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Check out the latest hi-fi gear for sale @ Liquid Audio.

Pro-Ject Puck Record Clamp

Just in, one perfect and as-new Pro-Ject Puck record clamp.

This is a very well-made, mass-based record clamp. They are a fantastic addition for turntables that can handle the 750g additional mass.

RRP is $99, this one is perfect in every way and can be yours for $75.

Musical Fidelity M1 DAC – Upgraded by Liquid Audio – for sale on consignment – $595. Update: SOLD!

Just in, this gorgeous Musical Fidelity M1 DAC. I sold this about 6 months ago to a regular customer who absolutely loves it. He’s just purchased an even better DAC from me though, my stunning, upgraded Musical Fidelity TriVista 21, so the M1 is for sale here, on consignment.

My customer told me this upgraded M1 easily beat his Yamaha CD-S1000 CD player. He now uses the Yamaha as a transport, initially into this M1 and now into the TriVista.

I’ve extensively improved this DAC and she performs very well indeed, far better than stock, which is already very good. Check out all the details.

You get premium DAC punch with this improved M1, plus a contemporary DAC chip and balanced output for a very reasonable price.

Get in touch for more details.


Yep, I replaced all these parts with premium new ones.

Look at this gorgeous Ortofon LH-9000 headshell.

This is the best headshell Ortofon makes for sensible money and one of the best available, period. It has a retail price of 189 EURO. Comes with its original box and headshell wires. Priced at just $125.

  • Universal mount
  • Magnesium with carbon fiber
  • Weight – 16.8 grams
  • Mounting distance – min 38 mm, max 46 mm
  • High Purity Copper headshell leads (LW-7N) included

Next, we have another headshell, a lovely Audio Technica AT-LH13/OCC.

This is a superb headshell, also like new, in box, with headshell wires. Yours for just $95.

  • 13g adjustable headshell manufactured from TechniHard™ material
  • Adjustable overhang and adjustable azimuth (tilt)
  • Threaded headshell avoiding in use of nuts when fitting cartridge
  • 7 pairs of installation screws (3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12 mm and 14mm)
  • Attached with PCOCC quad wires

A 13g adjustable headshell manufactured from TechniHard™ material, complete with AT6101 quad wire. The AT-LH13/OCC has an adjustable overhang and adjustable azimuth, as well as internal headshell threads to avoid the use of nuts when fitting cartridges.


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