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Raytheon 5703WB ‘Trivistor’ Tubes/Valves

Many of you will have seen my articles and videos on the beautiful Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 Tube DAC. If you need a set of 5703WB output tubes for yours, look no further!

I have 50 units of the Raytheon 5703WB available. This is the mil-spec triode tube used in the class-A output buffer of the Tri-Vista 21, Tri-Vista SACD Player, the Tri-Vista 300 Integrated Amplifier and others. These tubes are from the same, desirable 1979 production batch.

All boxes are intact and in very good to perfect condition. All tubes are NOS, never used, in perfect, new condition.

These NOS Raytheon 5703W tubes from 12/1979 are a rare find. Many others I’ve seen are later production examples, used or in tatty boxes. Remember, with NOS tubes, the older the tubes, the better.

Why not grab a pristine NOS set for your Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 or other project whilst these early date code examples are still available. Keep them tucked away for when you need them. You will eventually, that I can guarantee!

Priced at just $20 AUD per tube, less in bulk orders of 10 or more. Remember, these are NOS tubes from the same 12/1979 batch.

Yes, these really are for sale, I don’t need so many in stock, to be honest.
And yes, all are from December, 1979.

Markings are all perfect, they’ve never even been out of the boxes.

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