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Does your hi-fi stereo equipment need service, repair or restoration?

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Business Details

Owner:Mike ‘Liquid Mike’ Fitzpatrick BSc(Hons) GDipEd(Sci)
ABN:65 209 381 407
Web design, words, images
& technical work:
Location:Carine, Western Australia
Specialty:Service, repair & restoration of classic hi-fi stereo equipment
Focus:Amplifiers, cassette decks, CD players, tuners & turntables
Hours:Tuesday – Friday: 10 – 5
Saturday: 10 – 1
Sunday – Monday: Closed
(Perth GMT +8)
Bookings:By appointment
Phone:(+61) 0439 690 436
Business-related voice calls only, use our advisory service for advice-related enquiries

Booking Status

Service:Fully booked
Repair:Fully booked
Overhaul & restoration:Fully booked
Advisory service:Available
Status updated:26 November
Check again:December
Note: Check this table regularly as we’re unable to contact people when slots become available.

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Explore 130 FAQs about amplifiers, turntables, vintage vs. modern equipment, and service and repair work, including in-depth articles like:

Advisory Service

Expert advice —> increased knowledge —> smarter decisions —> better equipment —> better sound 🎵 😊

One of the most helpful guys I have ever spoken to about hi-fi, Mike always has time to give very good advice.

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Our advisory service delivers expertise and insight from a unique, rarely accessible, specialist perspective. We advise on:

  • Vintage/classic hi-fi stereo equipment, assessments, recommendations, matching and sourcing
  • Tonearms, cartridges, vinyl accessories, turntable sourcing and system building
  • Technical/parts/maintenance/service/repair questions, and more!

Expert advice pays for itself, but read what these recipients think and why we no longer donate our time for most advice enquiries.

Advice blocks are available in 10 and 20-minute lengths and suit a wide range of enquiries:


Consults are available in 30 and 60-minute lengths and are ideal for in-depth discussions:


To access our advisory service, purchase a block or consult and submit your questions below. We typically respond within 24 hours of receiving payment.

To make a regular business enquiry, fill out the contact form!

Contact Form

Note: Advisory service enquiries (only) require an advice block or consult pre-purchase. We will reply upon receipt of payment details.
Note: We care for DISCRETE HI-FI STEREO EQUIPMENT ONLY including: integrated/pre/power amplifiers, receivers, turntables, CD players, DACs, cassette decks and tuners. We cannot assist with: A-V, PA, DJ, home cinema, portable, computer or car audio gear, soundbars, streamers, micro/mini/midi/3-in-1/integrated music systems, radiograms/stereograms, four-track, reel-to-reel, subwoofers, most speakers, BluRay/DVD/Laser Disc players or department store audio equipment.
Note: Estimates can be provided once equipment has been inspected, assessed and faults diagnosed.

Note: We always reply to business and correctly-submitted advice enquiries. Check junk/SPAM folders if you’ve submitted an enquiry but not seen a reply.

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