Is it OK to play CDs in my DVD player?

Sure, it’s certainly OK and perfectly safe, they just won’t sound very good!

“But Mike, I’ve heard all CD players and DVD players sound the same?”

Person spending too much time with the wrong people!

They really don’t sound the same, appreciating this simply comes down to experience.

If you’ve never heard a really good CD player in a really good system, you need to. CDs sound ‘OK’ played on cheap DVD players, but in a high-resolution system, the difference in sound quality between a good dedicated CD player and a cheap DVD player is night and day.

Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who’s compared CD players and DACs in high-resolution hi-fi systems. Nobody who has will tell you that CD players sound the same or that DVD players are a good way to play CDs.

Even the famously over-hyped Oppo BluRay players that everyone said were the best sounding players ever don’t hold a candle to a really good dedicated CD player. How do I know..? I tested one in my system for several months.