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Liquid Audio is Now Repairing Hi-Fi Gear Full-Time!

Great news vintage audio lovers, Liquid Audio is now servicing, repairing and restoring hi-fi gear full-time!

Until recently I’d kept my business part-time because I had another full-time job at Curtin Uni. I’ve had to turn away or postpone a lot of work for a long time, a crazy position to be in.

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to devote much more time to my passion for working on classic hi-fi gear and electronics. Well, things have changed as I have finally taken Liquid Audio full-time. Woo Hoo!

Perth needs Liquid Audio, proven over the years by my loyal customers, recommendations, positive feedback, not to mention how flat out with repairs I am! The quality of my work stands alone and I intend to keep things that way.

There aren’t many of us doing proper repairs on hi-fi equipment in Perth. Actually, there’s two of us! Bring your stereo equipment to one of us, not someone who repairs toasters and microwave ovens!

Contact me to book some TLC for your audio gear!

Liquid Mike

As a kid, I cherished my Tandy 200-in-1 electronics project lab, Dick Smith electronics kits, my Dad's hi-fi and my own first proper system. Later, I created Liquid Audio to help keep classic hi-fi gear alive and well. Our mission: to deliver TLC for classic Japanese, American and European hi-fi stereo equipment.

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  1. John Walker

    Best of luck Mike, catch you in the next few days, if you are still at Curtin.
    Now, the lights on the Kenwood L1000D still need a looking at. But since I’ll be away from after Easter til next January, you’ll have plenty of time to work on them.
    The rest of the recent fix to my Kenwood system was great. All good. Just the display panel.
    Note change of address please.

    1. Mike

      Hi John, many thanks, happy to have another look at that lovely L-1000D!

  2. Steve Saunders

    Mike, that’s great news for those of us needing your services, although my Marantz SC80/SM80 that you restored so well are still sounding great so I’m good for now (touch wood!). Good luck with the fulltime venture.

    1. Mike

      Very kind of you to say so Steve, thank you!

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