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Booking Status

Revision date:June 28, 2022
Service and repair bookings:Accepting bookings
Restoration, overhaul, interstate/overseas bookings:Fully booked
Suggested check-back interval:One week

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Business Details

Owner:Mike Fitzpatrick BSc(Hons) GDipEd
ABN:65 209 381 407
Location:Carine, Western Australia
Focus:Hi-fi stereo equipment service, repair and restoration
Hours:Tues – Fri: 10 am – 5 pm
Sat: 10 am – 1 pm
Sun, Mon: CLOSED
Bookings:By appointment
Estimates:Available upon inspection
Accounts:Payable by cash, card and Apple / Google Pay


Before you contact us, explore 110+ categorised FAQs about amplifiers, turntables, vintage vs modern equipment, service and repair, recommended businesses and more. Our FAQs are designed to save everyone time and are very popular, so take a look!


Would you like expert advice or technical assistance from a specialist who’s contributed to the hi-fi community for over a decade and been entrusted to repair equipment like thisthis and this?

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“One of the most helpful guys I have ever spoken to about hi-fi, (Mike) always has time to give very good advice.”


Hi-fi lovers everywhere can access trusted advice and technical assistance with:

  • Vintage and modern hi-fi gear, comparisons, discussion and sourcing
  • Turntables, tonearms, cartridges, vinyl, accessories selection and set-up
  • Technical questions, parts, troubleshooting, upgrades and much more

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Ian (AU) wanted help choosing a golden-age turntable and building a high-resolution vinyl system:

“Thanks Mike, all makes sense now. And $20 for half an hour’s advice; very, very reasonable in my view.”

Chuck (USA) wanted advice on how to transform his vintage setup into a modern, high-resolution system:

“I didn’t know that this level of enjoyable noise could come out of this system… WOW! Thanks for your input Mike, you could charge for this advice 😎”

Jon (AU) wanted cartridge matching advice and assistance sourcing a golden-age, high-end turntable:

“Thank you, Mike … brilliant answer … has made up my mind. My only regret is you are so full of service bookings, I can’t get you to service it when it arrives.. 😢”

Tony (AU) sought amplifier advice to get the best from his beautiful JBL 4435s:

“Hi Mike, really appreciate the email … more detailed than I was expecting. I have made a further donation … you have provided outstanding service..!”


Need more substantial assistance? For little more than the price of a record, receive expert, personalised assistance that could save you hundreds, thousands and massively improve your system. That’s smart system improvement!

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NOTE: We don't service or repair audio-visual, home-cinema, public-address, portable, car audio, mini/midi/3-in-1 or quadraphonic equipment, radiograms, stereograms, soundbars, most speakers and musical instruments.
NOTE: If seeking advice or technical assistance, please remember to make your donation prior to submitting questions. Thanks! 🙂
NOTE: Accurate fault diagnosis, condition assessment and service/repair cost estimates require equipment inspection.