Amazing Kenwood L-1000 Hi-Fi System in for Service

Wow, I’ve just serviced a complete Kenwood L-1000 hi-fi system! This is incredible gear, beautifully constructed, with stellar build-quality.

The Kenwood L-1000 series are becoming rare now, so to find a complete system in the hands of its original owner is something pretty special. This stack of gear consisted of the Kenwood L-1000M power amplifier, L-1000C preamplifier, L-1000D CD player and L-1000T tuner.

I’ve written about this wonderful series of hi-fi equipment before. Previously, I serviced and repaired a stunning Kenwood L-1000D CD player and L-1000T tuner. You can read all about those repairs and much more here.

I’ll be writing detailed articles about each L-1000 component, detailing the construction, servicing required and other aspects very soon. In the meantime, a few pics to whet your appetite 🙂

4 thoughts on “Amazing Kenwood L-1000 Hi-Fi System in for Service”

  1. I have got a Kenwood L-1000 series minus the L-1000T tuner, how much are they worth now ?

    1. Hi Les, good question but who knows? So many variables, condition, service history, voltage etc etc. When were they all last serviced and by who?

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