Legendary NHT 3.3 Loudspeakers for Sale


Many of you will know of the legendary NHT 3.3 loudspeaker, they have acquired somewhat of a cult status due to their wide bandwidth and neutral presentation.

I am selling, on consignment, one pair of these classic NHT 3.3s, in almost perfect condition. No dings or scratches that I have found, all drivers in perfect condition, the only thing to mention is that the foam diffraction sheet on the front panel has dried with age. This is standard for these speakers and can easily be replaced. It has little audible effect in its present condition, largely intact.

More information and a great review can be found can be found here.

These speakers are massive and massively heavy. You need a decent room for them and they are designed to be up flush against a wall, so even though they are quite slabish, they look great from front on. They come with their outrigger feet and one set of spikes.

These were a Stereophile Class A rated component for a long time and are still held in very high regard. This pair sounds great. We are looking for around $2,500 for this almost immaculate pair of NHT 3.3s, contact me via 0439690436 for more details.

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