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Sit back, relax and browse our collection of currently available hi-fi equipment.

Welcome to the Liquid Audio store, where the attention to detail we’re famous for means you can purchase with confidence from a specialist with a reputation for excellence.

  • Every piece has been inspected, tested, cleaned and expertly serviced, where necessary.
  • Most pieces come with a three-month peace-of-mind warranty
  • Local sales are preferred, but our shipping partner Pack & Send can take care of packing, shipping and insurance if you cannot collect.

If you’ve seen something elsewhere on the site that doesn’t appear here in the store, you’ll find it in our sold equipment gallery.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Store Categories

Advice & Guidance

Expert advice –> improved knowledge –> smarter decisions –> saved money –> better equipment –> better sound

Magic? No, Liquid Audio’s advisory service delivers expertise and insight from a unique, rarely accessible, non-retail, specialist perspective. We’re here to protect you from pseudoscience, marketing BS and the pressure to buy new and often inferior equipment from people incentivised to sell it to you.

We can assist with:

  • Vintage/classic hi-fi equipment, assessments, recommendations and sourcing
  • Tonearms, cartridges, matching, vinyl accessories and turntable system building
  • Technical, parts and maintenance questions, basic troubleshooting advice and more

Advice Blocks come in 10 and 20-minute lengths and suit a wide range of briefer, generally email-based enquiries:


Consults are available in 30 and 60-minute lengths and are ideal for in-depth voice and video discussions:


To access our advisory service, simply purchase a block/consult and submit your questions via the contact form. We typically respond within one business day. Discussions are welcome during our business hours, Perth time (GMT +8).

Amplifiers & Preamplifiers

Rotel RTC-970 Tuner/Preamp

This lovely Rotel RTC-970 surround sound processor/tuner/preamplifier is perfect for building a stereo or home cinema system.

img 3754

This tuner/preamplifier supports five channels, though you can use it as a stereo tuner and preamplifier in almost any system, so it is very flexible. Use it as a tuner, use it as a preamp, or both!

This almost pristine example comes with a new mains plug, original remote control and owner’s manual. Here is the owner’s manual in PDF.

img 3756
img 3755

You can own this lovely Rotel tuner/preamplifier for just $195.

Technics SU-Z22 Integrated Amplifier, One Owner!

This stunning little Technics SU-Z22 is also available as part of a complete hi-fi system, in the systems section, below.

Technics SU-Z22
Beautiful, that’s what this Technics SU-Z22 integrated amplifier is!

This little 35 Watt per channel beauty from 1982 comes via her original owner and is a capable and complete little hi-fi stereo amplifier.

Technics SU-Z22

She features tone controls, cool fluorescent power meters, a phono preamplifier and a headphone amplifier for all your listening needs.

Technics SU-Z22
img 5087

Just serviced, she comes with a warranty, manual and the knowledge that one of Australia’s most trusted specialists is selling her. A bargain at $395.

Cassette Decks

CD Players & DACs

Perpetual Technologies P-3A DAC + Monolithic Sound Outboard Power Supply

Wow, check out this recently serviced duo! This lovely DAC and power supply pair can be used together, or the DAC can be used with its own supplied power supply.

img 4031

Either way, they make a compelling pair, especially given that the Perpetual Technologies DAC has received the well-regarded Modwright modifications, expensive in their own right.

img 4032

The P3-A DAC was very well regarded and reviewed when it launched in 2001. You can read what Stereophile thought about it, but in a nutshell, they found it to be one of the best-measuring DACs they had ever tested.

img 4033
The Modwright mods are not something I really care about, because I know exactly what they are. But, if you have to pay for these, they would be more than the cost of the DAC, so the included value is significant.
img 4034
The external power supply is actually quite impressive.
img 4035
Not a bad effort, someone cared about how this power supply turned out

This classic vintage DAC and power supply are a one local owner pair, in original boxes, with paperwork. Yes, rare indeed.

Sold together for just $450.


NOS Raytheon JAN 5703WB ‘Trivistor’ Vacuum Tubes

Many will have seen my articles and videos on the iconic Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 Tube DAC. If you need a set of 5703WB vacuum tubes for yours, look no further.


I have 50+ – now approx 30  Raytheon 5703WB vacuum tubes available for sale, all from the same production batch. This is the mil-spec, 50+G rated triode tube used in the class-A output buffer of the Tri-Vista 21, Tri-Vista SACD Player, the Tri-Vista 300 Integrated Amplifier and others.

All were manufactured in December 1979.

This batch of NOS Joint Arm Navy Raytheon 5703W tubes was made in December 1979 and is a rare find. Good examples like these rarely come up for sale. Many I’ve seen are later examples, in tatty boxes, sometimes even used! Remember, with NOS tubes, the older the better, generally speaking.

The boxes are perfect

All boxes are intact and in excellent to perfect condition. All tubes are NOS, never used, in perfect condition.

Priced at just $25 AUD per tube. Remember, these NOS tubes are all from the same 12/1979 production batch.


Grab a pristine NOS set for your Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 or other projects whilst these early-date code units are available. Keep them tucked away for when you need them – if you own equipment that uses them, you will eventually need to replace them.



Lovely Rotel RX-202 Mk2 AM/FM Stereo Receiver

Just in and now just repaired, this lovely Rotel RX-202 Mk2 receiver is ready for a new home. This all-analog unit has the AM/FM tuner, plus a phono preamp and several line-level inputs, for your listening convenience.

Rotel RX-202
Rotel RX-202
Rotel RX-202

Priced to sell at just $295.

Lovely Marantz SR-73 Stereo/Surround Receiver

Yes, we have another affordable and cute little receiver for sale, this one a pristine Marantz SR-73 receiver, with manual and loop antenna. This one-owner unit is perfect for a second system or someone’s first!

img 4999
img 5003
img 5002

This little beauty is also just $295.


Classic Jensen Model 20 Bookshelf Speakers, One Owner!

What a gorgeous pair of speakers! The woofers have just had their surrounds replaced and they are in tip-top shape, apart from some slight cabinet damage on one of the boxes. otherwise, these are just about perfect!

Jensen Model 20
Jensen Model 20
New woofer surrounds, courtesy of my good friend Jason @ The Speaker Doctor 👍
Jensen Model 20
Jensen Model 20
Jensen Model 20
img 5012

Grab these beauties for just $250.

JBL Basswave Subwoofer

Just in, this classic JBL Basswave subwoofer. You can stick these anywhere you want, but corners give the greatest output. This little beauty will add bottom-end oomph to any small system.

img 5098
img 5101
img 5099

Another bargain at just $199!

Ultra-Rare Pair of Genuine, NOS Yamaha NS-1200 / JA3120 Woofer Re-Cone Kits!

Genuine parts like these never, EVER come up and this is likely the only pair of genuine Yamaha NS-1200 JA3120 woofer re-cone kits available IN THE WORLD! Given that I don’t own NS1200s, I need to move these re-cone kits on to someone who does.

Yamaha NS-1200
Original Yamaha part number and description.
Yamaha NS-1200
I know you’re wondering: “Mike, how do you even own these?” It’s a long story but look at these pristine beauties!

This pair of re-cone kits will repair and renew the cones, spiders, voice coils and surrounds of JA3120 woofers. If you own NS-1200s and want to re-cone your JA3120 woofers, the only way to do it is with genuine parts like these. When professionally installed, it’s basically like having a new driver. The woofers cannot retain their original Theile-Small characteristics unless you use genuine parts, meaning they will never sound the same unless genuine parts are used.

These genuine Yamaha re-cone kits come in their factory original boxes and include cones, surrounds, voice coils, spiders and braids. The boxes retain their original foam support material, meaning shipping should be safe, though insurance is a must on something like this.

Yamaha NS-1200
All Yamaha, all original, wow! You can see from these images that everything is in perfect condition, even the boxes!
Yamaha NS-1200

This is a set of two genuine Yamaha re-cone kits, in original factory packaging, and perfect, original condition. They have never been used, so voice coils and everything else are perfect. There will likely never be another pair of these for sale, so if you own a pair of Yamaha NS-1200s and want to refresh the woofers, or if you have JA3120 woofers that need repair, this is perhaps your last chance to do it properly.

NOTE: I’ve had requests for dimensions etc, but this is like asking someone to measure a 195/65R15 tyre or an NGK BKR6E spark plug. If you own NS-1200s and need JA3120 re-cone kits (or that tyre or spark plug), then the only thing left is to purchase them if the price is right. If you have other motivations, I cannot assist.

The price for these otherwise unobtainable re-cone kits is $1000 AUD for the pair, plus shipping and insurance where applicable. These are NOS parts, in perfect, factory original condition. Given their age, they are, of course, sold as-is and cannot be returned.

Get in touch if you have any questions about purchasing this pair of re-cone kits.


Rotel RTC-970 Tuner/Preamp

This lovely Rotel RTC-970 surround sound processor/tuner/preamplifier is perfect for building a stereo or home cinema system.

img 3754

This tuner/preamplifier supports five channels, though you can use it as a stereo tuner and preamplifier in almost any system, so it is very flexible. Use it as a tuner, use it as a preamp, or both!

This almost pristine example comes with a new mains plug, original remote control and owner’s manual. Here is the owner’s manual in PDF.

img 3756
img 3755

You can own this lovely Rotel tuner/preamplifier for just $195.

Turntables & Vinyl

Lovely Aurealis R3 Tonearm Cable, Made in Oz!

Check out this nice little tonearm cable, from Australian cable manufacturer Aurealis. This lovely cable is 0.75m in length and features premium ETI hollow pin RCA connectors and LITZ UPOCC cable.

This is a roughly $400 RRP cable. Details are available here.

img 2112
img 2111

This one is like new and is available for just $275.

Clearance Corner

Welcome to our clearance corner, where you’ll find equipment needing a little TLC. This might be perfect for your next project, hard-to-find spare parts like knobs, fascias etc, or things like boards, modules and assemblies. I would keep these pieces if I had the room, but I don’t, so they have to go.

Equipment in our clearance corner:

  • Needs work and is partly or non-functional
  • Is sold as-is, grab-and-go
  • Make me an offer!

Pioneer SX-255R Stereo Receiver

img 5004
Broken, repairable, $25

Technics SA-GX670 Stereo Receiver

img 5005
Again, broken, repairable, $25

Akai AA-R21 AM/FM Stereo Receiver

img 4039
Lovely Akai AA-R21 stereo receiver. Powers on, has issues, a nice project for someone, $50

Technics SU-V2 Integrated Amplifier

img 2844
This gorgeous old girl powers on but has issues, $50

Yamaha K-960 Cassette Deck with DBX

img 2848
This nice deck powers on but needs attention, $50

Optonica RT-2050 Cassette Deck

img 2846
What a beauty! Again, this deck powers on but needs full service, $50

Pioneer CT-506 Cassette Deck

img 2849
Another nice little cassette deck, no idea what’s wrong with this one. $25

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