Why are you often fully booked?

I’m honoured to be entrusted with so much lovely hi-fi equipment and I apologise for any frustration my being fully booked may cause.

That being said, I’m sure you’ll understand that I can’t apologise for being busy. Tt’s the result of many years hard work, dedication and a unique approach that is the complete opposite of most other businesses. But still, I’m sorry!

Liquid Audio. Different.

Liquid Audio is different, very much by design. When I started this business back in 2009, I specifically wanted to address issues I’d found with electronics repairers in the past, including a lack of specialisation with the sort of hi-fi equipment I love and the general poor knowledge and awareness around classic hi-fi equipment. There was a distinctly poor quality vibe/ethos/workmanship issue prevalent in the broader repairer community, and that remains a problem.

With this in mind, we have always focused on doing the very best technical work possible with classic hi-fi stereo equipment. I work carefully, conservatively, and at a component level. I’m driven by education, knowledge I’ve acquired over many years working on hi-fi electronics and a unique attention to detail and skill set that I don’t mind saying I’ve not found elsewhere.

I run this business from experience and knowledge. I’m not interested in what others think should be done with classic hi-fi electronics because they read about it in a forum. I’m interested only in what should be done, based on science and the needs of the equipment in question. I’m also not interested in being the fastest, the cheapest, or the most popular repairer, only the most trusted. I’m impressed by great equipment, rather than the ever growing list of features and reduced build-quality of modern hi-fi gear.

Bottom Line

Liquid Audio is focused on delivering the best workmanship, service, results and advice to our customers. I understand that being fully booked creates issues and apologise for any inconvenience. I genuinely appreciate your business and hope that you will use the booking status table on my contact page to keep track of where we are at.

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