More hi-fi and electronics articles, shopping and reading.

If you’re looking for more interesting sites about hi-fi, electronics parts shopping, and cool YouTube channels, look no further.

Hi-Fi Gear

  • The Liquid Audio YouTube channel – for hi-fi repair videos, restorations and extra stuff I haven’t put here.
  • The Vintage Knob – a great place for the specs and stories behind classic hi-fi gear.
  • Vinyl Engine – the home of the turntable and features databases, forums and manuals for everything turntable-related.
  • HiFi Engine – a treasure trove of hi-fi equipment information.
  • Tapeheads.Net – THE place to go for enthusiasts of cassette tape and cassette decks.
  • Hoppe’s Brain – for ADCOM repairs, restorations and new boards.
  • Stereophile – still one of the best magazines for hi-fi enthusiasts
  • Classic Audio – another great vintage audio website.
  • Audio Classic – a new website looking at classic audio gear.


  • I’m often asked how I started out in electronics. I started, at 9 or 10, with several smaller electronics sets, building up to a Tandy 200-in-1 electronics set. I moved on to build many of the Dick Smith Electronics Fun Way 1 and 2 kits.
  • The Signal Path – one of my favourite technical YouTube channels, run by the very talented engineer Shahriar Shahramian.
  • bigclivedotcom – Big Clive is an electrician who loves to tear down everything from Christmas lights to hot water systems.
  • EEVBlog – Dave Jones is an Aussie EE who makes great videos about electronics, test and measurement gear and pseudo-scientific nonsense. Good on you Dave!
  • Dick Smith Funway Volume 1 – how many Aussies including me got into electronics – thanks Dick (an Aussie legend).
  • Dick Smith Funway Volume 2 – after building all the volume 1 kits, I built all of these!

Electronic Parts Shopping

  • Digikey – a major US supplier
  • Element14 – an oldie but a goodie, wish they were still Farnell…
  • Mouser – my favourite electronics parts supplier
  • RS Components – still good for the odd thing you can’t find elsewhere, and free shipping on any sized order!
  • Altronics – a solid and useful local supplier with average-quality parts but a broad range of stock, great staff and no BS.

Hi-Fi Shopping

  • Audiogon – online hi-fi marketplace.
  • – an Australian forum that aggregates news and discussion about the latest hi-fi gear plus a great marketplace.