Turntable Repairs in Perth

Liquid Audio is proud to make turntable repairs available in Perth, along with other quality audio gear.

All good turntables are welcome and that whilst I service many high-end decks, I have just finished a full services on a Rotel RP-2300 and a NAD 5120, both modest belt-drive decks, and both of which have benefited greatly from a little TLC. One needed a belt, both needed full lubrication which restored smooth operation of arm and controls. Both needed tonearm set-up and cartridge alignment.

I find that cartridge alignments are usually needed, even on high-end decks that you would imagine would be already set-up correctly. I think the main reason is that people either can’t see what they are doing, or have the wrong alignment tools and a lack of expertise in alignment. There is a mixture of art and science involved in working on turntables and it requires a fair degree of dexterity. I know of people who have snapped the cantilever on their cartridge through a careless attempt at alignment. No matter, the result of a proper, careful alignment is always the same – sound quality improves dramatically, with lower distortion the usual result.

Another thing which I find makes a big difference is getting some good synthetic bearing oil into the spindle bearing. This almost always quietens things down dramatically and less rumble means a more enjoyable listening experience. Combine this with a freshly aligned cartridge, maybe a new stylus and suddenly even the most modest deck can sound completely transformed.

If you would like me to service your turntable, get in contact!

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