Should I buy a cheap turntable belt on eBay?

You could be lucky, but how will you know if you get a good quality belt of the correct size or not? Why chance it?

To some people, rubber drive belts all look the same. It’s a bit like how all spark plugs or all tyres look the same to some people. Learn a little though and you’ll quickly realise they are not.

With belts, there are quality and sizing issues to consider. I’ve seen many eBay and Alibaba belts. Customers buy them thinking they will save a few dollars and sometimes hi-fi stores fit them, only for owners to find their turntables now run fast, slow or noisily. Owners then have to buy another belt of good quality and the correct size. Far from saving money, this just wastes it.

Belt diameter is critical, as are width and thickness. Excessive tightness from belts having too small a diameter is a common problem with eBay belts. Incorrectly sized belts place excessive force on the drive pulley and motor top bearing, causing noise and excessive wear. Poor belt quality manifests in belts that simply don’t last.

You can avoid these issues by simply taking your deck to someone who sells good quality, correctly sized parts. At the time they fit the belt, they can also give our deck a health check and perform any other service work needed. Naturally, it will cost a little more for an expert to fit correct parts of good quality. You get what you pay for as they say!