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About Us

Liquid Audio is dedicated to keeping classic hi-fi stereo equipment alive and well.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Liquid Audio is a small, specialist business, cherishing classic hi-fi gear and providing the TLC it needs to keep on running. Read on to find out more about us and visit Services for details about the type of equipment we work on.

About Us

Liquid Audio was borne from a lifelong passion for science, electronics, hi-fi and an almost pathological eye for detail. We are devoted to producing healthy hi-fi equipment and happy customers, in manageable numbers.


For over 10 years, Liquid Audio has serviced, repaired and restored thousands of pieces of hi-fi equipment. We only work on hi-fi stereo equipment and our detail-focused approach is one of our hallmarks. Whilst I can’t work miracles and not all equipment is viable to repair, every piece will leave in better shape than it arrived.

We are not only committed to hi-fi equipment, but also to the hi-fi community. Thus far, our articles and videos have garnered nearly 2 million views, and counting!



Liquid Audio is really just an extension of me and the things I’m passionate about. Initially set up as a part-time business around 2007, at the beginning of 2017, I quit my well-paid, misery-inducing management position at Curtin University and opened Liquid Audio’s doors, full-time. It wasn’t an easy decision but it was the right one and I haven’t looked back.

About Hi-Fi Equipment Service & Repair

Amongst other things, Liquid Audio is a turntable specialist, offering precision work on turntables of all kinds.  We are also one of a small group of independent repairers in Australia carrying out board-level and component-level repairs to old and new hi-fi equipment.

Rather than using cheap parts and doing sloppy work, we deliver meticulous attention to detail and best-practice in everything from calibrated laboratory-grade test equipment to premium parts, synthetic lubricants and precision tools.

Three of our calibrated laboratory-grade test and measurement instruments. This investment in equipment helps extract the maximum performance from hi-fi electronics.

People are often told their equipment is beyond repair or that parts are no longer available. Utilising a component-level approach, we find and repair faults even when original parts are no longer available.

About Tools & Equipment

It helps to have the best tools and equipment and this has always been part of our DNA, because I love tools. Really good tools and test and measurement equipment are essential in this line of work. Cheap gear just doesn’t cut it.

Our big new workshop really improves workflow.
I recently purchased another new Fluke 27 industrial multimeter. My existing Fluke 27 sits next to it. Note the two HV probes, one is 40kV!!!
I have a collection of some of the finest classic test and measurement equipment available, essential for this work.
Parts storage, holding thousands of premium capacitors, resistors, semiconductors, cartridges and other parts

About Happy Customers

I’m pleased to say we have an extraordinary customer base and a wealth of positive feedback. Visit our Feedback and Facebook pages and you’ll get the idea. I’m the first to admit that we can’t make everyone happy, but we get very close!

Others have tried to copy what we do, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say. There is only one of me though and I work at Liquid Audio, creating everything and doing all the great work you see here. Get in touch if you’d like me to work on something of yours.

Cherishing Classic Audio

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