Yamaha CA

Yamaha CA-610 and CA-710 Integrated Amplifier Service & Repair

Recently, two friends with lovely vintage Yamaha CA-610 and CA-710 integrated amplifiers sought my assistance to have them repaired. One was dead, the other was not working well.

The Yamaha CA-710 had blown one channel. One of the original output devices, a Sanken 2SA745, had a collector to base short and it had taken out one of the driver transistors.

The CA-610 was exceptionally dirty and greasy inside and working intermittently due to this contamination of switches and rotary controls.

I fixed both of them and their respective owners were extremely happy, they had probably both not sounded so good in years!

Full writeups coming soon…

Yamaha CA

Yamaha CA
How amazing do these Yamaha integrated amplifiers look, especially now with their meter illumination repaired!

3 thoughts on “Yamaha CA-610 and CA-710 Integrated Amplifier Service & Repair”

    1. Hi Edgar, yes I repaired both of these a couple of years ago, no problems with either after repairs, both were dead when they came in and each needed slightly different surgery, but nothing massive. I’d suggest the next step if you are local to Perth is to give me a call and we can book her in for a proper inspection and repair.

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