Why are you often fully booked?

Our services are in high demand for a few reasons and, whilst I can’t apologise for being busy, I do apologise for any frustration it may cause.

Looking at what we do and the way we do it, you’ll see that we’re a little different. By focusing on technical excellence, hi-fi stereo equipment and results rather than turnover, we operate to a different rhythm, something people seem to appreciate.

We don’t advertise and we haven’t even activated Google reviews, yet customers seek out our services and are often happy to wait. We are also much copied, proof we are doing a few things right 😉

So, why are we busy and/or full?

  • We work on hi-fi stereo gear only
  • We focus on technical excellence and professionalism
  • We accept tricky repairs and major overhauls that are beyond the capabilities of some other repairers
  • We proudly display our work and actively contribute to the hi-fi community
  • We are a small, specialist business not driven by turnover
  • We love fixing classic hi-fi gear!

Yes, I’d like a holiday, a new car and a bigger house but working on equipment I love for good customers is what this business is about. I appreciate that a full booking schedule creates issues though and again I apologise for any inconvenience. I genuinely appreciate your business 🙏