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Previously Sold Equipment

Amplifiers & Preamplifiers

Vincent SP-997 Monophonic Power Amplifier

Also just in and from the same original owner, this lovely Vincent SP-997 is like new and again comes with box and papers.

Purchased new in December 2020 and coming from the same fastidious owner as the lovely Vincent SP-331 above, this monophonic power amp is the perfect match to create a three-channel front speaker array for home cinema and multi-channel audio.

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img 0618

With 150 Watts into one channel, this little amplifier is a beast and easily capable of driving any normal centre speaker. It was designed to match the Vincent SP-331.

img 0620

img 0621

This lovely little power amplifier can be yours for the silly price of $695!

Chipamp LM4780 Deluxe Dual-Mono Amplifier Kit, NOS, Genuine Audiosector Kit

Many of you will have seen my LM3886 gainclone amplifier build and know how great that amplifier sounds. It is also for sale, here very soon. But here we have another kit from the same great vendor, Peter Daniel, who operates Audiosector and is famous for these kits and amplifiers.

This is the LM4780 parallel kit, the highest power, highest-fidelity option available, with each LM4780 running in parallel, creating a 120 Watt per channel dual-mono hi-fi stereo amplifier. The LM4780 is two LM3886 dies in one package, the idea being to increase current capability and power output.

I wrote about my plans for the amplifier in this article, but never got around to building it!

img 5944

img 5940

These kits are super high-quality, with premium parts, thick boards, gold plated traces, the complete opposite of the kits you’ll find on eBay. I really rate these which is of course why I bought it. I never got around to building it though and it needs to go to a new home.

img 5938

img 5941

For those wondering the dual-mono LM4780 has more than twice the 40 – 50 Watts per channel produced by the LM3886. This one also comes complete with the heavy-duty, high capacity power supply capacitor option of 4 x 22 000uF capacitors.

To complete the kit, you can refer to Peter’s site, to the circuit diagrams that come with it and you’ll also need a suitable transformer, or transformers, depending on how you want to complete the kit and how far you want to take it. This is a premium kit with all genuine parts from the best vendors.

img 5942

img 5943

img 5945

The LM4780 dual-mono chip amp kit, with the high capacitance upgrade and all the extras, is around $200 landed. I’m looking for something close to that for this complete and unused premium kit, let’s say $150.

NuForce Reference 9 V2 Special Edition Monophonic Power Amplifier

Wow, have a look at this lovely NuForce Reference 9 V2 Special Edition single-channel power amplifier, just listed!

Read on, these very popular power amplifiers sold for over $5000 AUD a pair, in 2007! Read even more about these, here.

img 6095

Many will remember NuForce, an unusual start-up out of Taiwan, focussed on producing class-D power amplifiers and other products. These products quickly gained a ‘cult’ following but then just as quickly fell out of favour as people realised not everything was quite right with class-D gear or NuForce.

That being said, they iterated through versions, fixing and improving things as they went. This is the second version, in special edition guise, of their Reference 9 power amplifier. It’s a very powerful and great-sounding amplifier, but must be used with caution!

img 6093

img 6092

Here’s a little more about the Reference 9 V2 SE, courtesy Stereotimes:

“The rear panel contains high-quality XLR and WBT NextGen RCA input jacks. Eichmann Speakerpods are standard, as is an IEC AC receptacle. The IEC receptacle allows one to use after-market power cords. The rocker-style Power switch is also located on the rear panel. The bevelled aluminium front panel contains a single blue LED in the centre indicating power on/off. The LED is just the right intensity for my taste, as opposed to other LED’s that are simply way too bright. The finish on my amplifiers is anodized Rose Copper; Black and Silver finishes are also available.

NuForce is very proud of the new V2 amplifier board, which they consider a breakthrough. The V2 board was issued a patent on May 22, 2007. NuForce has painstakingly refined this board using an ultra-short signal-delivery pathway. Additionally, the board is now mounted to the top cover for much more efficient heat transfer from the output devices. Unique to the Ref 9 V2 SE is a proprietary ESR power capacitor bank to help the amplifier deliver a very steady and stable stream of high power to the speakers. Thus, the rated power has increased from 150 watts to 190 watts RMS at 8 ohms and undistorted power peaks of 325 watts and 650 watts can be achieved at 8 ohms and 4 ohms, respectively.

The bottom line is that the new board has allowed the amplifier to become considerably more efficient and powerful while simultaneously decreasing the already very-low noise floor by another 20 decibels. Incredible!”

img 6091

img 6090


Configuration: Mono Input, RCA and balanced XLR
Power output: 190 Watts RMS @ 8 Ohms, 300 Watts RMS @ 4 Ohms
Power bandwidth: 100Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.8 dB 10Hz -0.5 DB 60kHz -3dB
THD+N: 0.03%, 1kHz, 10 Watts
Input impedance: 45kOhms
Gain: 27dB
S/N ratio:100dB at 100 Watts
Eichmann Cable Pod binding posts for spades and banana plugs
• Chassis is made of high-grade anodized brushed aluminium to reduce resonance
Dimensions: 8.5″W x 14″D x 1.8″H (height does not include feet)
AC voltage: 84VAC to 264VAC (worldwide compatible)
Weight: 8 lbs, 3.5kg

img 6094

Glowing Reviews

Check out what Robert Levi thought about the NON-SE version which is definitely not as good as this one!

“I still haven’t heard their top 9SE V2 design and can’t wait! Meanwhile, if $3500 is your wallet’s limit, you will love this amp. I can’t name a solid-state amp that gives you soundstaging, imaging, or depth perspective better than these little guys at under $8000! Moreover, at this kind of high power. What a deal! The Reference 9V2s are the best yet from NuForce and receive my highest recommendation.”

So, what’s the catch? There isn’t one, but there is only one for sale. This is perfect for a centre speaker or subwoofer. I also won’t warranty gear like this because of the limitations in the original design. You must, for example, NEVER connect or disconnect anything whilst this is running or you might damage something downstream. Mind you, this is standard practice, but you must observe it, strictly, with this amplifier. Finally, NuForce is no longer with us, so support is no longer a thing.

img 6089

Interested? You are welcome to purchase this NuForce Reference 9 V2 Special Edition mono power amp, in almost perfect condition, for $495.

Rotel RTC-970 Processor/Tuner/Preamplifier

Also newly listed, this lovely Rotel RTC-970 surround sound processor/tuner/preamplifier is perfect for building a stereo or home cinema system around.

img 3754

This tuner/preamplifier supports five channels, though you can use it as a stereo tuner and preamplifier in almost any system, so it is very flexible. Use it as a tuner, use it as a preamp, or both!

img 3760

This almost pristine example comes with a new mains plug, original remote control and owner’s manual. Here is the owner’s manual in PDF.

img 3756

img 3757

img 3755

You can own this lovely Rotel tuner/preamplifier for just $250.

Cassette Decks

None currently available

CD Players & DACs

Stunning Sony CDP-X202ES, Serious Player in Great Condition

Just added, this absolutely beautiful Sony CDP-X202ES player, from Sony’s ES line of heavyweight CD players.

img 0283

Specifications, courtesy HiFi Engine

Disc format: CD

Digital converter: CXD2562Q

CD Mechanism: KSS-240A

Frequency response: 2Hz to 20kHz

Dynamic range: 100dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: 116dB

Channel separation: 110dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.0023%

Line output: 2V

Digital outputs: optical

Dimensions: 430 x 110 x 340mm

Weight: 5.8kg

This player is clean, almost unmarked on the front panel and runs very nicely. Like the other equipment featured here, she has been cleaned, tested and in this case lightly serviced as she runs very nicely.

img 0285

img 0284

This lovely machine needs a new home, let’s find her one!

img 0281

img 0282

Grab this lovely Sony CDP-X202ES for just $450!

Beautiful Rega Jupiter CD Transport + Solar Remote Control

Take a look at this beauty newly listed for sale. Featuring a top-loading Sony transport and Rega’s minimalist design aesthetic, the Rega Jupiter has to be one of the coolest CD transports from the heyday of the compact disc. This is truly a cool CD transport, just begging for a really nice DAC to go with it.

img 3817

The Rega Jupiter is a CD transport only, with coaxial digital out, meaning you’ll need a DAC. Rega planned for you to buy their Io DAC, but any good DAC will work well with this transport, be it in a receiver, streamer, or a dedicated standalone DAC.

img 3819

So why a transport? Well, a CD transport isolates the mechanical and RF aspects of disc playback from the sensitive analog circuits found in the DAC. This ultimate separation of duties allows for the very best sound quality. It’s the way I do things for CD playback in my own system for example.

The Rega Jupiter is a well-regarded transport from one of the big names in British hi-fi. You can read some real reviews from owners here. I love the minimalist design and red LED display. The top-loading drive is a very nice touch. You simply load a disc and let the lid slowly drop onto the disc, clamping it in place and activating the drive.

img 3820

Freshly cleaned and serviced, this Rega Jupiter also comes with the original owners manual and a pristine Solar remote control. The Solar is a Rega system remote that operates a whole slew of their gear from this era. It’s a super useful thing to have if you already own a Rega system, and collectible now in its own right.

img 3824

img 3822

Try to find a single mark on this Solar remote control!

img 3821

This machine had just one original owner before she came into my possession and is a beautiful example of this now rare CD transport.

This rare Rega Jupiter CD transport and Solar remote can be yours for just $495.


None currently available


Uber-Rare Set of Two Genuine NOS Yamaha NS-1200 / JA3120 Woofer Re-Cone Kits!

These NEVER, EVER come up.

Yes, this is likely the only set of two genuine Yamaha NS-1200 JA3120 woofer re-cone kits left. IN. THE. WORLD!

I have too much NOS stuff and as long as I don’t own NS1200s, I need to move these kits on. I realise that as soon as I sell them I’ll find a pair, but that’s too bad.

JA3120 re-cone kit

Yamaha NS-1200 JA3120 re-cone kit
I know what you’re wondering: “Mike, how do you even own these?” Long story but look at these pristine beauties!

If you own NS-1200s and want to re-cone your JA3120 woofers, the only way to do it properly is with genuine parts like these. The woofers won’t retain their Theile-Small characteristics unless you use genuine parts.

This pair of re-cone kits will repair damaged spiders, voice coils and surrounds. These genuine Yamaha parts come in factory original boxes and include cones, surrounds, voice coils, spiders and braids. The original boxes retain all of their foam support material, so shipping should be perfectly safe.

Yamaha NS-1200 JA3120 re-cone kit
All Yamaha, all original, stupid-rare!
Yamaha NS-1200 JA3120 re-cone kit
And yes, this is a set of two of these re-cone kits, in genuine packaging.

These are in perfect, unused, original condition. Shipping anywhere, at cost. Sold as-is, these are NOS spare parts, no warranty.

Keep in mind there will likely never be another pair of these for sale.

All serious offers entertained, get in touch to discuss.


None currently available – see the Rotel preamp/tuner though, it has a built-in tuner.


Gorgeous Yamaha P-500 Fully Automatic Direct-Drive Turntable

Check out this gem, another one owner beauty from a wonderful customer of mine. This very well-cared-for Yamaha P-500 direct-drive turntable is an absolute classic and naturally has also just been serviced. This great deck is good to go.

UPDATE: Reserved!

img 0303

This is a really decent machine, you’d spend a couple of thousand dollars now to get anything of this quality new and trust me, it won’t be full-auto, made in Japan or a vintage hi-fi classic like this one. This Yamaha P-500 is a literal world away from the cheap junk out there under $1000.

Specifications, courtesy Vinyl Engine

Drive system: FG servo direct drive

Motor: 8-pole coreless DC hall motor

Platter: 300mm, 1.0kg diecast aluminium

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Signal to noise ratio: 78dB

Wow and flutter: 0.025% wrms

Tonearm: straight arm

Effective length: 222mm

Overhang: 16mm

Offset angle: 23 degrees

Cartridge weight range: 2.5 to 9g

Dimensions: 435 x 111 x 378mm

Weight: 6.4kg

With this futuristically styled deck, you just hit play and she plays, doing everything from moving the arm to the first track, to lifting and lowering it gently onto the record.

img 0304
Controls, from left to right: Speed selection, record size, strobe, repeat, cueing, cut and play.
img 0306
Nice metal-tubed arm, with SME like counterweight assembly, and anti-skate.

img 0305

img 0307
Standard Yamaha cartridge fitted, with a nearly new stylus. I would suggest replacing this with something better, but it plays records nicely as is.

img 0308

This lovely, one-owner Yamaha P-500 direct-drive turntable perfect suits the Yamaha collector or anyone looking for a simple but high-quality automatic deck for a main or second system. Let me know if that’s you! She’s just been serviced and is yours for $750.


Stunning Sony MDS-JA30ES Minidisc Player

The MDS-JA30ES was Sony’s second from the top-of-the-line minidisc player and absolute beauty.

img 0221

This unit is from my personal collection and is in as close to pristine condition as you’ll find. I’ve just given her a full mechanical service, new drive belt, cleaned and lubed the loader and replaced several capacitors in the power supply.

img 0224

Specifications, courtesy HiFi Engine:

Type: Minidisc Player/Recorder
Track System: 2-channel stereo
Optical Pickup: KMS-210A/J-N
Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
Frequency Response: 5Hz to 20kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 104dB
Analogue Inputs: 125mV (line)
Analogue Outputs: 2.0V (line)
Digital Inputs: coaxial, optical
Digital Outputs: optical
Dimensions: 430 x 125 x 345mm
Weight: 9.3kg
Accessories: remote control
Year: 1997

img 0225

There is a problem though, this MDS-JA30ES no longer reliably reads discs. This is a common problem amongst Sony mini-disc players of this era. Sometimes she reads and plays a disc perfectly, other times not.

img 0226

It most likely just needs a new laser. These are hard to come by and sadly this means that this stunning machine is sold for parts or project work only. She also comes with a pristine remote control. Offers welcome on this one!

img 0222

img 0223

Raytheon JAN 5703WB ‘Trivistor’ Vacuum Tubes

Many will have seen my articles and videos on the iconic Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 Tube DAC. If you need a set of 5703WB vacuum tubes for yours, look no further.

I have 50+ – now approx 30  Raytheon 5703WB vacuum tubes available for sale, all from the same production batch. This is the mil-spec, 50+G rated triode tube used in the class-A output buffer of the Tri-Vista 21, Tri-Vista SACD Player, the Tri-Vista 300 Integrated Amplifier and others.

This batch of NOS Joint Arm Navy Raytheon 5703W tubes was made in December 1979 and is a rare find. Good examples like these rarely come up for sale. Many I’ve seen are later examples, in tatty boxes, sometimes even used! Remember, with NOS tubes, the older the better, generally speaking.

All boxes are intact and in excellent to perfect condition. All tubes are NOS, never used, in perfect condition.

Grab a pristine NOS set for your Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 or other project whilst these early date code units are available. Keep them tucked away for when you need them – if you own equipment that uses them, you will eventually need to replace them.

Priced at just $25 AUD per tube. Remember, these NOS tubes are all from the same 12/1979 production batch.

img 8475
Yes, these are all for sale, I really don’t need so many in stock!
img 8476
All were manufacrtured in December, 1979.
The boxes are perfect

img 8478

img 8480
As are the tube markings. These tubes have never been out of the boxes.

img 8479

img 8481

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