Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 Tube DAC Repair, Upgrades & Testing Video

Join me as I delve into a broken Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 Tube DAC, repair and upgrade it with my own range of improvements.

Follow along as I describe finding and repairing the faults, upgrading and then testing this wonderful Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 Tube DAC. In the end, I was able to achieve just 0.001% THD + noise from this baby, a superb result! I’ll be adding a full written article on the repairs and upgrades to this Tri-Vista 21 DAC soon.

FYI, after an extended listen to both mine and the owner’s upgraded Tri-Vista 21 DACs, this one, with full power supply mods, sounds noticeably better again. Incredible, just need to implement this last suite of improvements in my own Tri-Vista 21 now!

Liquid Mike

At 10 I was pulling apart electronics and by 13 I'd have Dad's hi-fi in pieces when my parents went out! Later, I started Liquid Audio, a specialist electronics repairer known for detail-focused service, repair and restoration of hi-fi electronics & turntables. Keeping classic hi-fi gear alive and well is what we do. Our mission: to deliver TLC for classic Japanese, American and European hi-fi stereo equipment. In my spare time, I ride motorcycles, travel, listen to music and research interesting topics.

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  1. Vincent Tung

    Hi, Do you have upgrade MUSICAL FIDELITY TRI-VISTA 21 TUBE DAC for sale? or If I have one need to upgrade like your video upgade, how much cost? Thanks

    1. Liquid Mike

      Hi Vincent, no none for sale at the moment, I sold three in the last year or two though. I’d need your DAC here for upgrades, prices vary according to your budget and what you’d like done so best to call to discuss sometime if you’d like me to look at it.

  2. Christopher

    That was a brilliant video, Mike, on the Tri Vista 21, I learnt a lot. I don’t have that level of test gear at this stage, but would at least like the Altronics Digital Sig Gen.

    1. Liquid Mike

      Thanks, Chris and glad you enjoyed the video. The digital sig gen is a very handy piece of test gear when working with DACs.

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