Are there customers you won’t work with?

Yes, but thankfully, not many!

Liquid Audio, in collaboration with Perth’s best repairers, manages a short list of people who, for various (very good) reasons, will not be assisted by any of us. Each of us adds to this list as needed (+1 from Liquid Audio in 2022, +1 in 2023), but we enjoy fantastic relationships with 99.9% of our customers and new additions are rare.

Liquid Audio maintains the highest standards of courtesy, professionalism and workmanship, and is one of Australia’s most trusted repairers. We attract great customers who generally understand what it means to own older equipment and appreciate that there are businesses like ours to properly care for it.

That being said, as every business owner knows, you simply cannot please everyone, no matter how well you run a business. The customer isn’t always right and, in truth, there will always be a small number of people so unreasonable, problematic and difficult to deal with that attempts to do so are simply best avoided.

Whether rude, harassing or some combination of undesirable traits, rather than battle with people like this, my colleagues and I have a simple zero-tolerance policy:

If someone does the wrong thing, assistance is terminated, details are recorded and shared, and that customer is banned from our repair network, permanently.

Someone really has to do the wrong thing to receive a perma-ban, but if/when they do, they effectively lose access to all the best repairers in Perth, no matter which one of us they upset!

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