Which hi-fi stores do you recommend?

I recommend the following stores and staff for their excellent service and range of interesting hi-fi products:

Addicted to Audio in Subiaco

Dan is a great guy and knows his stuff, plus this store has some really interesting brands and loads of personal audio gear. In terms of store layout, quality and range of hi-fi gear, this is one of Perth’s top retailers.

Douglas HiFi in Osborne Park

Chat with my friends Simon and Tony, ethical salespeople who won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes. These two have a wealth of hi-fi and home cinema experience between them. Douglas is ‘evolving’ back into what it always was – a proper hi-fi stereo store and one of the best.

Frank Prowse Hi-Fi in Nedlands

Owner David Prowse is one of the nicest guys in audio and is ably assisted by great staff in one of Perth’s oldest and best-regarded proper hi-fi stores. I know the Prowse family well and even worked there for a short spell. Frank used to help me when I was a hi-fi-crazed teenager, as did the equally wonderful John Negus of Audio Equip fame. Both were true gentlemen and the industry needs more people like them. RIP Frank and John.

Revolution Turntable in Osborne Park

My friend Pierre is the owner, the official Australian Accuphase importer, a real vinyl enthusiast and a genuinely nice guy. He stocks a range of great hi-fi stereo gear and is ably assisted by Jim. This is a sleeper of a hi-fi store and yet contains some of the highest-end gear you’ll find, anywhere!

West Coast Hi-Fi in Joondalup

Speak to Kim, another lovely guy and the owner of this particular store. West Coast has a huge range of hi-fi and home cinema gear and very competitive pricing.

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