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All the equipment and accessories on these pages have been sold but you are welcome to browse. Keep an eye on the store for the latest equipment for sale.

Perpetual Technologies P-3A DAC + Monolithic Sound Outboard Power Supply

Wow, check out this recently serviced duo! This lovely DAC and power supply pair can be used together, or the DAC can be used with its own supplied power supply.


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Either way, they make a compelling pair, especially given that the Perpetual Technologies DAC has received the well-regarded Modwright modifications, expensive in their own right.

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The P3-A DAC was very well regarded and reviewed when it launched in 2001. You can read what Stereophile thought about it, but in a nutshell, they found it to be one of the best-measuring DACs they had ever tested.

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The Modwright mods are not something I really care about, because I know exactly what they are. But, if you have to pay for these, they would be more than the cost of the DAC, so the included value is significant.
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The external power supply is quite impressive.
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Not a bad effort, someone cared about how this power supply turned out

This classic vintage DAC and power supply are a one local owner pair, in original boxes, with paperwork. Sold together for just $395.


Lovely Hitachi HT-460 direct-drive fully automatic turntable!

Wow, this one-owner beauty is almost perfect! Just repaired and serviced, she runs like new and is a really solid machine, typical of Hitachi gear of the time.

Hitachi HT-460

The HT-460 is the equivalent of something like a Technics SL-1600 in terms of functionality, specs and so on.

Hitachi HT-460 Specifications

Drive system: DD full auto
Motor: non-commutator DC servo motor (uni-torque motor)
Platter: Aluminum die casting
Wow and flutter: 0.03%(WRMS)
S/N ratio_ 74dB(DIN-B)
Tonearm: Stylus-force Direct-reading type static balance type pipe arm
Arm effective length: 220mm
Stylus-force range: 0-3g / 1 rotation (being a 0.2g step Direct reading)
Supply voltage: 240v
Power consumption: 4W
Dimensions: W 450x H 141x D of 367mm
Weight: 8.3kg

Hitachi HT-460

I love the fully automatic operation here, allowing for set-and-forget operation, for each side of a record at least!

Hitachi HT-460

Hitachi HT-460

Incredibly, this is another one-owner-from-new machine, kindly donated to us for repair and sale. Thank you to her previous owner, let’s find her a new home!

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This Hitachi HT-460 direct-drive turntable comes freshly serviced and partially overhauled, with the original Hitachi MM cartridge and owner’s manual. Other cartridge options are available upon request.

Grab this beautiful Japanese-made classic for just $595.

UPDATE: Sold! with an Audio Technica AT-VM95ML line contact MM cartridge and AT-HS10 headshell installed for her lucky new owner!

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Beautiful Luxman SQ507X Integrated Amplifier

This rather special Luxman SQ507X is also looking for a new home. Unlike most, she’s not been tinkered with and contains all her original parts, ready for whatever her next owner would like to do with her. Also unlike most, this SQ507X comes with the original owner’s manual, warranty card and a selection of original period reviews. It is very rare to find the amplifier and paperwork together in this condition.


The wooden cabinet looks like a million bucks, and she sounds stunning. Overall, she performs flawlessly, with a warm, punchy sound we expect of good gear like this. This SQ507X also has an effortless quality to it, with lovely detail resolution. Let me tell you, if you’ve never heard a really good older piece like this you ought to because you’ll no doubt be very surprised. Listening through headphones is just fantastic. Even though hi-fi equipment “keeps improving each year”, going back at least 50 ‘improvements’ would mean that gear from the early ’70s like this SQ507X would be absolute garbage and sound awful. Right…?

Wrong! This lovely amplifier sounds so damn good and I can confirm that when you listen to as much older gear as I do, the penny drops for most people. Marketing and advertising have a lot to answer for and I’ve explained this folly so often that I’ll spare you another one. Suffice it to say though that this Luxman SQ507X sounds awesome.

Luxman SQ507X
Just look at the depth and lustre in this wood after a treatment. Amazing.
Luxman SQ507X
Yes, it looks this good!
Luxman SQ507X
The toggle switches on these things always remind me of an aircraft or spaceship control panel!
Luxman SQ507X

This Luxman SQ507X cost $460 AUD back in the early ’70s and was a serious piece of equipment at the time. If anything, gear like this and the Sansui AU-11000 I recently sold only becomes more collectible due to raised awareness and appreciation, and the neverending barrage of modern plastic gear. The other good news, to use some amusing terms commonly found in Japanese listings, is that there is no gully noise! She is 50 years old though, so, as they say in Japan, “Please don’t buy if you are nervous!”. Not much to be nervous about here though.

These days, Luxman SQ507Xs often sell for around $1000 USD / $1500 AUD, plus shipping, and import duty (10%) from sellers you’ve never heard of and rarely in this condition and so carefully serviced and never with a warranty. If you’d like to adopt this one-owner original, with original documents, manual, serviced and with no shipping or import duty, she can be yours for $1650. Local buyers preferred.

Luxman SQ507X
Back in the early ’70s, Luxman gear like this came with a 5-year warranty. Super-expensive modern Luxman equipment comes with a three-year warranty. I guess they forgot to improve that bit.
Luxman SQ507X
Luxman SQ507X
Luxman SQ507X

If you’d like to know more about this baby, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Stunning Sansui AU-11000 Integrated Amplifier For Sale!

Well, folks, it’s not often that a legendary Sansui AU-11000 comes up for sale, let alone one that’s almost completely original, and that’s just received the deep maintenance and detailing of the calibre this lovely old girl has!

UPDATE: Sold, within 24 hours!

I hope you’ll agree that this gorgeous Sansui AU-11000 has turned out beautifully, after arriving here semi-dead after having sat in a closed repair shop for decades! Deep service and careful attention to and rectification of the areas causing trouble, without the unnecessary parts replacement so common these days have revealed what is a beautiful gem amplifier. This lovely old girl now runs perfectly and sounds great, and she looks very good for her age, I think you’ll agree.

She’s not perfect of course and whilst most bits are original, she’s had some previous work as I mentioned. Someone has melted one of the speaker terminals with their soldering iron (thanks for that) and there are some marks and scratches from it having kicked around for decades in a workshop environment less carefully managed than my own. Overall though, this is a very clean, honest amplifier.

Sansui AU-11000
Here, I’ve added the power switch toggle, though it’s still not glued in place. I’d challenge anyone to notice anything untoward here.
Sansui AU-11000
What a gorgeous piece of equipment. Thank you, Sansui, this is how it was done.
Sansui AU-11000
Note the original shorting plugs and tag, plus adjustable cartridge load and sensitivity for tweakers! Note the uprights for cables to be neatly behind.
Sansui AU-11000
Same on this side and note the melted speaker wire hole thing. It all works and you can’t see it, so not a biggie. You’ll likely just use one set of speakers anyway, that is my advice with any amplifier like this.

This clean and mostly original Sansui AU-11000 integrated amplifier is now looking for a new home. I’ve had many people enquire about her and several offers, so to be fair to everyone, I need to advertise her because not everyone may see this right away. If you’re interested, please get in touch and let me know your offer. Local buyers are preferred.

I’d suggest a sensible starting point for an AU-11000 in excellent original condition, from a respected source and having just received maintenance of this quality and not being filled with Leylon or Suntan caps is around $2,500. All sensible offers will be considered.

UPDATE: I’ve received two really good offers so far, get in touch if interested before she’s gone.

UPDATE: Sold, within 24 hours!

Sansui AU-11000
Sansui AU-11000

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like to buy this Sansui AU-11000. Local buyers preferred.


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