I’m thinking of using the cheapest repairer, what are your thoughts?

My advice is to be careful and re-think this approach. Good work doesn’t have to be expensive, but the very cheapest quote is rarely the one you should go with.

A better question might be: “do you want the work done cheaply or do you want it done well?” Doing something well takes time and I know you want me to take my time to really sort your equipment, or you wouldn’t be here.

Too often, I fix hi-fi gear that’s been to other repairers and doesn’t work properly or has been damaged. When this equipment then comes to me for repair, nothing at all has been saved.

Great value is a Liquid Audio foundation and for me, this means total bang for your buck. You should weigh everything up, including the quality of work, service, professionalism, really good advice, attention to detail, cups of tea, follow-up service and results!