I’m thinking of using the cheapest repairer, what are your thoughts?

I suspect most people intuitively understand that ‘cheap’ rarely equates to ‘good’.

As my Dad used to say:

“You get what you pay for, Mike.”

Arthur Fitzpatrick

Dad was right and this truism has stayed with me and is reflected in Liquid Audio’s foundations. Surely, a better question must be: Do you want the work done cheaply, or do you want it done well?

The overall quality of work, service and information you receive should be more important than chasing the lowest cost and I make no apologies for pointing out what I hope is obvious. I see lots of equipment that’s been repaired cheaply. It comes here to be rectified so that it works properly, with owners paying twice for what should have been done correctly the first time.

If you care about your equipment, I guarantee you will come to regret prioritising cheap repairs over work well done and having it done properly often doesn’t cost any more anyway. Cutting corners is never worth it and the cheapest repairs often end up being the most expensive, because of collateral damage, poor parts and work that has to be rectified later. Ironically some of the worst repairers charge the same or more than we do, so engaging a good repairer is simply a no-brainer for most people.

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