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The Technics SE-A100 Amplifier Rises From the Dead!

Finally, after days of painstaking work, this beautiful Technics SE-A100 lives again.

This stunning, incredibly rare and dead Technics SE-A100 power amplifier visited various repairers before finally coming to Liquid Audio to get fixed. I’m glad I was last on this occasion. I reckon I’m just about happier than the owner at this point. If you knew how challenging this repair was and just how hard repairs like this are without replacement boards, original parts, factory service aids, a paper manual and having been made far worse by those ill-advised previous repair attempts, you’d know why I’m so happy. Hearing this thing for the first time in years really put a smile on my face!

There’s a reason why there aren’t many of these incredible amplifiers still running, but thankfully this Technics SE-A100 is. More to come…

Technics SE-A100

3 thoughts on “The Technics SE-A100 Amplifier Rises From the Dead!”

  1. Ooh, your excitement has me intrigued! I am looking forward to the full, zombieTechnics amp post. JC

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