Yes, there are a couple of specialist hi-fi repairers in Perth and yes, vinyl is my greatest passion!

Below, you’ll find some examples of feedback I’ve received over the years regarding the work I’ve done for my customers. I’m really proud of the fact that people seem to appreciate what I do and the TLC I put into my work.

Hi Mike! Thanks again, I’m having a lovely time with the turntable. Just called to say everything’s great!

Thank you, Bonita


Hi Mike

I managed to get the wiring correct and OMG does it all work like heaven!
The graphic is so strong (maybe the speakers are so good) that I find I only need a minor tweak to get the sound I enjoy. This is the opposite of what I had to do with my previous cheaper equaliser, where major adjustments had to made with same amps and speakers. Really all credit to you and your repair work. The improvements to the pre-amp and main amp combined with the repair work on the graphic equaliser has finally given me that ultimate superb sound I have been seeking. Wow, could not be happier with the end result. You Mike, are a legend of the vintage audio repair industry. Your skills are phenomenal.
Proof is in the pudding; definitely recommended!



Hi Mike
The turntable sounds amazing. Played a James Taylor album on it and it sounds great. Can’t wait for the weekend to sit around and listen to some Santana and Nick Drake.
Thanks again.


Hi Mike

(Re Krell KSA-150 purchase) Thanks mate, MUCH better mids, punchier but tighter bass, better, more liquid highs, not so bright. Frankly amazing and more balanced soundstage, particularly noticeable on acoustic tracks!



Hello Mike! The CD player is playing fab! No problem with speakers!!! And the sound quality is superb, well at least for my ears 🙂



Hi Mike! Really pleased with how the Philips CD player is playing! Gorgeous sound!!! Thanks for excellent service work!! My turntable issue has been fixed. I’ll take up your offer to upgrade cartridge head and phono some time in future! I read about the Primare phono stage you posted and understand what you mean about my phono box being amateurish. Hope to see more of such sales and when price and timing is right, I would definitely want to upgrade! Thanks again!!!

Kind regards



Good Afternoon Mike,

Thank you for the prompt professional service, upgrade suggestions and quality of the workmanship (while servicing my Rega Planar 3).

I have reconnected the turntable and tested it with Art Pepper, B B King, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd.  In my opinion the music sounds richer and with more depth.  I can hear subtleties in the tracks I have not heard before.





Your a genius!

Amps are so bloody quiet that if wasn’t for the LED lights I wouldn’t even know they were turned on. This against Klipschorn Heritage speakers well-known for being savage with background noise against any non super quiet amps.

And the sound? To my taste in music, the K horns are the ultimate in home speakers and with your repair work, I now have the ultimate in sound reproduction. Worth every cent! Could not be happier! More work coming your way a little later.

I would only recommend you to any one else looking to get this type of work done.




Hi Mike

Just wanted to let you know that I am blown away by the improvement you have made to my JVC direct-drive turntable. I could not believe the difference the new cartridge made to the sound, I was expecting it to be a little better but the difference was staggering! I just wanted to thank you and I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I know who needs turntable work done.




Mike, just fantastic, Rega never sounded so good! Needs a few hours to settle along with the Primare. Just listening to the Crusaders, Rhapsody and blues, tight, punchy bass and kick drum! Thanks so much bud.

Regards, John.


Hi Mike,

Just to let you know the results of your fantastic & fastidious work on my KT-3300D Kenwood FM only tuner.

I have been listening all this week and I have to say I am more than impressed with the outcome. Really great crisp noise free reception and no hiss, crackle or drift in earshot!!.

I have it connected via an outdoor aerial and this has given me a very strong signal and it now has a great “lock on” ability. I am totally blown away by the clarity of the top end and also such an excellent bass response. You have to keep in mind this is a 30 year old Tuner we are talking about here!!

I just wanted to thank you for the painstaking effort and great lengths you went to in getting this as great as you have.

Rest assured I am one very happy and lucky customer to have the sweet sound that’s coming my way now.

Thanks again Mike.

Best Regards



Hi Mike,

I’ve just fired up the Marantz system and I’m delighted to report that everything seems to be working perfectly, as you said it would be.

The pre-amp hum has completely gone, and the speakers come on after about 5 seconds. I think it has some extra grunt too.

Regarding the volume difference between direct/non-direct setting, there is still a small difference there but no more than it originally had, so it looks like you’ve sorted that out too.

I’ll run it a bit longer but so far everything is looking (sounding) good. Great work!

Thanks & best regards



Hi Mike,

Just a quick note to let you know my dad is absolutely thrilled with the turntable (we couldn’t wait to give it to him). He was so happy he was actually moved to tears to hear some of his favourite vinyls again after so many years.

Thanks again, will be in touch about the amplifier soon!



Hi Mike,

Absolutely blown away with the audio improvements to the DP-1200 Denon turntable you have brought about with the repairs made!!! Truly, it sounds like a different turntable now, plus having the auto lift working is just the icing on the cake. Really great stuff.

I am extremely pleased with the attention to detail in the cleaning process you’ve made Mike and can’t thank you enough it looks so good. I have just finished playing my “test” tracks, Lee Ritenour “Earth Run” and Eva Cassidy ”Wade in the Water”. I use these two tracks for my other components testing as well and they have just never sounded this good. A lot more up front ‘presence’ and really right there in front of you sound, there was quite a lot missing before, only made so obvious now.

Truly remarkable overall performance enhancements and the proof is in the listening pleasure. Excellent stuff. Thanks again Mike.




Hi Mike,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the quick work on my KA-3300D Kenwood amp. I have now had the great pleasure of listening to it. Definitely a vast improvement from previous times.

The first thing I noticed with the CD mode was a huge improvement in the bass response, much richer and more full if that’s a term. The volume level is greatly improved and I hardly have to turn it past the 9 o’clock position with the control knob to get what I’m after in output.

Not quite as noticeable an improvement in phono mode but no channel problems and sounds way better than before so a definite improvement there. Once again a big thanks Mike.




Hey Mike,

Sorry it took so long to pick the L-1000T up. Thanks for getting it singing again. It really is a great sounding tuner, beats the pants off the other tuners I have at home and it completes the set.




Just played some john lee hooker … Absolutely superb sound… Thank you


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