I’m lucky to have great customers, it makes my job such a pleasure. But every once in a while, someone takes the time to share their thoughts in the form of written or verbal feedback about work I’ve completed for them.

Positive feedback like this from my customers makes me incredibly proud of the work I do. It also makes me even more determined to keep offering what I think is a unique service and way of working. 

Thanks, Rod, Irene and Alan, for taking the time to give feedback about the equipment I worked on for you!


You’re a genius!

Amps are so bloody quiet that if wasn’t for the LED lights I would even know they were turned on. This against Klipschorn Heritage speakers well-known for being savage with background noise against any non super quiet amps.

And the sound? To my taste in music, the K horns are the ultimate in home speakers and with your repair work, I now have the ultimate in sound reproduction. Worth every cent!

Could not be happier! More work coming your way a little later.

I would only recommend you to any one else looking to get this type of work done.



Hi Mike! Really pleased with how the Philips CD player is playing! Gorgeous sound!!! Thanks for excellent service work!! My turntable issue has been fixed. I’ll take up your offer to upgrade cartridge head and phono some time in future! I read about the Primare phono stage you posted and understand what you mean about my phono box being amateurish. Hope to see more of such sales and when price and timing is right, I would definitely want to upgrade! Thanks again!!!

Kind regards


Good Afternoon Mike,

Thank you for the prompt professional service, upgrade suggestions and quality of the workmanship (while servicing my Rega Planar 3).

I have reconnected the turntable and tested it with Art Pepper, B B King, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd.  In my opinion the music sounds richer and with more depth.  I can hear subtleties in the tracks I have not heard before.



2 thoughts on “Positive Feedback!”

  1. While I live too far away to use your services Mike, you have been instrumental in leading me through the assembly of a vintage system especially the component selection inspired by your articles on Kenwood arcb turntables. Not a day goes by when I fire up the system in my work shed that I don’t gratefully think of you.

    1. Wonderful to hear this, Tim, and thank you very much for those kind words, really appreciate the positive feedback! Lots more articles coming soon!

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