. I’ve worked on a few of these over the years. This one is outputting a perfect sinewave from both channels into a load. How about that!
ME 1400
Australian ME-1400 power amplifier repair
Pioneer PL-L1000
Pioneer PL-L1000 direct-drive linear-tracking turntable repair
Sony TAN-8250
Sony TA-8250 power amplifier repair and service – what a stunner!
Musical Fidelity kW DM25 DAC
Musical Fidelity KW DM-25 DAC repair
Nakamichi Dragon
Nakamichi Dragon service
Perreaux PMF 5150B
Perreaux PMF 5150B power amplifier, one of the all-time greats.
Sansui AU-20000
Sansui SA-20000 integrated amplifier repair and overhaul. I’ve repaired a few of these, I own one myself and have another here with me right now.

This is just a sprinkling of the catalogue of gear I have to write about. Let me know if you have any favourites you’d like to read about. Any other thoughts or suggestions? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks again for being part of my two million views milestone and journey. Stay tuned as always because I look forward to bringing you more fascinating and wonderful classic hi-fi equipment and sharing the enjoyment of working on and listening to it.

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18 thoughts on “Celebrating Two Million Views!”

  1. Charles E Honess

    My interest changes…..right now I’m looking for an amp to replace a Rogue Hydra to drive my Tekton Ulfs, so I’m interested in amps. Once that is complete my interest will change to DACs, etc etc. And I always check out what you are doing! I just want you to clone yourself in Atlanta,Georgia USA !!!!

  2. sjmartined56e3aee1

    Magic Mike, I’d like to see a DAC story and to see your new Accuphase DP-900 opened up and unpacked.

    Do DACs have vulnerabilities or ever get any issues? What is most likely to give way and why?

    A third thing I’d like to know more about from a video is features that don’t often get used on high-end equipment through lack of knowledge by the owner about the features/buttons and when to use them.

    Steve M.

  3. John Neskudla (Accuphase E202)

    Hi Mike, 2m views is not modest, that is a huge milestone which only proves that your writing is an excellent reading!!!

  4. Dear Mike, thank you for working for more respect for Hifi Oldies, and for less obsolescence, that is primarily driven by marketing. Congratulations from the other side of the world. A country that is often mixed up with your country, but without kangaroos! Yours, Lukas!

    1. Thank you Lukas, it’s aimed at people like you who get it and who appreciate this wonderful gear and the time it came from vs the plastic, code-driven junk so prevalent these days. Please keep visiting! Cheers from Aus!

  5. Hey liquid Mikey,
    2M views, yeah pretty good… but no resting on your laurels mate!
    Got to keep you ‘up and about’ for future reads as you know.
    Anyways, I think turntables and analog are pretty cool, Japan gear is also really interesting especially as each new area of hifi technology matured and how they went deep value with their OTT engineering.
    Also keen to hear your thoughts on valve equipment and if it’s worth pursuing for someone like me who has never heard ‘valve’ music per se’.

    1. Thanks Frank, as a long term supporter you have access to any advice you need and I’m very happy to discuss valve gear with you. System integration and synergy are critically important with valve gear, as is understanding its strengths and weaknesses from a technical perspective, which then allows more informed decision making.

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