FAQ Group: Service & Repair

Frequently asked questions about the service and repair of hi-fi electronics, vintage hi-fi gear, how and when repairs are viable, warranty etc.

Why do you have these FAQs?

The FAQs are about saving time – for everyone! Over more than a decade of doing this work, there are questions I’ve probably been asked hundreds of times now. If I answered these same questions over and over, I’d seriously never get any work done! By developing these categorised FAQs, everyone can pick up a …

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Why didn’t you repair my equipment?!

Despite our focus on complex, malfunctioning, sometimes ‘unrepairable’ hi-fi equipment, we fix almost all of it. This is significant, because: Much of it is complex, older equipment requiring highly technical remedial work Many pieces have visited other repairers before us who could not effect repair Equipment like this generally requires a technical, component-level repair approach …

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