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All the equipment and accessories on these pages have been sold but you are welcome to browse. Keep an eye on the store for the latest equipment for sale.


Just in, yet another PM-25! This one is $175.


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Just in, another Marantz PM-25, available for just $150, or make me a sensible offer!


These are a great little integrated amp, featuring a built-in phono amp, and headphone amp. This means you can play vinyl without needing anything else, other than speakers!

This cute little Marantz amplifier would make a great little first amp for someone. It’s not perfect, but actually works very well and I’ve just serviced her.

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Also new, this beautiful old Pioneer SA-500A, with real wood sides. A true taste of vintage audio goodness, perfect for a small or second system. Priced at just $195.


img 8229 2
img 8226 1


Power output: 13 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)
Frequency response: 30Hz to 50kHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.5%
Damping factor: 40
Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 200mV (line)
Signal-to-noise ratio: 75dB (MM), 90dB (line)
Channel separation: 50dB (MM), 55dB (line)
Output: 200mV (line)
Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω
Semiconductors: 18 x transistors, 6 x diodes
Dimensions: 330 x 118 x 316mm
Weight: 5.5kg

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Also just in, this lovely Pioneer AM/FM Stereo Tuner. You certainly can’t buy a proper radio like this anymore, just gorgeous. Just $95.

UPDATE: SOLD in 5 minutes!

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Just in, and just out of a full service, I have this lovely NAD 5120 belt-drive turntable for sale. This unit has a brand new German drive belt and is priced at $375.


The NAD 5120 is a classic belt-drive deck from the ’80s, complete with very cool folded smoked perspex lid. The 5120 is a sprung sub-chassis design and uniquely quirky in the way typical of NAD.

img 8212
img 8209
Cool-looking deck with its smoked perspex lid
img 8211

Fully Serviced

I’ve just completed a full service on this deck including synthetic bearing oil, lubricated motor, cartridge alignment, tonearm setup (tracking force, anti-skate, resonant frequency and Q  adjustments), cleaned and adjusted drive pulley, new premium German drive belt and new Ortofon OM 5E stylus. This deck runs like a dream.

img 8201
Brand new German rubber drive belt
img 8215
Brand new Ortofon OM 5E stylus


On the plug-in arm, you can set balance, VTF and DVA (dynamic vibration absorber) frequency and damping. The counterweight is not mounted rigidly to the tonearm but rather suspended on a spring, forming a compliant assembly that is free to vibrate. When correctly tuned its vibration matches and cancels the fundamental arm/cartridge resonance.

Specifications, courtesy of the Vinyl Engine

Drive system: precision neoprene belt drive
Motor: synchronous motor
Speeds: 33 and 45rpm
Speed accuracy: +-0.5%
Wow and flutter: 0.04% WRMS
Rumble: -70dB
Suspension system: sprung sub-chassis
Tonearm: static balance arm with dynamic vibration absorber
Effective length: 208mm
Effective mass: 6g
Overhang: 19.1mm
Offset angle: 26 degrees
Dynamic vibration absorber: spring-suspended counterweight with viscous damping
Cartridge weight: 2 to 8g
Tracking force: 0 to 3g
Dimensions: 420 x 105 x 354mm
Weight: 5kg

img 8210
img 8208
img 8206
The arm has been removed, cleaned adjusted and re-installed.
img 8205
img 8203
img 8202
I removed and cleaned the pulley, then reinstalled and set the correct height. This is critical if the deck is to run properly.

Just added for sale, this lovely little Marantz PM-25 integrated amplifier. The PM-25 has a phono preamp built-in, meaning you can play vinyl without needing anything else, other than speakers!


This Marantz would make a great little first amp for someone and I’ve just serviced her, so she’s running perfectly. Asking just $175.

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Need a cassette deck to make mixtapes or maybe just to have some fun recording again? How about this lovely little Proton AD-430 cassette deck, just $150!


This deck comes from a company well-known at the time for making quality, stylish pieces to compete with the likes or Rotel and NAD.  The AD-430 is a two-head cassette deck featuring Dolby B, C and HX-Pro, to ensure crystal clear, noise-free recordings.

  • Front Loading (left)
  • Chrome and Normal tape capable
  • Full Auto Shut Off
  • 12-stage recording meters
  • Multiplex filter
  • Dolby B, Dolby C, Dolby HX-Pro,
  • Program search
  • Auto tape select
  • Made from 1990-1993
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I’ve just added another item for sale, this time a lovely old Kenwood DP-5030 CD player, just $150.


Kenwood made some really excellent CD players back in the day and this one is no exception. Still playing discs perfectly after all this time, the DP-5030 would make an excellent second CD player or a great first one for someone setting up a system.

  • Digital converter: CXD2552Q, 1-bit, 8 x oversampling
  • CD Mechanism: KSS-210A
  • Frequency response: 2Hz to 20kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 110dB
  • Channel separation: 103dB
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.0025%
  • Line output: 2V
  • Digital outputs: optical
  • Dimensions: 440 x 118 x 314mm
  • Weight: 4.2kg
  • Year: 1991
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img 6685

I have an absolutely stunning Ortofon MC Jubilee moving coil cartridge for sale, yours for $1495.


This MC Jubilee comes from my personal collection. I’ve owned her since new and she has enjoyed a very easy life, on a superb turntable, playing pristine vinyl.

The beautiful Shibata stylus and boron rod cantilever are in perfect condition, as you’ll see from the images below. The cartridge body is unmarked and comes with original accessories, in original packing materials and box.

This cartridge was launched to mark Ortofon’s 80th anniversary and it really is a superb transducer and very rare to find one for sale at all, let alone in this condition.

More information from Ortofon’s dedicated page.


The Ortofon MC Jubilee features a unique exterior design and an interior construction based on numerous technological advances. The cartridge incorporates Wide Range Damping system controlling the high and low-frequency damping separately.

The effective mass has been reduced in the stylus/cantilever system by using a very thin boron rod. This material is extremely stiff and even more lightweight compared to aluminium. Besides is the velocity of sound almost 3 times higher compared to that of aluminium.

Combined with the Nude high-polished Shibata diamond stylus at the end of the cantilever we have developed one of the new elements responsible for the new sound 6-nines (99.9999%) pure silver is used for the coils on the armature.

Amazing tonal neutrality, dynamics and purity of sound of the Ortofon MC Jubilee set new standards for potency, detail, consistency and sound staging.

A high-performance MC transformer or MC preamplifier is required to take full advantage of these qualities. Recommended load: 10 Ohms or much higher, unless the ancillary system has bright tendencies.


Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec.  –  0,34 mV
Channel balance at 1 kHz  –  < 1 dB
Channel separation at 1 kHz  –  > 27 dB
Channel separation at 15 kHz  –  > 20 dB
Frequency range at – 3dB  –  20-60.000 Hz
Frequency response  –  20-20.000 Hz + 1,5 / – 0 dB
Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force  –  100 µm
Compliance, dynamic, lateral  –  16 µm/mN
Stylus type  –  Nude Shibata
Stylus tip radius  –  r/R 6/50 µm

Tracking force range  –  2,0-2,5 g (20-25 mN)
Tracking force, recommended  –  2,3 g (23 mN)
Vertical tracking angle  –  20°
Internal impedance, DC resistance  –  5 Ohm
Recommended load impedance  –  > 10 Ohm
Cartridge body material  –  Stainless steel/aluminium
Colour  –  Purple/Black
Weight  –  10,5 gram

This cartridge sounds incredible. If you are chasing a really high-end moving coil cartridge, with all the charms of pure silver coils, Shibata gem and superb construction, get in contact with me.

Asking just $1495, around half the Australian retail price. This is a  rare opportunity to purchase a collectible cartridge in pristine condition. I don’t imagine this will hang around for long.

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img 6995 1

img 6991

img 6983

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I’m selling an amazing subwoofer – the awesome Mackie HRS120 THX studio subwoofer. Grab it for just $1395.


The Mackie HRS120 is a monster, weighing in at nearly 50kg. It’s able to deliver 400 watts continuously, via a high-power linear amplifier and power supply. All this power is fed into a downward-firing 12-inch Italian RCF bass driver.

The HRS120 sub is an awesome performer for home audio. These were mostly used in studios, to master THX soundtracks and so on, which should give you an idea of their quality. This sub was marketed as part of the Mackie high-resolution or ‘HR’ product lineup.

The sub is in excellent condition, just missing the fabric from the cover. This is easy to fix, but honestly, it looks better without the grille on.

If you want a really good sub, this is an excellent option. It can be yours for just $1395. Contact me for more details.



  • Professional Recording Studios
  • Film (THX) & Post Production Studios
  • Home Theater Installations

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Active Technology Benefit: Precise Definition of Speaker:] body=[

    A loudspeaker (or "speaker") is an electroacoustic transducer that converts an electrical signal into sound. The speaker pulses in accordance with the variations of an electrical signal and causes sound waves to propagate through a medium such as air or water.

    Loudspeakers (and other electroacoustic transducers) are the most variable elements in a modern audio system and are usually responsible for most distortion and audible differences when comparing sound systems.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>speaker damage due to overdriving

  • Servo Loop Definition of Damping:] body=[

    The reduction of movement of a speaker cone, due either to the electromechanical characteristics of the speaker driver and suspension, the effects of frictional losses inside a speaker enclosure, and/or by electrical means.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>damping factors

  • Built-In, Front-Firing, Mass-Loaded Definition of Frequency:] body=[

    The number of times a periodic waveform cycles, or repeats, over a period of time.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”> enhancement

  • User-Adjustable Controls Benefit: Flexibility to adjust to a wide range of user needs

HRS120 Features:

  • Extended high-resolution output down to 19 Definition of High Pass:] body=[
    A high-pass filter is an LTI filter that passes high frequencies well but attenuates (i.e., reduces the amplitude of) frequencies lower than the cutoff frequency. The actual amount of attenuation for each frequency is a design parameter of the filter. It is sometimes called a low-cut filter; the terms bass-cut filter or rumble filter are also used in audio applications.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>high pass output for use with full-range Definition of Hz:] body=[

    A unit of measure of the frequency of a vibrating object, such as a guitar string, speaker cone or electrical signal. Equivalent to cycles per second, it is named for Heinrich Hertz and abbreviated "Hz."

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Hz Definition of Hz:] body=[

    A unit of measure of the frequency of a vibrating object, such as a guitar string, speaker cone or electrical signal. Equivalent to cycles per second, it is named for Heinrich Hertz and abbreviated "Hz."

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Hz elliptical Definition of AC-3:] body=[

    In digital audio, a coding technology, also known as Dolby Digital which is capable of storing up to five full-range and one low-frequency audio channels (5.1 channels, surround sound). It is used on the audio tracks on DVD, and is the proposed standard audio for HDTV (high definition television)

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>AC-3

  • Definition of dB:] body=[

    The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit of measurement that expresses the magnitude of a physical quantity (usually power or intensity) relative to a specified or implied reference level. Since it expresses a ratio of two (same unit) quantities, it is a dimensionless unit. A decibel is one tenth of a bel (B).We perceive loudness of sound as the logarithm of the actual sound intensity, and dB (decibels) are a logarithmic scale.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>dB Output Definition of AC-3:] body=[

    In digital audio, a coding technology, also known as Dolby Digital which is capable of storing up to five full-range and one low-frequency audio channels (5.1 channels, surround sound). It is used on the audio tracks on DVD, and is the proposed standard audio for HDTV (high definition television)

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>AC-3 and THX Dot1 recording

  • Definition of Polarity:] body=[
    Positive (+) and Negative (-) markings on a battery or other device that indicate the direction of flow of electrical current and voltage. The negative pole will have a surplus of free flowing electrons, where the positive pole will have a deficit of free flowing electrons.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Polarity switch

  • Definition of XLR:] body=[

    The XLR connector is an electrical connector design. XLR plugs and sockets are used mostly in professional audio and video electronics cabling applications, often for microphones. Home audio and video electronics normally use RCA connectors for line level signals generated by a preamplifier. Phone plugs are also used for microphones in home and computer applications.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>XLR/Definition of RCA:] body=[

    Sometimes referred to as an Phono connector, RCA connectors are generically known as pin jack connectors. Commonly used on home stereo equipment, the "phono" designation for these audio connectors comes from the fact that they are almost universally used for the outputs on phonographs.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>RCA inputs and outputs

Acoustic Performance

  • Free field Definition of Frequency Response:] body=[

    The actual range or span of frequencies from low to high that a unit can pass or reproduce. In terms of audio recording studios, this is usually limited to the range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, which represents the full range of human hearing.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Definition of Frequency:] body=[

    The number of times a periodic waveform cycles, or repeats, over a period of time.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>frequency: -3dB at 19Hz

  • Definition of Sound Pressure:] body=[

    Sound pressure or acoustic pressure is the local pressure deviation from the ambient (average, or equilibrium) atmospheric pressure caused by a sound wave. Sound pressure can be measured using a microphone in air and a hydrophone in water. The SI unit for sound pressure p is the pascal (symbol: Pa).

    Sound pressure level (SPL) or sound level is a logarithmic measure of the effective sound pressure of a sound relative to a reference value. It is measured in decibels (dB) above a standard reference level. The commonly used "zero" reference sound pressure in air is 20 uPa RMS, which is usually considered the threshold of human hearing (at 1 kHz).

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Definition of Level:] body=[

    Another word for signal voltage, power, strength or volume. Audio signals are sometimes classified according to their level. Commonly used levels in audio are: microphone level (-55 dBu), instrument level (-20 to -10 dBu), consumer line level (-10 dBu) and balanced professional line level (+4 to +30 dBu).

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Level @1 Definition of Balanced:] body=[

    An audio line comprising three conductors: two carrying signal and a ground (shield) wire, in which one of the signal wires carries the sound and the other carries an inverted copy. When the signal reaches the destination, the inverted copy is flipped and added to the original. Any noise that has been induced into the signal is also inverted. When this is combined with the "uninverted" noise, it cancels it out. Balanced lines thus are less susceptible to hum and can carry audio signals over longer distances. Balanced audio lines typically use 3-pin XLR or 1/4-inch tip-ring-sleeve, phone connectors.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>balanced input: 100dB Definition of Frequency:] body=[

    The number of times a periodic waveform cycles, or repeats, over a period of time.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>frequency: 12-Definition of 3.5mm:] body=[

    A small round connector for accepting the pin-shaped plug from a standard pair of music headphones.

    3.5mm size is the standard for music headphones and just about every other type of electronic device other than phones (music players, PCs, etc.)

    Either size can support stereo sound and/or a microphone, depending on the number of separate connector rings on the plug or jack.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>305mm) RCF Precision, extended LF Definition of Voice Coil:] body=[

    The voice coil is the coil of wire fixed to a cylinder at the apex of the loudspeaker cone that interacts with a magnetic field. With the help of other speaker components, the voice coil is the active transducer that converts electrical signals from the amplifier or receiver into mechanical energy, which we hear as sound. The voice coil cylinder is the part of the speaker around which the voice coil is wound. More advanced speakers offer a heat-resistant voice coil to prolong speaker life.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>voice coil and cast Definition of Passive Radiator:] body=[

    An element in speaker design that is used to improve the bass response of smaller cabinets. Consisting of a diaphragm that resembles a woofer, but without the voice coil, it is meant to move sympathetically with the energy delivered by the active woofer. While providing a greater bass response, the diaphragm is hard to control and can lead to overtly boomy bass response.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Definition of 3.5mm:] body=[

    A small round connector for accepting the pin-shaped plug from a standard pair of music headphones.

    3.5mm size is the standard for music headphones and just about every other type of electronic device other than phones (music players, PCs, etc.)

    Either size can support stereo sound and/or a microphone, depending on the number of separate connector rings on the plug or jack.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>305mm)

Definition of Power:] body=[

The rate at which electrical energy is applied to or taken from a device. It is expressed in terms of watts, milliwatts or microwatts.

] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Power: 400 Definition of Ohm:] body=[

The unit by which resistance to electrical current is measured. From Ohm’s Law (Current=Voltage/Resistance, or in other words, Current=Voltage/Ohms), a mathematical expression of the relationship between these three elements. It is also symbolized by the Greek capital letter omega (&#937;).

] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Ohm load (500 watts Definition of Slew Rate:] body=[

The measure of how fast a circuit is able to respond to fast changes in amplitude in the source signal. Although most circuits have this specification, it is most commonly associated with power amplifiers. A high slew rate will generally translate into a "tighter" and cleaner signal.

] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Slew rate: >35V/s

  • Definition of Noise:] body=[

    In sound production, noise can be classified as hum, buzz or hiss, crosstalk or digital hash.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>noise ratio: >107db

  • Definition of THD:] body=[

    The total harmonic distortion, or THD, of a signal is a measurement of the harmonic distortion present and is defined as the ratio of the sum of the powers of all harmonic components to the power of the fundamental frequency. Lesser THD allows the components in a loudspeaker, amplifier or microphone or other equipment to produce a more accurate reproduction by reducing harmonics added by electronics and audio media.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>THD/Definition of Class AB:] body=[

    Class AB amplifiers use a positive/negative device to shut off its outputs nearly entirely, except for running a small bias current, when not needed. It does this by almost completely turning off positive polarity output off during negative signal cycles, and negative output stages off when the signal is positive.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Class Definition of Enclosure:] body=[

    A box that contains the driver(s).

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Enclosure: 3/4″ (19mm) MDF with 1.25″ (32mm) MDF top panel, internal bracing

  • Definition of Filter:] body=[
    A device that attenuates or removes certain elements or data from an audio waveform or data stream.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Filter: flat/15Hz, 18dB/Definition of Filter:] body=[

    A device that attenuates or removes certain elements or data from an audio waveform or data stream.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>filter

  • Definition of Filter:] body=[
    A device that attenuates or removes certain elements or data from an audio waveform or data stream.

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>Filter Select: Variable/110Hz elliptical

  • Definition of Crossover:] body=[
    A dividing network that splits a full-range signal into two or more frequency groups and routes them to feed the various components (e.g., woofers and tweeters) in a speaker system. Passive crossovers are usually built inside speaker cabinets where they divide an amplifier’s output signal for routing to different speaker combinations. Active crossovers divide a line-level output signal from a mixer or other sound source and route the resulting signals to individual amplifiers that drive different speaker components

    ] cssheader=[boxoverheader] cssbody=[boxoverbody]”>crossover: 55Hz to 110Hz, 24dB/Linkwitz-Riley filter

  • Product weight & dimensions (without packaging):

    • Height: 21″ (533mm)
    • Width: 18″ (457mm)
    • Depth: 21.3″ (541mm)
    • Weight: 94 lbs (42.6 kg)
    Some Pics:
    Looking down, onto the bottom of the sub. You can see the RCF bass driver, power amplifier and very solid feet. Note the massive heatsinking on the linear amplifier – this thing is a beast!.
    This is the incredible 12-inch RCF bass driver, with a pleated surround that will never rot like foam and a massive magnet assembly. The driver faces downwards, with spacing from the floor determined by the screw-in feet.
    This sub will draw 575 Watts, at full power. This indicates that the amplifier inside really can deliver 400W RMS, unlike many pretenders out there. If in doubt, always check the power consumption figures. The amplifier power output must always be less than power consumption, or else we have created an energy creation device, now that would be something to write about!
    My apologies for the blurry image of the sideways-facing passive radiator.
    The amplifier module covers the entire back panel. Note the balanced as well as single-ended inputs and outputs, a sign of the sub’s studio intentions.

    For sale, a lovely and rare Mission DAD-5 Bitstream CD Player. This is a first-generation bitstream player and was quite the thing, back in the day. Just $150, a bargain.


    Partly English, the optical device is a Philips CDM 4, and the digital section is mainly Philips. The output stage is British, so the player has a great pedigree. The Mission DAD5 uses a massive Philips CDM 4 laser mech. It is based on Philips technology, covered by a light alloy cast for the curvaceous fascia which conceals the BitStream electronics lying within. The fascia holds a tiny display and frugal facilities.

    The unique appearance hides a loading tray, which emerges motor and laser, at the touch of a button. It allows the placement of CD directly onto the motor spindle which then holds the CD in position while the laser reads from below.

    When it is fired up, it is a far better-sounding player than most expect from its modest dimensions. It has plenty of airiness and space percolating through the most complex of classical tracks. It is a very accommodating and upbeat player that allows music to perform freely.

    Violins, piano and even brass soar without fear of compression. Bass is not often perceived as the fullest or deepest of instruments, while the fiercest of strings can often appear a mite shrill. Simple melodies can be seductive, the flow of guitar and vocals extending to the far corners of the room allowing the listener to have a real out-of-the-box experience.

    The Mission DAD5 is a potential choice for audiophiles who value the sense of space and atmosphere and treat them as precious and valued commodities.

    Specifications :
    Frequency Response…………………………2 – 20kHz
    Amplitude Linearity……………………………0.035 dB
    Phase Linearity………………………………..0.5 degree
    Dynamic Range………………………………..92 dB
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio…………………………100 dB (A)
    Channel Separation……………………………95dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion…………………….0.0025%
    Output Level…………………………………….2V
    Digital Output…………………………………..SPDIF
    CD Drive…………………………………………”Philips CDM4″
    Power Consumption…………………………..10W, 5W (Stand by)
    Dimensions(w x d x h)………………………..36.5 x 30 x 10.5 cm

    img 6636
    img 6638
    img 6639
    img 6637

    New from Liquid Audio is a stunning little Pioneer A-X540, 85 watts per channel integrated amplifier. Asking just $295.


    This amplifier is perfect for someone looking for a compact, powerful amplifier for a second system, or perhaps looking to set up their first proper system. Again, this is a one-owner amplifier and a great buy.

    Make no mistake, this amplifier might be physically small, but it comes packed with features:

    Power output: 85 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)
    Frequency response: 10Hz to 100kHz
    Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%
    Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line)
    Signal-to-noise ratio: 72dB (MM), 102dB (line)
    Output: 150mV (line)
    – Volume, bass, treble, balance controls, EQ controls
    – Phono preamp
    – Headphone amp
    – Muting Switch, CD direct function
    – 240 VAC mains operation.
    Dimensions: 360 x 349 x 115mm
    Weight: 8.5kg

    img 6371
    img 6374
    img 6373
    img 6372 1

    This X-CAN V3 class-A tube headphone amplifier is another great example of the fine audio gear I have for sale. The X-CAN V3 comes with all her original packaging, instructions, power supply and AU adapter, for just $450.


    As an added bonus, I’ve upgraded the amp with a premium capacitor package. The Panasonic FC and FM capacitors take this already excellent amp to the next level. You can read about the upgrades here.

    img 6233
    img 6237
    img 6236
    img 6274
    img 6234

    The user manual can be found here. This class-A tube amp outputs 1 watt per channel, so it will drive just about any headphones to earsplitting levels – beware!

    If you are looking for a powerful headphone amplifier from an expert in the field, look no further.


    Output power: Typically 1 Watt
    Input impedance: 47K Ohms
    THD: <0.015% 20Hz to 20kHz unweighted; <0.005% 20Hz to 20kHz “A” weighted
    S/N ratio: >96dB unweighted ref. full output; >108dB “A” weighted
    Frequency response: 30Hz to 75kHz <±1.0dB
    Power requirement: 12 – 0 – 12 Volts AC 500mA, (via mains adaptor supplied)
    Dimensions: 180mm (7.1″) wide; 88.2mm (3.5″) high including feet; 239mm (9.4″) deep including knob
    Weights: Unit, net: 2.6kg (5lbs 12oz); Adapter, net : 0.45 kg (1 lb)
    Total packed weight : 3.2kg (7 lbs 1oz)

    I’m asking just $450 for this fantastic, upgraded headphone amplifier, in pristine condition with the original packaging.

    Will ship anywhere at cost. Contact me for more details.

    I am really excited to present this stunning, completely overhauled and restored Marantz 1152DC integrated amplifier for sale.


    This very rare piece is just $1295. This 1152DC would suit a Marantz collector – it’s easily the nicest example I’ve seen.

    The Marantz 1152DC is a legendary Marantz integrated amplifier. The 1152DC is very rare and collectible, thanks to its unique look, great sound and battleship-like construction Marantz was famous for.

    These were very expensive amps new and this example is undoubtedly one of the best you’ll find. This amplifier is in almost perfect condition, completely overhauled, with only one owner from new.

    img 5703
    img 5699
    img 5704
    img 5705
    img 5703

    Specifications, courtesy of the HiFi Engine

    Power output: 76 watts per channel into 8Ω
    Frequency response: 7Hz to 70kHz
    Damping factor: 45
    Input sensitivity: 1.8mV (MM), 180mV (line)
    Signal-to-noise ratio: 78dB (MM), 91dB (line)
    Output: 180mV (line), 1.5V (Pre out)
    Semiconductors: 73 x transistors, 44 x diodes, 4 x FETs
    Dimensions: 416 x 146 x 316mm
    Weight: 14kg

    Loads more great information about the Marantz 1152DC can be found at Classic Audio.


    I’ve just finished an end-to-end service and overhaul. There is now nothing whatsoever for her new owner to do but sit back and enjoy the music!

    img 5673
    img 5648
    img 5658
    img 5682

    As usual, I’ve used premium parts, including period-accurate resistors, lab-grade capacitors and transistors that meet or exceed original spec. Output devices are factory original Marantz, which contributes to the classic Marantz sound.

    img 5663
    img 5638
    img 5667
    img 5668

    This stunning 1152DC sounds fantastic, with completely silent controls and the warm sound you’d expect of a gorgeous vintage amplifier like this.

    img 5696
    img 5699
    img 5691

    I’m asking just $1295 for this stunning piece, INCLUDING the full restoration job! Remember, every vintage amp like this will need an overhaul and this one has been done, end to end.

    I will happily ship anywhere in the world at cost. This 1152DC is multi-voltage, configured for 240V.

    Inquiries via my contact page.

    Next, a lovely Lenco A-50 integrated amplifier, just $395.


    Lenco was a highly regarded Swiss audio manufacturer. The A-50 is an integrated amplifier,  but the pre and power sections are separately accessible, meaning you can upgrade your system without having to get rid of your Lenco A-50 – a nice touch!

    The Lenco A-50 also has a high-quality discrete transistor phono preamp. This is great because it means you can directly connect a turntable, without needing to buy a separate phono preamp as you do with many modern amps. This will sound better than almost any cheap one preamplifier too.

    The amplifier is in excellent condition overall. It sounds great and is beautifully built, with a very solid weight to it. Even better, it’s got gorgeous illuminated meters, a classic feature on good audio gear from this period. They certainly don’t build them like this anymore.

    The only blemish is that the headphone socket is non-functional. You could easily attach a dedicated headphone amp though

    As usual, I’ve carefully cleaned and serviced this amplifier so that her new owner doesn’t have to. Just plug her in and enjoy the music.

    I’m asking just $395 for this classic vintage amp. Contact me via the contact form!


    Power output: 40 watts per channel into 8Ω
    Frequency response: 10Hz to 40kHz
    Total harmonic distortion: 0.2%
    Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 160mV (line)
    Signal-to-noise ratio: 56dB (MM), 58dB (line)
    Dimensions: 430 x 370 x 132mm
    Weight: 10.5kg
    Year: 1977

    img 6146
    img 6148
    img 6145
    img 6142
    img 6140
    img 6134
    img 6141

    For sale, a gorgeous Lenco GL75 rim drive turntable, made in Switzerland, just $175.

    Update – SOLD!

    A quick Google search will throw up a wealth of information on these legendary Lenco decks. This GL75 would make a perfect project for somebody, perhaps with a heavy new custom plinth.

    I’ve had a chance to test her and everything works. The arm board is cut for a Rega arm, but others like Linn will likely fit.

    Asking just $175 for this lovely old girl!

    img 6296 1
    img 6297
    img 6298
    img 6299

    I have a lovely HP 3468A bench multimeter for sale.


    The HP 3468A is in a very good state of calibration and excellent physical condition. I’m asking $175 for this lovely instrument.

    WOW – here’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a near-mint, fully restored, special S/N Krell KSA-150 class-A power amplifier, with original double boxes and 15A power cable!

    This beast is just $3500 – of course, it’s SOLD!

    This amp, by pure chance, has a very unusual 15-11150 serial number, perfect for a KSA-150. I even have the original owner’s manual somewhere and will try to find it for the lucky buyer.

    Seriously, this monster amp is in perfect working condition. I fully restored her only a few years ago and spared no expense – it was for me after all! She has worked perfectly ever since and is a great example of this model, almost blemish-free.

    This Krell KSA-150 sounds amazing of course, probably better than new after the overhaul. Remember, these were $10,000 in the early ’90s, equivalent to the price of a car at the time.

    She will drive absolutely ANY speaker load. The only reason for sale is that I work on hi-fi gear for a living, I have too much of it and need to down-size.

    When I overhaul an amp like the KSA-150, it can cost $2000 – $2500. Think of the money you DON’T have to spend on this one, and trust me, they all need restoration. You can read more about these great amps here, and here.

    Sensible offers around $3,500 considered, remember, this is a fully restored KSA-150 in amazing condition.

    Shipping anywhere can be arranged at buyer’s expense. Configured for 240V, but easily configurable for any voltage. With original double boxes and power cable.

    Don’t miss out on a chance to own a legend!


    Power output: 150 watts per channel continuous into 8Ω (stereo), 300 watts per channel continuous into 4Ω, 600 watts per channel continuous into 2Ω, 1200 watts per channel continuous into 1Ω!

    Weight: Nearly 50kg

    img 6084
    It’s so heavy you have to wheel it around – no kidding!
    img 6086
    img 6084
    img 6087
    img 6089
    Australian delivery, set for 240V operation, but multi-voltage configurable, extremely handy.
    img 6090
    What a serial number for a Krell KSA-150!
    img 6219 e1491983490138
    Original double boxes for the AU-delivered monster.
    img 6218

    I have a lovely Primare R32 phono preamplifier for sale.


    This R32 comes complete, with box, original packaging, power cord and manual and has light use, for demo purposes only.

    Lots has been written about this excellent phono preamplifier and I have comprehensively reviewed it here. The R32 is an all-discrete, super-high-precision dual-mono MM/MC phono preamplifier, with adjustable loading to suit any MM or MC cartridge. Without labouring the point, it’s safe to say that for around $1299, there’s not much to touch it.

    The Primare phono pre is described as:

    “Beautifully built, full-width phono stage is the perfect partner for serious vinyl systems.” – techradar”

    “Technically and sonically brilliant. Elegant high quality housing. The Primare R32 is clearly a “Best Buy” for its price tag.” – AudioEnz

    $1299 is the retail price for one of these great phono stages, but you can grab this mint, low hours unit for just $849. This is an absolute bargain compared to anything else at the price.

    I’d suggest you get in contact pretty quickly, it won’t last long at this price.

    img 5833
    img 5837
    img 5836
    img 5835
    img 5834
    img 5839
    img 5840
    img 5838 e1490160671315
    img 5832

    Liquid Audio is very pleased to offer this glorious Music Angel Class A 845 tube amplifier for sale in brand new condition – $900.


    The Music Angel Class A 845 is a beast, weighing in at 28kg. This is a pure Class A, single-ended triode (SET) tube amplifier that sounds nothing like any solid-state amplifier you have ever heard. The 845  is warm, liquid-smooth, powerful and totally silent. There is a mid-range warmth and energy that solid-state amplifiers cannot manage. The 845 also has prodigious bass and you get to look at those gorgeous 1000v output tubes glowing orange, with the lights out…

    This Music Angel Class A 845 tube amp is absolutely like new, purchased for demo and review purposes only and comes with a full set of original tubes, original boxes and manual. This example is even better than new – I’ve professionally earthed the chassis so the amp is safe, something that really matters when you have close to 1000VDC lurking inside the chassis!

    The cheapest price for one of these 845’s brand new via eBay, including shipping and taking your chances of getting it from Hong Kong is around $1250AUD. Add 10% for customs and you are in for $1400.

    I’m selling this tested, correctly earthed and new in-box example for $900, saving you around $600 on the new price! A set of NOS Russian military tubes can be included for $50.

    Local pick-up is best for this beast. Contact me for more information.

    img 3010 e1544864186187

    For sale is my gorgeous Yaesu FRG-100.

    Update – SOLD!

    This is the later ‘B’ model and I have owned her for the last 10 years.
    The radio works perfectly, comes with a linear power supply and original instruction manual and is almost completely unmarked.

    It would certainly suit a collector or someone wanting a superb desktop shortwave radio.

    This is a superb radio at just $500.

    img 3402 2
    img 3373 1
    img 3374 1 1
    img 3382

    Liquid Audio is selling one Krix Centrix centre channel speaker for a home theatre system.


    Many will be aware that Krix is one of our best known Australian speaker manufacturers and this was the best centre speaker they made.

    Sound quality is superb and the condition is excellent. There are only a few very small marks and it’s astonishing how good this looks and sounds. Priced to sell at $295.

    Enclosure Type: Bass-reflex, front vented

    Dimensions: 175mm high x 650mm wide x 400mm deep

    Material: 17mm MDF

    Finish: Black ask lacquered timber veneer

    Volume: 32 litres internal

    Weight: 17kg each

    img 3521 1.jpeg
    img 3522 1
    img 3523 1
    img 3524.jpeg

    I have a pair of the legendary NHT 3.3 flagship reference speakers up for sale.

    Update – SOLD!

    These are in excellent condition and many of you will already know them by reputation. Please contact me to register your interest in this legendary reference-class loudspeaker. More details here!

    I have this cool audio equipment rack for sale folks. UPDATE – sold!

    My gear including a very heavy Krell amp has been sitting on this rack and it’s good as new. Asking $135. I knew this one would sell quickly – SOLD!

    IMG 2429
    IMG 2430
    IMG 2431
    IMG 2432

    Also for sale is this gorgeous, one owner from new and very collectible Luxman SQ-505 integrated amplifier.


    This is vintage, made in 1968 or 69, and is very, very cool. The amplifier features a very nice phono preamplifier built-in, using lots of premium styroseal capacitors that would be unheard of in a preamp now due to their ridiculous cost.

    She is completely original and has nothing more than a few scuffs on the real wood enclosure. These could be quickly fixed by anyone with some skills working with wood. These are rapidly becoming very collectible, one recently sold in the UK for around $800.

    I have tested the SQ-505 on the bench to around 32 watts per channel, continuous, into 8 ohms, which is right on spec.

    Great information can be found here:

    The amplifier has been fully tested and is working very nicely indeed. Priced to sell at $375!

    Here are a few pics of the old girl:

    The gorgeous front panel, lots of inputs and flexibility in switching
    Wooden case is very good overall with nice square corners but could do with a little rub back on the top
    Quality of construction is superb – you don’t find machined heatsinks like this on modern gear and the card construction makes servicing a breeze
    Another angle, she looks good no matter where you are standing
    Lots of inputs, phono and tape head included
    Beautiful and solid Luxman transformer – this is a lovely old amplifier

    New for sale is a gorgeous, one owner from new, complete vintage Pioneer HiFi system.


    This was a really lovely system back in the day (1970) and it still holds up beautifully today.

    The system consists of a very nice Pioneer Rondo 3000 belt-drive turntable, Pioneer AM/FM Stereo Receiver and matching Pioneer speakers, all in vintage walnut veneer.

    The turntable that comes with this system is a legend in its own right, having become popular all over again these days, due to its robust build and the fact that they still sound and look good, over 40 years since they were built. It is very similar to the SPL-100 and PL-12. They all use the same tonearm and motor, with small detail differences.

    The receiver is also a classic, with its cool blue backlit dial and silver knobs. Add the speakers and you have a wonderful vintage system for the modern-day music lover! This system is priced to sell at $500 and will be carefully tested prior to sale. The turntable will be serviced, a $95 value on its own.

    Pics below!



    May 12, 2014 – I have some lovely new audio gear for sale. Scroll down the page to see all the items.


    First is a beautiful Pioneer TX-5300 AM/FM Stereo Tuner for sale. I obtained it from a deceased estate. It only had the one original owner until I obtained it and it has been stored since. It is tested and perfect, like new, except for a couple of tiny paint imperfections.

    Seriously, the glass window is literally perfect, crystal-clear. This thing is very cool. Have a look and contact me if interested. Comes with the original owner’s manual, fuses, an Allen key to tighten the control knob and glossy literature from the day. This is a piece of history!


    Next up we have a gorgeous Luxman T-4 AM/FM Stereo Tuner, from my personal collection.


    This amazing tuner has been restored from the ground up, with new premium electrolytic capacitors everywhere, new diode bridge, new op-amps and a full alignment. Distortion is way better than spec at around 0.07% @ 1kHz. This is very low, almost as good as one can obtain with a proper stereo tuner like this one.

    The tuner also features the amazing Accutouch circuitry which literally locks the tuning wheel in your fingers upon perfect mid-signal positioning of the tuning dial. No more trying to wiggle this way and that to get the best tuning – the Accutouch circuitry does this for you.

    If you haven’t heard FM on a proper tuner like this before, you have no idea what you’ve been missing. Far and away better than DAB, good FM broadcasts have a tactile and organic quality through a good tuner like this one.

    The Luxman T-4 is in almost immaculate condition, with only a couple of tiny blemishes, almost perfect. Here are a few pics of this heavy-weight tuner:


    Next for sale here is a nice Marantz CD-63.

    UPDATE – SOLD!!!

    This is the player that really set the cat amongst the pigeons in terms of bang for the buck with CD players, back in the day. Just do a quick search for CD-63 and see how much comes up. I have repaired a common regulator failure on this one and she is good to go again, in very good condition overall. Nice sounding player for the audiophile on a budget.



    This piece is really special – we have a Luxman RX-101 servo face receiver for sale – the one with the motorised face that magically glides in to expose all the knobs and controls at turn on!

    You just have to see this thing, but it used the Luxman ‘ice cube’ button style they were using at the time (1983) and really is a full-featured and classy receiver. It has a nice built-in AM/FM stereo tuner, 40 watts per channel amplifier, phono stage so that you can just plug a turntable straight in, and lots of other cool features like power output meters and presets for the radio.

    Luxman quality as always, these are built to last like most Luxman gear is. Just looking for a new home! Check out some pics…


    Jan 2014

    Happy New Year everybody. I made a resolution for this year, to sell some of the many audio and electronics-related items I have sitting around gathering dust. To that end, I am starting with some speaker drivers for sale on eBay.

    If you check out my eBay auction you will find some lovely Richard Allen 10-inch full-range drivers, some Wharfedale and Vifa tweeters and some superb Morel Elite soft-dome midrange drivers. The Morel and Vifa drivers are brand new, never used. The Richard Allen and Wharfedale drivers have been carefully removed from the box in which they were originally installed and are rare as rocking horse sh#t!

    The Richard Allen drivers are especially interesting, now that there is so much interest in full-range drivers and open baffle designs. The Allen’s can be used in an open baffle very successfully and if you have ever heard speakers like these in an open baffle you will know there is nothing quite like the sound you get from this sort of installation.

    The Wharfedale tweeters were together in the same box with the Allen’s. Whilst the Richard Allen drivers are full range, they roll off as all full-range drivers do at the frequency extremes. This means that deep bass will be limited unless they are in a truly massive box, and treble will roll off above around 10kHz, hence the need for a super-tweeter to take care of the higher frequencies.

    The legendary Vifa D25 tweeter features in dozens of designs over the years and still in production. The Morel mids are spectacular and feature very low distortion, hand-applied doping, a sealed chamber and an alloy faceplate.

    If you have any questions about any of these drivers, be sure to let me know.



    Gorgeous original and working perfectly – a rare and collectible Philips CD-303. Add this one to your collection of original CD hardware. The player uses the iconic TDA1540 DAC chip, complete with 14-bit resolution and not easy to tell upon listening! This was superseded by the TDA1541 chip, which resolved the full 16 bits in each digital word.


    November 2014


    I have my wonderful old HP 332A Distortion Analyser for sale.

    I completely restored this lovely instrument a few years ago now. This restoration included premium lab-grade capacitors, thoroughly clean with isopropyl alcohol and a complete calibration.

    These are extremely sensitive analysers so the high impedance circuit board areas have to be literally spotless. This instrument would be an ideal first analyser for someone or a second tester for the lab or bench.

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