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Welcome to my wanted page, focussing on equipment I’m chasing for repair and resale or my collection. I’m looking for examples in good condition, dead or alive. If readers are looking to sell any of the equipment listed here, please get in touch.

Accuphase A-45, A-46, A-47, A-48, A-50V, A-60, A-65, A-70, A-100 Power Amplifiers Wanted!

If you own and are looking to sell an Accuphase class A power amplifier, please get in touch.

I missed out on the best deal ever on an A-70 recently while waiting to hear from a colleague regarding a technical question. When I decided I couldn’t wait any longer, it was gone. The lesson here: don’t sit on your hands when a great opportunity comes along. Anyway, sometimes things happen for a reason because another friend of mine recently offered me an end-game Australian delivered A-75 at a price I simply couldn’t refuse. You’ll hear more about that soon. WOO HOO!

Accuphase A-75
Oh yeah! I’ve waited a lifetime to own something like this!
Accuphase A-75
Nothing else is built like this or sounds like this, except maybe other Accuphase class A MOSFET amplifiers.

Accuphase M-1000, P-7000, P-1000, P-700, P-550 Power Amplifiers Wanted

I recently bought a beautiful Accuphase P-360. She arrived and was very dirty internally and in need of an overhaul, but I cleaned and overhauled her and she is amazing! More about the stunning P-360 here. If you own and are looking to sell any of these other big daddy Accuphase class AB power amplifiers, let me know!

Accuphase C-280V, C290, C-290V, C-3800 Preamplifiers Wanted

UPDATE: Accuphase C-280V purchase achieved! I’ve imported a C-280V from Japan and have all the service data. This wonderful, end-game preamplifier will make for some fascinating articles, and listening. That said, I’d be interested in additional Accuphase preamps, so if you have a C-280L or C-290/V and are looking to sell, let me know!

Accuphase DP-900, DC-901, DP-800, DC-801, DP-720, DP-90, DC91, DP-75, DP-80L, DC-81L CD Players and DACs Wanted

How about an Accuphase DP-90 / DC-91 or DP-80L / DC-81L transport and DAC, or a DP-75 CD player? If anybody has any of these I would be very interested.

UPDATE: I have purchased a pristine DP-90. Does anyone have a matching DC-91 to sell me..?

UPDATE: I’ve just purchased a pristine DC-91 in the original box to match my DP-90. Yippee!

Accuphase T-106, T-109 Tuners Wanted

If anyone is looking to sell one of these lovely tuners, please let me know.

t 106
Accuphase T-106
Accuphase T-109

Yamaha NS-1000X, NS-1000XW, NS-2000

Does anyone have a pair of Yamaha NS-1000X/XW or NS-2000 speakers they are willing to part with? I have a few plans for a pair, let me know.

ATC SCM40, SCM50, SCM100 Wanted!

I love ATC speakers and my pick would be the ATC SCM50. If you have a pair you are thinking of selling, please do let me know.

The sublime ATC SCM50SL
The ATC SCM100, a very special speaker.

B&W 802, 802 Series 80, 802 Nautilus, 802D etc Wanted

I’ve always had a soft spot for these models, so if you have a pair you want to shift, let me know.

JBL L250 Wanted

I’d love a pair of these classics. Greg Timbers who designed many of JBLs classic designs said this was his favourite and many top brass at JBL had these.

jbl l250
L250Ti LE
Limited titanium ‘Ti’ edition, from 1990.

Jamo R909 Open Baffle Speakers Wanted!

I’ve always loved these things and would certainly like to know if anyone is selling a pair.

Jamo R909

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