If you’re looking for more hi-fi and electronics content, look no more!

There’s a literal ton of stuff to read and explore here on the Liquid Audio website, but like you, I’m always looking for more. Here are a few links that I’ve enjoyed over the years to keep you busy. Enjoy!

Hi-Fi Gear

  • Liquid Audio’s YouTube channel – for hi-fi repair videos, restorations and extra stuff I haven’t put here.
  • The Vintage Knob – a great place for the specs and stories behind classic hi-fi gear.
  • Vinyl Engine – the home of the turntable and features databases, forums and manuals for everything turntable-related.
  • HiFi Engine – a treasure trove of hi-fi equipment information.
  • Tapeheads.Net – THE place to go for enthusiasts of cassette tape and cassette decks.
  • Hoppe’s Brain – for ADCOM repairs, restorations and new boards.
  • Stereophile – still one of the best magazines for hi-fi enthusiasts
  • Classic Audio – another great vintage audio website.
  • Audio Classic – a new website looking at classic audio gear.
  • Audio Science Review – a fantastic site run by Amir, focussed on proper scientific measurement of DACs and other things. The focus is on measurement only though, which as we know only tells part of the story.


  • I’m often asked how I started out in electronics. I started, at 9 or 10, with several smaller electronics sets, building up to a Tandy 200-in-1 electronics set. I moved on to build many of the Dick Smith Electronics Fun Way 1 and 2 kits.
  • The Signal Path – one of my favourite technical YouTube channels, run by the very talented engineer Shahriar Shahramian.
  • bigclivedotcom – Big Clive is an electrician who loves to tear down everything from Christmas lights to hot water systems.
  • EEVBlog – Dave Jones is an Aussie EE who makes great videos about electronics, test and measurement gear and pseudo-scientific nonsense. Good on you Dave!
  • Dick Smith Funway Volume 1 – how many Aussies including me got into electronics – thanks Dick (an Aussie legend).
  • Dick Smith Funway Volume 2 – after building all the volume 1 kits, I built all of these!

Electronic Parts Shopping

  • Digikey – a major US supplier
  • Element14 – an oldie but a goodie, wish they were still Farnell here in Aus
  • Mouser – my favourite electronics parts supplier
  • RS Components – still good for the odd thing you can’t find elsewhere, and free shipping on any sized order!
  • Altronics – a solid and useful local supplier with average-quality parts but a broad range of stock, great staff and no BS.

Hi-Fi Shopping

  • Audiogon – online hi-fi marketplace.
  • – an Australian forum that aggregates news and discussion about the latest hi-fi gear plus a great marketplace.
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