Are there any decent, affordable new turntables?

It all comes down to what you call good and what you consider affordable.

Those looking for high performance for under $1000 new will find very little of interest. High performance can’t be done for that money, spend a little more on new turntable though and things look better.

  • TheĀ Pioneer PLX-1000, at around $1100 and weighing in at 15kg is one of the best value options available.
  • You might find the occasional Technics SL-1200 Mk7 reduced. For around $1600, this is the best deal for that money, BY FAR.
  • The new SL-1500 is worth considering at around $2000 AUD, discounted to $1500 at times. Solid value.
  • The MoFi StudioDeck for around $2000 is decent value. The UltraDeck is a much better deck, though a long way from what most consider affordable.
  • The Rega Planar 3 can be had for around $1500, this is reasonable value, not a high precision deck but they do sound quite nice. Don’t go lower than a Planar 3 though.
  • Cheap ProJect gear is generally rubbish, the cheap Denon and AT machines are not really worth buying either in my opinion.