Premium Turntable Repairs & Service in Perth

Liquid Audio offers some of the finest turntable repairs and service, right here in Perth, Western Australia. Direct-drive, belt-drive and rim-drive decks are welcome. I treat every piece of equipment with the same skill and expertise.

A suite of premium test and measurement instruments plus many years’ experience mean I process turntable repairs and set-up your arm and cartridge better than any hi-fi store. I can also recommend, supply and fit the right cartridge for your arm and deck.

I’m not affiliated with any particular supplier. This means I offer the best options, not just stuff I have to sell! I will precisely adjust the delicate electronics in your turntable and lubricate moving parts with synthetic oils and greases.

Have a look at some of these amazing Liquid Audio testimonials. New business comes mostly by word of mouth and reflective of the quality of service Liquid Audio provides.

I own state-of-the-art vinyl and digital playback systems and am always testing improvements to equipment that I can pass on to my customers.

If you want to treat your treasured vinyl-spinner to some Liquid Audio TLC and a well-earned tune-up, contact me to discuss your requirements.

IMG 0299
Lovely Denon direct-drive turntable, in for some TLC
IMG 0300
The insides of this gorgeous direct-drive turntable
IMG 0301
Something a little different – a classic German Dual belt-drive deck, also requiring some attention
IMG 0303
I work on old German decks like this Dual, through to modern Japanese decks.

30 thoughts on “Premium Turntable Repairs & Service in Perth”

    1. Thanks for the query. As per the previous comment, I am not a retailer and don’t operate a retail facility. I deal with my stockists to provide parts (belts, stylii, cartridges etc) for my clients who bring their equipment in for maintenance and repair. I can and do sometimes source cartridges for clients on a one-off basis, but not small value items. Regards, Mike.

  1. Hi,
    My pitch control on a Numark TT500 is completely out of whack. Whats the approx. cost for a repair, please?

    Regards, Steph

      1. Thanks, but do you have a rough price range as I’m on a bit of a budget and just working out costings.
        Cheers, Steph

        1. I really don’t like to speculate, I would need to inspect the deck as I said. Generally with this type of deck repairs are only warranted if they are very basic.


  2. I have a BSR 3-speed turntable in an AWA HiFi .It is a mid-70s unit. On starting, it throws the arm up in the air and plonks it down in the record (not at the beginning). Repairable?

    1. Hi Cheryl

      Thanks for your enquiry. This is possibly repairable but unfortunately not the type of gear I work on unless I have a fair bit of free time and at the moment I am flat out. Often, repairs on gear like this are not worth it unless they are very simple. I hope you find someone who can sort this out for you


    1. Hi Andy
      I could do it for sure, but I’d have to say that it wouldn’t be a viable repair in terms of what I’d have to charge to do it versus what the deck is worth. I would suggest trying to find another secondhand, or possibly putting the money towards a better deck.

  3. Can you please tell me why a tonearm on a Philips af 911, returns half way through the last track on a LP ?

    1. Hi and thanks for your query

      It sounds like your deck needs service and adjustment. The process is straightforward but I am set up for this type of work. It should definitely not be attempted without the correct tools, service data and experience.

      Happy to help, let me know if I can be of assistance. I should add that I am closed for new business while I have a bit of a break. I can accept new work again towards then end of January.

      Kind regards


  4. Hi, I need my lenco, turn table repaired
    I’m presuming it’s just a belt or globe problem, but I would like it fixed.
    I live in rockingham and would like to bring it to you when your free.

  5. Hi Mike,
    I recently bought a His Master’s Voice Gramophone off eBay. I’m not sure on the authenticity of the unit (not really that fussed if it’s genuine or not), but it seems to be slipping gears when I try to wind it up. As I wind it, you can feel the spring tension increasing but then it slips and releases all the spring tension. Once this happens, with the turn-table brake released, it doesn’t turn at all. I was wondering if you are able to have a look at it?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Paul, this is not the sort of equipment I work on so I cannot assist with this one unfortunately. Regards, Mike.

    2. Hi Paul, not sure if I repplied to you via email, but this is not the types of equipment I work on. Thanks for your equiry, regards, Mike.

  6. Hi Mike, I have a HMV Music Centre (model no. 45254) and I believe it needs a new belt. The records won’t spin on the platter and I’ve removed the platter to check it out- what looks to be the previous belt has melted and broken. Would you be able to help with this, and is it worth the investment?

    1. Hi Isobel, I don’t work on these music center type systems unfortunately. A new belt sounds like it would fix it though, worth doing if so. Regards, Mike.

  7. Hello! I got a Bush MTT2/SAA turntable (on its own) but don’t have amp/preamp and things to make it work. I would like to know if you sell equipment and what’s recommended to be able to play vinyls on in.

    1. Hi Gabi, thanks for making contact. The best thing is to give me a call for a chat, as there’s a bit to cover here. Bottom line is that I wouldn’t be playing vinyl on the Bush if you want it to last. I don’t sell equipment generally speaking but I am happy to make some recommendations based on your budget and can tell you where to go if you live in Perth. You can call me on 0439 690 four three six! Regards, Mike.

      1. Thank you for your prompt reply, Mike. I will give you a call as soon as I can (probably later in this afternoon or tomorrow morning).

  8. Hi, I have inherited a beogram 1200 and I it needs some TLC-maybe a new belt/stylus.
    Is this something you would be interested in looking at.
    Andrew Hill

    1. Hi Andrew, I am happy to look at her for you but these old girls are complex and usually need a bunch of cleaning and lubrication to bring them back to life. I am not taking on larger jobs now until the new year, so you are welcome to contact me then or give me a call to discuss. Regards, Mike.

  9. Hey.
    My DJ set up is about 20 years old and in desperate need for a service. Ie turntables/mixer/amp. Do you service these?

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