Why do you need to inspect equipment before providing repair cost estimates?

I’m so proud of our reputation and the respect people have for our exacting standards and technically-focused approach, but this is all tied to diagnosing and understanding exactly what each piece of equipment needs.

Guesswork is unhelpful in this industry and trust me, nobody thanks you when you guess incorrectly. It’s important to understand that nobody can know exactly what your equipment needs, any more than they can tell you why your car runs roughly, without first carefully inspecting and assessing it.

This might seem obvious, yet you might be surprised how often I’m asked this question. Each piece is unique and only careful inspection can reveal exactly what it needs. No two pieces of equipment have the same service history, condition, modifications or fault presentation. What faults are present? What are their causes? Does it contain work like this? Has it been regularly serviced or previously repaired? These and other details can only be ascertained via a hands-on examination of the unit in question.

Now, it’s true that some unscrupulous individuals provide guesstimates dressed up as quotes because they know it gets work through the door, with a particular type of customer. Our honest, straightforward approach may lose us the occasional job with folks like these, but the vast majority of people prefer it. Thank goodness for that, because I will never pretend to know what’s wrong with something!

Note: none of Perth’s trusted, respected repairers, or professional repairers of complex equipment anywhere, provide quotes before inspecting equipment. Service work is slightly different and there is some scope for estimates in these cases.

For more about equipment service and repair costs, read this FAQ!

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