About Us

About Us

Liquid Audio is an independent, specialist hi-fi electronics repairer based in Perth, Western Australia.

Our mission is simple: to deliver the ultimate precision, science-based TLC for Japanese, American and European classic and vintage hi-fi stereo equipment. We’re proud to be one of the most trusted names in the hi-fi community, so if you need hi-fi equipment serviced, repaired or restored, you’ve come to the right place!

About Us

Liquid Audio is the culmination of my lifelong passion for science, electronics, hi-fi and music, and my almost pathological attention to detail and need to do everything correctly. This unlikely combination has proven highly successful and we’ve serviced, repaired, and restored thousands of pieces of hi-fi equipment over more than a decade.

We only work on hi-fi stereo equipment, but that’s not all we do. We are part of the hi-fi community, contributing to the hi-fi zeitgeist through articles, advice, discussions, help and videos that collectively have garnered more than two million views, and counting!

Business Details

Owner:Mike ‘Liquid Mike’ Fitzpatrick
BSc(Hons) GDipEd(Science)
ABN:65 209 381 407
Design, words, images
& technical work:
Location:Carine, Western Australia
Specialty:Service, repair & restoration of classic hi-fi stereo equipment
Focus:Amplifiers, cassette decks, CD players, tuners & turntables
Hours (Perth time):Tuesday – Friday: 10 – 5
Saturday: 10 – 1
Sunday – Monday: Closed
Bookings etc:By appointment
Phone:(+61) 0439 690 436

img 2319
Look at this stunning Pioneer CT-F1250 cassette deck, one of the greatest cassette decks made, after repair and major service. I resurrected this one including executing the repair of a drive motor fault that ordinarily consigns these machines to the scrap heap.

Service & Repair

Amongst other things, Liquid Audio specialises in turntables, offering expert services and advice on turntables of all kinds. We also are heavily focused on amplifiers and CD players and are one of a select group of component-level repairers. Read more about the equipment we care for on our services page.

This approach requires one to find and then replace faulty transistors, diodes, capacitors and resistors. People are often told their equipment is beyond repair or that parts are no longer available. These are the most difficult repairs but this is the purest and most technically correct approach. This allows us to find and fix faults when original boards and parts are no longer available.

Rather than using cheap parts and doing sloppy work, we focus on meticulous attention to detail and best practices in everything from calibrated laboratory-grade test equipment to premium parts, synthetic lubricants and precision tools. Simply put, I fix equipment as though it were my own.

img 4696
Three of the calibrated laboratory-grade test and measurement instruments were used to extract maximum performance from hi-fi electronics.

Tools & Equipment

It’s not all about us – it helps to have the best tools and equipment. Really good tools, test and measurement equipment and service data are essential in this line of work. Cheap gear just doesn’t cut it.

img 1096
We’ve just (Feb 2022) purchased $2500 worth of state-of-the-art soldering and desoldering equipment. Very nice!
img 7478
The big, new, well-lit workshop improves workflow. Packages from interstate and overseas customers generally reside under the bench. Beer is consumed in moderation..!
img 1320
Another new Fluke 27 industrial multimeter. Note the 40kV probe!
img 1094
Yes, that’s a heck of a lot of the finest classic test and measurement equipment available, acquired at great expense over many years. Hopefully, some of our points of difference are becoming clearer!
img 1092
Parts storage, holding thousands of premium capacitors, resistors, semiconductors, cartridges and other parts

Happy Customers

A business is nothing without happy customers and we are extremely fortunate to have an extraordinary customer base. Visit our Feedback and Facebook pages and you’ll get an idea of how our customers feel about the work we do.

We can’t make everyone happy, but we get very close. As I tell all my customers, your equipment will always come back to you in better shape than it was when it arrived here. Not everyone can make that claim.

Get in touch if you’d like us to work on your hi-fi equipment.

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