Does your hi-fi stereo equipment need service or repair? Do you need advice?

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Our Details

Business Name:Liquid Audio
Owner:Mike Fitzpatrick (BSc Hons Dip Ed)
Location:Carine, Western Australia
Specialty:Service, repair & restoration of classic hi-fi stereo equipment
Phone (calls only):(+61) 0439 690 436
Hours:Tuesday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm
Saturday, 10 am – 1 pm
Payment:By cash and most cards, on collection
Terms:Strictly 7 days
Bookings:By appointment
Booking Status:Limited bookings available mid-April

Expert Advice

Opinions abound in audio but are often about as useful as waxing your speaker cables. Expert advice, backed by facts and science, is much more useful and harder to find, so if you have questions you’re welcome to contact us.

If aren’t engaging our services and want help or just love the website, consider a donation. Everything here is free but a coffee ($5), beer ($10), cocktail ($20) or more is a great way to say thanks for personalised assistance, should you need it. You’ll receive expert advice from a specialist entrusted with hi-fi equipment like this, this and this 🙂


Example 1: Steve bought me a coffee and asked if cartridge ‘A’ was a good match for his turntable. I suggested a better-matched, more affordable alternative, saving him money and improving his set-up.

Example 2: Buddy lives overseas and periodically donates $50 for advice about improving his hi-fi system and listening room. We’ve transformed his set-up and I think you’ll agree he’s pleased with the results!

…I say this to emphasize my love of musical noise that I hear out of my system!!! I didn’t know that this level of enjoyable noise could come out of this system… WOW!!… Thanks for your input. You could charge for this advice. 😎

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