Sold Equipment Gallery 4

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All the equipment and accessories on these pages have been sold but you are welcome to browse. Keep an eye on the store for the latest equipment for sale.

Rotel RTC-970 Tuner/Preamp

This lovely Rotel RTC-970 surround sound processor/tuner/preamplifier is perfect for building a stereo or home cinema system.


img 3754

This tuner/preamplifier supports five channels, though you can use it as a stereo tuner and preamplifier in almost any system, so it is very flexible. Use it as a tuner, use it as a preamp, or both!

This almost pristine example comes with a new mains plug, original remote control and owner’s manual. Here is the owner’s manual in PDF.

img 3756
img 3755

You can own this lovely Rotel tuner/preamplifier for just $150.


Technics SU-Z22 Integrated Amplifier, One Owner!

This stunning little Technics SU-Z22 is also available as part of a complete hi-fi system, in the systems section, below.

UPDATE: Sold, finally, to a very sensible buyer!

Technics SU-Z22
Beautiful, that’s what this Technics SU-Z22 integrated amplifier is!

This little 35 Watt per channel beauty from 1982 comes via her original owner and is a capable and complete little hi-fi stereo amplifier.

Technics SU-Z22

She features tone controls, cool fluorescent power meters, a phono preamplifier and a headphone amplifier for all your listening needs.

Technics SU-Z22
img 5087

Just serviced, she comes with a warranty, manual and the knowledge that one of Australia’s most trusted specialists is selling her. A bargain at $350.


Yamaha CDC-655 5-Disc Compact Disc Player

Just serviced, this classic Yamaha CDC-655 CD player has two new belts and runs very nicely.


img 8175
img 8176

This classic player is perfect for those wanting to enjoy their CDs but change discs less often! Just $195.

Classic Jensen Model 20 Bookshelf Speakers, One Owner!

What a gorgeous pair of speakers! The woofers have just had their surrounds replaced and they are in tip-top shape, apart from some slight cabinet damage on one of the boxes. Otherwise, these are just about perfect!


Jensen Model 20
Jensen Model 20
New woofer surrounds, courtesy of my good friend Jason @ The Speaker Doctor
Jensen Model 20
Jensen Model 20
Jensen Model 20
img 5012

Grab these beauties for just $195.

JBL Basswave Subwoofer

Just in, this classic JBL Basswave subwoofer. You can stick these anywhere you want, but corners give the greatest output. This little beauty will add bottom-end oomph to any small system.


img 5098
img 5101
img 5099

Another bargain at just $150!

Pioneer SX-255R Stereo Receiver

img 5004
Broken, repairable, $25

Technics SA-GX670 Stereo Receiver

img 5005
Again, broken, repairable, $25

Akai AA-R21 AM/FM Stereo Receiver

img 4039
Lovely Akai AA-R21 stereo receiver. Powers on, has issues, a nice project for someone, $50

Technics SU-V2 Integrated Amplifier

img 2844
This gorgeous old girl powers on but has issues, $50

Yamaha K-960 Cassette Deck with DBX

img 2848
This nice deck powers on but needs attention, $50

Optonica RT-2050 Cassette Deck

img 2846
What a beauty! Again, this deck powers on but needs full service, $50

Pioneer CT-506 Cassette Deck

img 2849
Another nice little cassette deck, no idea what’s wrong with this one. $25

Nakamichi Tuner 2, One Owner!

Look at this lovely Nakamichi Tuner 2 FM tuner. She comes from a one-owner home and will be loved by her next owner I’m sure.

Nakamich Tuner 2
Nakamichi Tuner 2

This gorgeous tuner can be yours for $295.


Technics RS-M215 Cassette Deck, One Owner!

Another beauty available as part of the complete system you’ll find down in the systems area, this lovely Technics RS-M215 cassette deck sounds so much better than it has a right to!


Technics RS-M215
A gem, you won’t believe how powerful this thing sounds!
Technics RS-M215

I’ve just cleaned and serviced her, demagnetised the rec/pb head, fixed the muted output issue so many of these decks have and lubricated the mech, for flawless, smooth operation.

Technics RS-M215
Gorgeous fluorescent meters work perfectly.
img 5086

Again, one-owner, serviced, with manual, and just $295.

Stunning One Owner Hi-Fi Stereo System, Technics, Teac, Jensen!

We’re all about bringing you lovely, high-value hi-fi equipment here at Liquid Audio and this little system is a great example of that.

You can read about each part where they are listed in the relevant sections above. What a system though and this is how the original owner purchased it, back in 1982. I know because he told me when I collected it!

img 5096
Wow, all just serviced and complete with all original documentation. The Turntable is now sold.

Consisting of Technics SU-Z22 integrated amplifier, Technics RS-M215 cassette deck, Teac TX-550 Tuner and Jensen Model 20 bookshelf speakers, this original one-owner system is just begging for a nice new home!

img 5097
Don’t forget that she also comes with these lovely Jensen speakers…
img 5008
Two of them of course!
img 5006

I’ll even include some cables, plus all the original documentation.

Priced individually, the total comes to $1130, but if you want the lot, grab this entire vintage hi-fi system for just $995.

Technics SL-D212 Direct-Drive Turntable, One Owner!

Yes, this beautiful and just serviced Technics SL-D212 forms part of the complete one-owner system you’ll find in the systems section, but it can be purchased separately, as well.

Update: SOLD!

Technics SL-D212
Technics SL-D212
She comes with a genuine Technics cartridge and headshell of course, plus her owner’s manual.

The SL-D212 is a technics budget classic. Featuring a quality direct-drive motor, nice tonearm and good cartridge, this deck sounded great when I listened to her after service.

Technics SL-D212

As you’d expect, all the deck mechanisms and motor have been cleaned, lubricated and adjusted to perfection.

Technics SL-D212
img 5088

Remember: with Liquid Audio you get a warranty, she’s been properly serviced rather than some random seller telling you it has been, and a cartridge upgrade to an Audio Technica VM-95ML is available too. A bargain at $495.

Ariston RD-80 Transcription belt-drive turntable, with Grace G-707 tonearm. Wow!

That’s right, just in and fully serviced by Liquid Audio of course, this stunning, classic Ariston RD-80 transcription turntable with Grace G-707 tonearm and A&R Cambridge moving magnet cartridge and Garrot Bros stylus.

Update: SOLD!

Ariston RD80

As you can see, this Ariston RD-80 from Great Britain is in beautiful condition for her age and running perfectly.

Ariston RD80
Yes, she is gorgeous. Naturally, I’ve oiled the plinth and made sure she is running well.

What a combination. I’ve just adjusted the suspension, fitted a new belt, and set up the tonearm and cartridge geometry. She is purring and just crushes cheap new turntables at the $1000 price point.

Ariston RD80
Ariston RD80
Classic Grace G-707 tonearm is worth the asking price of the entire deck! Don’t snooze on this one.
Ariston RD80
Classic period cartridge with Garrott Bros stylus

Seriously, what would you rather have: plastic junk or a classic turntable made from metal and wood, from the golden era?

This little beauty is for someone looking for a vintage vinyl classic, or maybe their first decent deck. Just $895.

Teac TX-550 AM/FM Stereo Tuner, One Owner!

Another little gem here and available as part of the same one-owner system in the systems section below.


Teac TX-550

This Teac TX-550 is a proper AM/FM stereo tuner, fully analog, and sounds just wonderful on good broadcasts.

Teac TX-550
Teac TX-550
img 5085

Comes with a warranty, manual and FM ribbon antenna. An absolute bargain at $150.

Stunning Accuphase C-202 Class-A Balanced Preamplifier

Yes, folks the time has come and this one is a very reluctant sale indeed. From my own personal collection comes this absolutely stunning Accuphase C-202 class-A preamplifier, a preamp that has been at the heart of my system for ten years!


img 5659

This pristine Accuphase C-202 features a fully balanced, symmetrical design, class-A throughout and JFETs at all critical stages, meaning this is a seriously amazing-sounding preamp. I’ve written about it and reviewed it here. You can also read all about it in Accuphase’s own downloadable PDF of the original brochure.

Some of my favourite features of the Accuphase C-202 include the built-in headphone amplifier, front panel accessible RCA inputs and dedicated balanced CD (or other line-level) input with separate volume control. This input bypasses some circuit blocks and yields an ultra-pure signal path, with dedicated ALPS volume control. I also really like the multiple outputs, allowing you to switch a sub in and out for example, or link through to a home cinema system.

Technically, I love the end-to-end balanced, DC-coupled, class-A discrete design, the massive power supply and local capacitance to deliver super-low impedance power supply rails, the JFETs and pure balanced input.


Frequency response: 1Hz to 400kHz, DC coupled baby!

Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%

Gain: 20dB (line)

Input sensitivity: 200mV (line)

Signal-to-noise ratio: 110dB (line)

Output: 2V (Pre out), 10V (Pre out Max)

Semiconductors: 110 x transistors, 54 x FET, 12 x IC, 79 x diodes

Dimensions: 475 x 135 x 373mm

Weight: 11kg

img 5660
This Accuphase C-202 has been in my collection for 10 years now and is almost unmarked. She has been overhauled, serviced and set for 240V operation. I have full hard-copy original service documentation for her and many other older Accuphase models and can of course look after her for her next owner.

Since then, I completely overhauled and restored this unit and it sounded even better after this work, which was completed about three years ago. I’ve also serviced the unit including making all eight or so electronic adjustments several times since I’ve owned her.

img 5736 jpg
High-quality Nichicon Fine Gold power supply capacitors were installed in 2021, along with the replacement of most other electrolytic capacitors.
img 5737 jpg
Fully internally balanced, symmetrical design, not just balanced inputs leading to unbalanced internal circuitry as with almost all affordable gear these days. Accuphase does things like this properly.
img 5661
img 5663

Faultlessly reliable and incredibly clean and neutral-sounding, these Accuphase preamplifiers really are extraordinary. To purchase something like this now at current retail prices, you would easily exceed $10,000 AUD.

img 5662

Once again, I’m only selling her because I’ve just bought an even better Accuphase preamplifier and I can’t justify having multiple pieces like this. This beautiful and almost pristine Accuphase C-202 line-level preamp is configured for 240V operation, recently overhauled with premium parts, and serviced. I think I even have the owner’s manual somewhere!

img 5793 jpg
How often do you see an original owner’s manual..?!

It should go without saying that purchasing something like this from me is quite unlike buying an example from Japan or eBay, in unknown condition, with unknown service history and likely needing work. This C-202 comes from my system and includes a three-month warranty and full service support. Try getting that somewhere else!

This beautiful Accuphase preamp can be yours for $2750. UPDATE: Sold!

Now, if you’re thinking “Mike, I know you are a vinyl nut, so how do you play records?” Good question, see the next two listings!

Beautiful Cayin Phono-1 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

Wow, now this Cayin Phono-1, again from my collection, is a serious phono preamp. It’s so serious in fact that apart from the three twin triode tubes, it uses shielded step-up transformers for the moving coil gain stage, something I’m always saying is one of the very best ways of dealing with tiny MC signals.


img 5655

The Cayin Phono-1 is a $3000 USD phono preamplifier of very high build quality and sonic performance and that high price tag is from a few years ago now. This one also comes from my system and I’ve been using it to great effect with my Accuphase C-202 line-level preamp, for sale in the previous listing.

This is a serious nugget of a phono preamp and really shows you how things like this should be built, as opposed to how most affordable gear like this IS built! The Phono-1 weighs in at 13kg, which is almost impossibly heavy for its size. One look inside and you’ll see just how well-made it is too:

img 5739 jpg
This is superb build quality for this type/tier of equipment. Note the shielding/partitions, point-to-point and ceramic tag strip wiring in the high-voltage area and the shielded step-up transformers. Great work here from Cayin.

I’ve replaced all three tubes (in 2022) with special low-noise variants of the 12AX7 and improved the local grounding which really improved the already excellent performance. This preamp is dead quiet, especially given that she has a transformer-based MC section and utilises the finest quality components and hard wiring.

img 5657
Near new tubes, with shields, this is the right way to do things.


Inputs (Gold Plated): (1) pair RCA MC High, (1) pair RCA MC Low
Outputs (Gold Plated): (1) pair RCA
Power Cord: Detachable power cord with IEC chassis mount receptacle
Tube Compliment: (3) 12AX7
Frequency Response: +25 dB / 0dB / -25db 10Hz 1KhHz 25KHz
THD: 0.1%
S/N Ratio: 87dB
Input resistance: 100 Ohms (MC High), 47 Ohms (MC Low)
Input sensitivity: 4mV, 40mV Maximum
Output: 2000mV, 20V Maximum
Gain (1KHz): 54dB (MC High), 63dB (MC Low)
Power requirement: AC 120V +/- 5%, 50~60Hz
Power consumption: 15W
Weight: 28.6 Pounds / 13 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH): 17″ x 12.4″ x 4.8″ / 43 cm x 31.5 cm x 12 cm

img 5658
img 5791 jpg

I actually had an amusing conversation with a local valve gear manufacturer (Hall of Shame case #16) who reckoned his products were well made. Well, this Cayin Phono-1 absolutely destroys his and most other locally-made gear in terms of build quality.

This locally delivered Cayin Phono-1 is set to run on 240V and is in immaculate, original condition. Grab this stunning phono preamp with box, near-new tubes and a three-month warranty for just $1750.

Wonderful Perreaux SM2 Class-A Preamplifier

And yet another piece from my collection here for sale folks as I have a serious purge of gear that I own. This absolutely wonderful Perreaux SM2 class-A preamplifier was my staple for many years and is an extraordinarily good preamp for silly money.


img 5730 jpg

Much has been written about Peter Perreaux’s wonderful series of gear including the SM2 and PMF-5150 power amplifier which I still own and use every day. The SM2 though was always something special, being a fully discrete class-A preamplifier with excellent built-in MM/MC phono preamp, customisable capacitive and resistive loading for MM and MC cartridges respectively and a discrete FET output buffer that can swing more than 20V through the output sockets!

You can read more about the Perreaux SM2 in this great article.


Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 50 kHz, ±0.25 dB, yes, a quarter of a dB.

Input Sensitivity: MC phono, 200 uV rms at 1 kHz; MM phono, 2 mV rms at 1 kHz; all others, 110 mV rms.

Input Impedance: MC and MM phono, 50 kilohms, 100 pF; all others, 25 kilohms.

Input Overload: MC phono, 120 mV rms at 1 kHz; MM phono, 1.2 V rms at 1 kHz; all others, 50 V.

Output Level: Main, rated 1.4 V rms, max. 27 V rms, into 10 kilohms or higher; tape, 110 mV.

Output Impedance: Main, 470 ohms; tape, 2 kilohms.

Distortion (TIM and IM): Phono, 0.005%, 20 Hz to 20 kHz at rated sensitivity, 0.01% at 0.9-V input at 1 kHz; all others, less than 0.0009%, 20 Hz to 20 kHz at rated sensitivity, 0.008% at 26-V output at 1 kHz into 10 kilohms or higher.

Noise (Inputs Loaded): MM pho no, -86 dB re: 10-mV input, -78 dB (-86 dBA) re: 2 ‘TA/ at 1-kHz in; MC phono,- 64 dB (- 72 dBA) re: 250 uV; all others,-104 dB (-108 dBA).

Output Stage Phase Accuracy: ± 1°, 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Channel Separation: 70 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Dimensions: 19 in. (48.3 cm) W x 12.5 in. (31.8 cm) D x 2.1 in. (5.3 cm) H.

Weight: 11 lbs. (5 kg).

Price: $1,299.00 (in 1984!)

img 5731 jpg
Gold-plated board, amplifier-sized power supply, WIMAs everywhere, no wiring, FETs and class-A.

I used this exclusively after being introduced to these by a friend many years ago. I bought this one and refurbished her, using her until making several other system changes in recent years. This beautiful design from New Zealand puts other locally-made designs I’ve worked on to shame in terms of build, design and performance.

img 5733 jpg

I’ve worked on many SM2s and SM3s over the years. This one has the Zener diode modification I make to these, it’s been recently re-biased and serviced and I extensively overhauled and upgraded her to SM3 spec in most regards when I first bought her. I’m sure she will give many more years of reliable service.

img 5735 jpg
Yes, it’s this good. Can you say WIMA..?! It’s worth pointing out that just the phono preamp here is killer. Yes, my outboard Cayin Phono 1 is better, but not by much.
img 5734 jpg
Switchable gain, plus C and R loading sockets. I can make loads for you, should you need them and of course, I can service and maintain your SM2 and SM3.
img 5732 jpg

This is another one I probably shouldn’t sell, but again, I have WAY too much equipment here. I’m going to regret this, but this pristine Perreaux SM2 class-A preamplifier that will destroy any affordable new equipment can be yours for $1250.

Restored B&K ST-140 MOSFET Power Amplifier

Look at this little gem, the absolute classic and very highly regarded B&K ST-140 MOSFET power amplifier, this one was recently restored and serviced.


img 5746 jpg
Simple, elegant design.

Much has been written about the B&K ST-140, but this primer from Stereophile is a great starting point. The ST-140 is a very simple power amplifier utilising the classic and beautiful-sounding Hitachi 2SJ50/2SK135 MOSFET. The ST-140 uses one pair of devices per channel, an often praised configuration in terms of electronic simplicity.

img 5745 jpg
I’ve done this work properly, as you would expect of Liquid Audio, so the next owner doesn’t have to. Note the original Hitachi MOSFETs, now sitting on premium silpads.

The amp is rated at 70 Watts per channel but tested at around 100 Watts according to Stereophile and the rating was later revised to 100 Watts a side. Either way, it’s plenty in most systems and listeners familiar with the beguiling and tube-like qualities of MOSFETs will understand why they are used to this day in the very best class-A amplifier from Accuphase for example, and others. My PMF-5150 uses something like 16 pairs of very similar devices!

img 5744 jpg
One of the many advantages of MOSFETs, apart from their airy sound, is that the supporting circuitry can be very simple. This design is as simple as they come and very easy to work on and repair. Note the beefy filter caps and transformer, overkill for the rated power, but partly why she sounds so good!


Description: Solid-state stereo power amplifier

Output power: 70Wpc into 8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz; 105Wpc into 8 ohms measured, continuous power

Distortion: 0.09% THD

Dynamic headroom: 3.2 dB

Frequency response: 3Hz-70kHz ±3dB

Input impedance: 24.3k ohms

Sensitivity: 1.1V for full output

Dimensions: 19″ W by 6″ H by 15″ D. Weight: 25 lbs / 11.5 kg

img 5747 jpg

This example has been overhauled with all board-mounted electrolytic capacitors replaced with premium parts, new premium silpads for the MOSFETs and polypropylene film bypass capacitors installed in the power supply.

img 5748 jpg

This is a stunning-sounding amplifier, and also beautifully built. She can be yours for $1250.

Beautiful Cayin CDT-17A CD Player with New Laser & Mech!

That’s right folks, I”m selling my beautiful-sounding Cayin CDT-17A CD player.


This stunning 16kg player features a discrete tube class-A output buffer which is no doubt part of the reason for the magical sound. It also utilises two Burr Brown PCM1792 DAC chips in dual differential mode, allowing for a proper hardware-balanced output through those twin triodes.

img 5646

The Cayin CDT-17A thankfully comes from one of China’s really good, large manufacturers and was very well-reviewed when released about 15 years ago. You can read more about it here, and here. The player weighs a ton and is seriously well-made.


Disc format: CD

Digital converter: 2 x PCM1792, 24 bit

CD Mechanism: Sony

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Dynamic range: 120dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: 92dB

Channel separation: 100dB

Line output: 2.3V

Digital connections: coaxial, optical

Valve complement: 4 x 6922

Dimensions: 440 x 130 x 390mm

Weight: 16kg

Finish: Silver

Year: 2005 – 2010

img 5647
My apologies for the display not being visible here. It’s perfectly visible but the brightness can be turned down as it was here.

This Cayin CDT-17A player comes from my personal collection and I recently serviced the unit and installed a brand-new complete mech, including the spindle motor and laser, to ensure reliability into the future. This laser has less than 20 hours of use.

I bought the player because of how great it sounds, around two years ago. My reason for the sale now is the same as it always is – I have upgraded to an even better-sounding solution and have waaaaay too much equipment!

img 5718 jpg
Build quality really is over the top in this player. Two transformers, many independent regulated power supplies and a shielded housing for the transport are all high-end features. Then look at the WIMA coupling capacitors, various other film caps and high-end parts, and the tube output buffer. It’s no surprise this player sounds as good as it does.
img 5648

This lovely player works perfectly and comes with box and original remote. It’s a lovely metal remote and works well, but some of the buttons require a couple of pushes.

img 5649

I also have a pair of stunning West German-made Siemens E88CC/6922 tubes that can be fitted in either the single-ended or balanced output positions. These have been tested and significantly improve performance. These NOS Siemens tubes are $500 for the pair.

img 5720 jpg
These ultra-rare NOS Siemens tubes are highly collectible in their own right. I installed them in the player for test purposes and they definitely improve things. UPDATE: Reserved!
img 5721 jpg
img 5651
img 5792 jpg

The Cayin CDT-17A is a seriously heavyweight player and one of the nicest one-box solutions I’ve heard. It’s a locally delivered 240V unit and sold for over $4000 AUD new. I’m selling this perfect example with a brand-new laser for $1750. West-German-made Siemens NOS (minus a few hours) tubes can be added for $500.


Lovely Meridian G07 24-Bit CD Player

Also newly available is this lovely Meridian G07 CD player, in immaculate original condition. This player was donated to me, in need of repair. Apparently, the owner had been told she was not repairable, but as so often happens, this turned out to be another incorrect assessment.


Naturally, I repaired her, she runs beautifully and is now available for purchase!

img 5667

This stunning high-end player retailed for $4000 AUD back in the mid-naughties and, whilst she doesn’t sound quite as nice as the Cayin CDT-17A above, she is a lovely-sounding player nonetheless, and a bit nicer to use, thanks to Meridian’s experience making serious CD players.

The Meridian G07 is a 24-bit machine meaning the resolution of the DAC is considerably greater than that of the Redbook CD format itself. Meridian described the G07 as a high-end 24-bit compact disc player with a class-A output stage.


Disc format: CD

Digital converter: AD1852, Delta Sigma 24-bit, 192kHz

CD Mechanism: DVS DSL-710A

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 99dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.003%

Line output: 2.3V

Digital connections: coaxial, optical

Dimensions: 440 x 90 x 350mm

Weight: 9kg

Accessories: remote control

Year: 2004

Price: GBP £1595 (2004)

img 5664
img 5666
This player can of course be used with any of the latest high-spec DACs, to great effect.

My recent work on this player involved a power supply repair and service. She comes in her original box, with paperwork and a Meridian system remote control.

img 5726 jpg
These are lovely machines to work on and extremely well-built. She runs beautifully now after repair and service work.
img 5669
img 5670
No joke guys, and that was the price 20 years ago!
img 5722

This lovely one original owner Meridian G07 with box, papers and remote can be yours for just $1250.


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