Turntable Service in Perth

Turntable Service in Perth

With the resurgence in vinyl and the growing number of people discovering or rediscovering the joy of high-resolution analog playback, I have been reminded of just how critical it is to have your turntable serviced and set up correctly, by an expert with the right tools and experience to do the job properly.

The number of Perth customers I have been seeing recently has convinced me that turntable setup problems are as common as they always were. A cartridge that is even misaligned by a few degrees will exhibit many times the distortion that a correct set-up would display. Cartridges also have to be very carefully matched to the tonearm they are partnered with. Do you think the sales guy at West Coast HiFi knows how to determine whether the suspension stiffness of a particular cartridge is matched (as it must be) to a particular arm? No way!

The problem is that the experts are not and never could be found in these places. This is one of the main reasons I provide the services that I do. I have found that the number of people bringing me misaligned decks and poorly setup equipment is growing and there is a clear need for care and attention to detail for those customers who want the very best sound from their equipment. Often a service and alignment will make a dramatic difference to the sound of the turntable, because of the number of factors that combine to give that final sound.

If you would like your record player set-up with the utmost care and precision, please get in contact with me via the web contact form.

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Liquid Mike

At 10 I was pulling apart electronics and by 13 I'd have Dad's hi-fi in pieces when my parents went out! Later, I started Liquid Audio, a specialist electronics repairer known for detail-focused service, repair and restoration of hi-fi electronics & turntables. Keeping classic hi-fi gear alive and well is what we do. Our mission: to deliver TLC for classic Japanese, American and European hi-fi stereo equipment. In my spare time, I ride motorcycles, travel, listen to music and research interesting topics.

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