TEAC VRDS-10 CD Player Repair & Service

Many won’t be familiar with their high-end products, but this TEAC VRDS-10 CD player is an absolute gem. Let’s take a look.

The TEAC VRDS-10 is a very serious CD player from around 30 years ago now. Utilising the venerable Sony KSS-151A laser mech and a custom, heavy-duty direct-drive CD motor and chassis, the VRDS-10 means business.… Read more

Technics RS-M45 Cassette Deck Repair, Service & Sale

One of my customers recently donated his malfunctioning Technics RS-M45 cassette deck. I’ve repaired and serviced her and she is now for sale.

The Technics RS-M45 direct-drive cassette deck is a real classic, from the golden era of cassette decks of around 1979 – 1983. This RS-M45 wasn’t playing cassette tapes though and needed some deep service work, including lots of cleaning and lubrication.… Read more

Pioneer SA-9800 Integrated Amplifier Major Service

Pioneer’s beautiful SA-9800 integrated amplifier is a classic in terms of styling and performance. Come along as I give this one a major service and look out for the legendary CTF-1250 cassette deck!

The Pioneer SA-9800 integrated amplifier is, without doubt, one of Pioneer’s greatest integrated amplifiers and for good reason.… Read more

Denon DCD-2560GL, Kenwood KX-7030 & More for Sale!

Check out the newest hi-fi equipment arrivals in our Store.

Yes, we have more hi-fi equipment for sale, I’ve just added a stunning, like-new Denon DCD2560GL fully balanced CD player, a Kenwood KX-7030 3-head, 3-motor cassette deck and a Harman/Kardon TD4200 2-head cassette deck.

Remember, every piece has been expertly inspected, tested, and serviced where necessary and comes with a warranty unless otherwise stated.Read more

Accuphase AC-2 MC Cartridge Quick Review & Repair

Take a look at this beautiful Accuphase AC- 2 moving coil cartridge. It belongs to a customer, has a broken cantilever and will soon be repaired!

The Accuphase AC-2 is a high-performance moving coil cartridge from 1980 utilising a tubular sapphire cantilever and line contact diamond. Needless to say, jewelled cantilevers like those made from ruby, sapphire and diamond are fabulously stiff…

BUUUUT… stiff in engineering terms also means brittle.… Read more

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