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Does your hi-fi stereo equipment need service, repair, overhaul or improvement? Do you need expertise to take your system to the next level? Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to tell us how we can assist.

Our booking status, operating hours and other details are located in the tables below. We’re here to help with classic hi-fi gear so please reach out if there is anything you can’t find.

Booking Status

We accept work from across Australia but local work is our focus. We cannot keep a wait list due to enquiry volume, so monitor this table and stay in touch.

Status: Full
Service:Fully booked
Repair:Fully booked
Overhaul/restoration:Fully booked
Inspection/assessment:Fully booked
Advisory service:Available
Last updated:6 April
Check again:1 May

Business Details

Owner:Mike Fitzpatrick
BSc(Hons) GDipEd(Sci) UWA
Location:Carine, Western Australia
Specialty:Service, repair & restoration of classic hi-fi stereo equipment
Focus:Amplifiers, CD players, tuners, turntables
Open:Tuesday – Friday: 10 – 5
Saturday: 10 – 1, Perth time
Bookings:By appointment
Phone:(+61) 0439 690 436 (voice calls only)

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Explore over 130 FAQs about amplifiers, turntables, vintage vs. modern equipment and more, including:

Advisory Service

The best way to improve your hi-fi system is to improve your knowledge. Liquid Audio’s advisory service delivers expertise and insight for those who appreciate an informed, no-nonsense, science-first approach.

Expert advice —> improved knowledge —> smarter decisions —> better hi-fi

Presented from the unique perspective of a specialist entrusted with equipment like this, this and this, we assist people with:

  • Vintage/classic hi-fi stereo equipment comparisons, recommendations and sourcing
  • Amplifier, CD player, turntable improvement, upgrades, system building and assessment
  • Tonearms, cartridges, vinyl accessories, turntable sourcing, building, and more!
Contact us

One of the most helpful guys I have ever spoken to about hi-fi, Mike always has time to give very good advice.


Assistance is available via pre-paid blocks of time perfectly sized to suit most scenarios.

Advice bites suit a wide range of straightforward questions:


Consults suit longer discussions on topics like:

  • System assessment & improvement
  • Building a vinyl or CD playback system
  • Sourcing end-game hi-fi equipment from Japan

Special message: Our advisory service is an adjunct to over half a million words of free content, reviews and videos. We love helping people improve their hi-fi and generously assist customers but abuse or attempts to misuse this service will not be tolerated. Thanks for your support!

Contact Form

Please read all notes carefully, especially those regarding equipment we do and don’t care for.

NOTE: We care for quality-brand DISCRETE HI-FI STEREO EQUIPMENT ONLY including: integrated, phono, pre & power amplifiers, single cassette decks, CD players, DACs, receivers, tuners and turntables. WE CANNOT ASSIST WITH: Home cinema or multi-channel equipment including AVRs, BluRay, DVD, LaserDisc, or VHS players, PA, DJ, portable, computer or car audio gear, record changers or BlueTooth turntables (BSR, Garrard, Crosley, Marley etc), soundbars, integrated/micro/mini/midi/Bluetooth or soundbar music systems, 3-in-1s/radiograms/stereograms, B&O/Bose/Sonos, 4-track or reel-to-reel, headphones, speakers, musical instrument amplifiers, most Chinese and Indian-made equipment or hi-fi equipment manufactured prior to 1968.
NOTE: To eliminate guesswork regarding your equipment's condition and faults, repair cost estimates are available after inspection and assessment. Sight-unseen 'quotes' are rarely provided by professionals and should be assessed accordingly.
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