Vintage vs Modern

Frequently asked questions about vintage vs modern hi-fi equipment and why older gear is often more desirable, more reliable and sounds as good or better!

Why do you have these FAQs?

The FAQs save everyone time, by addressing questions I’m most commonly asked. Honestly, there are questions I’ve probably been asked hundreds of times now over the last 10+ years. Answering commonly asked questions like these takes a chunk of time and, without a good alternative, I’d almost never get any work done! I write each …

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How do I choose a better amplifier?

I suggest you focus on three main areas: reducing integration, looking for better-engineered and built older equipment and, as a result, improving performance. Let’s examine each of these, in turn. Integration Integration refers to the level of stuffing of a box of electronics with different functions. Let’s look at amplifiers for example. The simplest solution …

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