Liquid Audio will service, repair or restore your cherished hi-fi stereo equipment.

We service, repair and restore classic hi-fi stereo equipment, specialising in turntables, amplifiers and preamplifiers, receivers, cassette decks, CD players, DACs and tuners.

Our services are covered in detail, below. You are welcome to find out more About us and our Terms of business and don’t forget the FAQs, an often overlooked and very useful resource.

Specifically, we look after:

  • Japanese, American and European hi-fi stereo equipment
  • Turntables, record players
  • Amplifiers – integrated, phono, pre and power
  • Receivers
  • Cassette decks
  • CD players, DACs, transports
  • Tuners and radios, shortwave, broadcast
  • Hi-fi equipment manufactured from 1970

We don’t cater for:

  • A/V or home-cinema amplifiers, receivers, systems
  • DVD, Blu-Ray and Laserdisc players
  • Bose, Sonos, B&O lifestyle equipment
  • Soundbars, docks, computer speakers
  • Micro, mini and midi-systems
  • Stereograms, radiograms, 3-in-1 systems
  • Portable audio equipment, Walkmans etc
  • Anything Bluetooth

We offer (click for more information):

Vinyl & Turntable Services

This is one of our premium service areas. Turntables need periodic, expert maintenance to maximise their performance and yet turntable set-up, cartridge compatibility and alignment techniques tend to be very poorly understood. Not us! We guarantee to improve the performance of your turntable, service all major brands and recommend, supply and fit styluses, cartridges and accessories.

Overhauled Dual 1219 idler-drive turntable
This precision Kenwood FL-180A wow & flutter meter help fine-tune turntables and cassette decks for maximum performance and minimum wow!
Good test records are essential to getting the most out of a turntable
As are the best parts


Expert service of hi-fi equipment extends life, enhances performance and minimises downtime. We provide this expert service for amplifiers, CD players, tuners, preamplifiers, turntables and more. Utilising premium parts, tools and test & measurement equipment, we’ll clean, adjust and calibrate your hi-fi gear to perfection and have it running like new.

Servicing a Denon direct-drive motor. Few technicians even offer this service to their customers, let alone have the range of specialist lubricants, service data and experience necessary to undertake such work.


Your malfunctioning hi-fi gear is in safe hands with us. We carefully diagnose and repair all faults to the component level, rather than just replacing boards like many other repairers. With hundreds of models and thousands of faults successfully repaired, we’re sure to be able to assist you with your hi-fi equipment.

Repairing the damaged mainboard from a Krell KAV-150a integrated amplifier. Component-level repair saved lovely amplifier from the scrap heap. Most would have dismissed this repair as too hard, many would never have even found the faults.


With classic and vintage hi-fi equipment hitting 30+ years of age, restoration and overhaul are critically important and will dramatically improve the performance and appearance of your gear. Readers from around the world enjoy our restorations almost as much as our customers. Our services are tailored to suit your budget, equipment and requirements.

A gorgeous Accuphase E-202 integrated amplifier, restored by Liquid Audio.


If you are considering or have just purchased some hi-fi equipment, consider an inspection. Inspections can potentially save thousands in service and repair costs on valuable items. Equipment damaged in transit needs a professional inspection to initiate a claim. Maybe you’d like your cartridge examined to determine its condition and life left? Whatever the situation, Liquid Audio can help.

A high-resolution image of an Ortofon MC A90 stylus and boron cantilever. The MC A90 was in for a pre-purchase inspection. You couldn’t even see the diamond prior to cleaning. My imaging equipment enables the acquisition of high-resolution images like this that reveal tiny details.


Our upgrades are based on science, best practice and evaluation through listening and measurement. Premium new and NOS vintage parts help extract maximum performance from your equipment, taking its performance to the next level.

Upgrading a Quad 405-2 amplifier


Sometimes you just need some good advice and an in-home visit to improve the sound of your system. My ears are fine-tuned from over 40 years of listening to hi-fi equipment, playing and experiencing live music. I know how things should sound and offer guidance about cables, equipment, power conditioning, room treatments and more.

On-site installation and set-up of a Luxman PD-171A turntable and Ortofon Cadenza Black moving coil cartridge.

TLC For Hi-Fi Equipment

Whatever your hi-fi stereo needs, Liquid Audio offers unique, specialist services for lovers of classic and vintage equipment. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out our customer feedback.

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