Music Angel Class-A 845 Tube Amplifier for Sale

Liquid Audio is very pleased to offer this glorious Music Angel Class-A 845 tube amplifier for sale, in brand new condition, with all original boxes and packaging! UPDATE – SOLD!!

The Music Angel Class-A 845 is a beast. This is 28kg of pure Class-A, single-ended triode (SET) tube amplifier that sounds nothing like any solid state amplifier you’ve ever heard! The 845 is warm, liquid-smooth and very powerful for its rated 20 watts a side. You’ll hear a mid-range magic that only SET amps provide. The 845 also has prodigious bass and you get to look at those gorgeous output tubes glowing orange, with the lights out…

This Music Angel Class-A 845 tube amp is absolutely like new, purchased for demo and review purposes only and comes with full set of original tubes, original boxes and manual. This example is actually better than new, I’ve professionally earthed the chassis, something that really matters when you have 1000 volts lurking inside!

The cheapest price for one of these 845’s brand new, including shipping from Hong Kong is around $1250AUD. Add 10% for customs and you are in for $1400. I’m selling this tested, earthed and new in box example for $900, saving you around $500 on the new price! A set of NOS Russian military tubes can be included for $50.

Local pick up is best for this beast.

Contact Mike via 0439 690 436 for more information 🙂

IMG 3008

IMG 3005
These are NOS Russian military tubes. The amp comes with the full set of original tubes but a set of these NOS Russian tubes can be included for $50.
IMG 3007

IMG 3012
The mighty 845 output tubes were originally used in radio transmitters. DON’T go touching these when the amp is or has been running!
IMG 3013

IMG 3011
BIG output transformers. Big iron means wide bandwidth and low distortion.
IMG 3009

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4 thoughts on “Music Angel Class-A 845 Tube Amplifier for Sale”

  1. Hi Mike ,I was wondering if you can give me some advice I have a pair of Wilson Sasha 2 speakers with a gryphon Diablo 250 watt intergrated amp naim cd5xs CD player . .im finding the bass tight and with authority at higher volume but lacking at normal listening levels especially bass guitar. What in your opinion do I need to change , eg. High current amp , CD player , dac. Mono block amps , cheers

    1. Hi! Having never heard this particular combination of gear, I wouldn’t like to comment on what you should or shouldn’t change. I’d perhaps pick the main part of the system you don’t want to change and look at iterating either source or amp, to see what moves the sound on the direction you are looking for. A really good sub is also always a good option…

    1. Hi George, thanks for your enquiry. You may not have noticed that this unit is in my sold items, it sold years ago! Sorry I can’t assist on this occasion.

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