Why are you so often fully booked?

I’m honoured to be entrusted with so much lovely hi-fi equipment and I apologise for any frustration our being fully booked may cause.

I was only today (7 March 2024) chatting with a customer about this and he commented that my being so busy was an endorsement of the way I do business. He’s right in the sense that I’ve specifically designed the business to deliver what many others can’t, so I should be busy, but there’s a bit more to it.

Liquid. Audio. Different.

Liquid Audio is different. This level of customer engagement results from a unique approach and a lot of long hours and hard work. I started this business back in 2009, wanting to address issues I’d found with electronics repair and repairers, including a lack of care, knowledge and specialisation with the hi-fi equipment I love. The ‘she’ll be right’ and ‘near enough is good enough’ approaches so common in the broader repairer community remain a problem and are not how we do business.

I was a bit green back then, but I had a great mentor and have slowly grown the business into what you see today. My background as a science educator, musician and detail freak gives me a unique way of working with hi-fi electronics. Our focus on quality and meticulous attention to detail makes us unusual within the hi-fi electronics repair space and a sea of mediocre work.

This does mean we work more slowly though, this is unavoidable if we are to deliver the quality of work we are known for. Working conservatively, driven by my painful but very useful perfectionist’s obsession with detail drives most people nuts, except the owners of the equipment I work on. I’m lucky to have been gifted this skill set by my parents!

I also run Liquid Audio without fear or favour. I’m not afraid to point out bad workmanship or the silliness of sight-unseen quotes and people choosing technicians based only on price. I try to preserve the beauty and originality of the wonderful, classic hi-fi equipment we love and educate people as to why that’s important.

Bottom Line

I’m not interested in being the fastest, cheapest, or most popular repairer. My only goal is to run the most trusted and respected business for discerning customers who appreciate this difference.

I understand that being fully booked creates issues and again, I apologise for any inconvenience. We try to help everyone but I acknowledge that this is, of course, impossible. I appreciate your business and hope you will use the booking status table on my contact page to assist you. With patience, hopefully, I can help you with your hi-fi equipment!

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