You’ll find more reading, sites and articles, right here.

Visit my YouTube channel, for more repairs, restorations and extra stuff I haven’t put here yet.

The Vintage Knob is a great place for more about the specs and stories behind classic hi-fi gear.

For ADCOM repairs and restorations, check out Hoppe’s Brain.

If you want one of the best magazines for hi-fi enthusiasts, Stereophile is the go. I still have a monthly sub to this great mag.

Tone Audio is another great ‘zine.

EEVblog is an electronics engineering video blog, produced by Aussie EE, Dave Jones.

Classic Audio is another website focussed on vintage audio.

Audiogon is THE online marketplace!

Audio Classic is a new website looking at classic audio gear.

NEVER do business with dodgy Victorian hi-fi dealer Trevor Lees Audio. This explains why, as does this!

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