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These articles are typically rants or me spouting off about things that have bothered me. They may also be of interest to my readers.

Shocking Latest Krell & H/K Hall of Shame Additions

These latest additions to the Hall of Shame are two of the worst cases of hi-fi electronics bodgery I’ve ever seen. The destruction of this Krell KRC preamp by a so-called expert must be seen to be believed.

What follows are snippits from my latest Hall of Shame cases. Visit my Hall of Shame for all the horrifying details, more photos and more detailed descriptions, plus even more cases.… Read more

New Hi-Fi Repair Hall of Shame Dedicated to Bad Repairs

I’ve just created a new page, dedicated to bad repairs. My aim is to raise awareness about the diabolical workmanship of certain ‘repairers’ who destroy hi-fi gear.

Unlike the rest of my site, my new Hi-Fi Repair Hall of Shame has one focus – to expose bad repairs. I’m especially interested in saving good people from tragedies like the ones you’ll see featured on this page.… Read more

BMW R1200R Motorcycle Reliability Problems

This article examines problems I had with my expensive 2009 BMW R1200R motorcycle. Updated for 2019, still more to come!

Make no mistake, the BMW R1200R ‘hex-head’ motorcycle is a superb bike in many respects. Overall, it’s a joy to ride and a pleasure to work on. However, a collection of BMW R1200R problems, creating headaches like this, this and this, potentially ruin the enjoyment of owning this and other similar models.… Read more

Vinyl vs CD – is Vinyl Higher-Resolution?

In the vinyl vs CD debate, I am often asked why vinyl sounds so good and why compact disc (CD) was created if vinyl was a better medium in the first place? So let’s answer the question: “Vinyl vs CD – is vinyl higher resolution?”

Vinyl vs CD? This is not a simple question to answer, there is a great deal to consider.… Read more

Krell KSA-150 Class-A Amplifier Service

I have been flat out with restorations and repairs. One of my recent jobs was to inspect and service a lovely example of a Krell KSA-150 Class A Power Amplifier.

You may have already watched my restoration video, where I completely refurbish one of these beasts. This video has actually generated a great deal of interest and I receive lots of queries in relation to my resto, and about the KSA-150.… Read more

The Redgum RGi120 Integrated Amplifier – Australian Quality? You Decide…

Redgum is an Australian brand I really wanted to be able to write great things about when I serviced and repaired this Redgum RGi120 integrated amplifier.

Sadly, I couldn’t. In the end, I did the difficult thing. At the risk of fanboys and other ill-informed folks coming after me, I decided to post the truth about what I found inside this Redgum RGi120 amplifier, popular or otherwise.… Read more

The Sansui Corrosive Glue Problem

The infamous Sansui corrosive glue problem is one that affects many vintage hi-fi amplifiers and other equipment. Resolving issues caused by this glue is time-consuming, but essential.

You maybe familiar with the scenario – over time, your favourite Sansui (or other) amplifier starts to develop faults. Maybe it won’t come out of protection, or maybe a channel becomes intermittent.… Read more