Can you provide me with a kit, parts list or BOM?

We neither use nor recommend kits nor do we offer parts lists BOMs, etc.

Repairing and overhauling electronic equipment involves much more than swapping parts. For the average owner, attempting to overhaul a complex piece of hi-fi electronics via a kit is ill-advised and usually creates more problems that it solves.

The reason is the same one the average car owner shouldn’t try to rebuild their engine. I get that people want to, but most lack the skills, tools and experience needed to install electronic parts correctly, diagnose and repair any remaining issues or ensure their equipment runs correctly afterwards. This sort of approach also dramatically increases the risk of introducing faults that were not present beforehand, or even destroying the equipment in the worst cases.

Another problem with kits is that the parts usually have no traceable provenance or warranty. They may not even be genuine, or the right parts for the job, but how would the average person know? If saving money is the goal, it’s usually better for most owners to do nothing than attempt major work on their equipment.

There are no magic kits or BOMs that will fix broken hi-fi gear. Each repair is unique, each must be assessed on its own merits and each will need a unique set of parts, and someone able to install them without causing damage and deal with any remaining issues.

Liquid Audio is focused on keeping classic hi-fi equipment running well. That means tailoring what we do to meet the equipment’s and its owner’s needs. It also means providing advice that is in the broader best interests of the equipment itself.

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