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Keen to have me service, repair or restore some hi-fi equipment for you?

No problem, contact me me via the form below which captures some important details. Response time is typically 24 hours or less.

Please note: I’m currently fully booked and not taking on additional customer work until I clear the backlog. My apologies!

Business Details

Owner:                    Mike Fitzpatrick
Location:                Carine, Western Australia
Open:                       Tuesday – Saturday
Hours:                     10 am  – 5 pm (Sat. 10 am – 1 pm)
Visits:                       By appointment
Advice & Tea:      Gladly provided

Before You Contact Me

  • Because each piece/issue is unique, repair estimates are usually provided after I’ve inspected your equipment.
  • Workload and enquiry volume mean I generally can’t offer phone and email support.
  • Please Check the FAQs for the question you are about to ask me.
  • Our Terms & Conditions cover the fine print.

With that out of the way, fire away!

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